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@Ayse thank you, but are you talking about the "lymphatic massage"?

Because in my case I didn't have swelling in the end.

I'm more worried now about my non operated leg.
Thank you for your interest anyway :)
Sorry yes, the massage. Good luck with your other leg you poor thing.
The OS said: strengthen those quads (especially the vast medial and the gluteus medius).. which have been my weak spots pre-op and after
I am working on strengthening the medial quads as I have some residual medial pain due to a chronically overstretched Medial Collateral Ligament ( pre-op my leg was very knock- kneed and the collapse of the knee laterally, stressed the MCL).
From what I have learned the medial quads especially vastus medialis are quite hard to work as they only really fire when the leg is in full extension. However it is important to strengthen them because if they are weaker than the lateral quads, it affects patellar tracking and causes pain. I suppose a bit like the tracking on a car- if it pulls to one side!
The exercise I have been taught by my pllates teacher and also by a hospital physio recently is this.
When doing a straight leg lift ( with other leg bent)- turn the foot outwards and lower gently. You should feel the inner quads working. Repeat a few times.
You can also try to bring the turned out foot across the midline when the leg is raised - but this is harder.
Hope this explanation is clear
Thanks so much, @EalingGran,
It is helpful. I'll do that too!

Today I saw my recent PT (I have got 6
sessions left) and he told me to only exercise the tkr leg for a few days.. as the left one is now in greater pain due to the damage in the patella's cartilage and the internal part of the meniscus..

I can hardly walk with a crutch because of that pain there now.. so I'm walking very little for now. What I'm finding more difficult it's not being able to move much 7'5 months after the tkr surgery.. only one month ago I was so much more mobile!

Patience is not a quality I have but I'm going to have to develop it!

I know it's going to be like this for a while, as I have to wait to see how it goes with the PRP injections and they say: it takes 1'5-2 months to get the benefits :hairpulling:

If it works, great. Otherwise, it will be some kind of surgery I guess... But I'll try not to anticipate.

I hope you are feeling better :)
Hope the injection helps. It must be so frustrating not being able to walk a lot. Can you get out or are you stuck indoors much? Hope things start to improve soon.
I am doing better after my recent rough patch thanks- although my back currently isn't great.... It really sometimes does feel like Whack- a- Mole with various joints doesn't it?
Definitely, I can totally understand!

But I'm glad you are doing better.

Thanks again, I'll see how it goes.
I'm off now to do some strengthening exercises (like the one you suggest) and some stretching for my tkr leg ;-) there is a little gym in the building where my mum lives which allows me to get out and about a bit for now.

Have a nice day and weekend. Over here it's 17:00 pm
Hi everyone..
I haven't posted for quite a while..

I had (still have) a few issues and I'd like your opinion, advice, possible experience with it.. ?

I'm on my 10th month of a RTKR.. things were going slowly but surely.. but a too hard and too soon exercise on my knee performed by a PT on the 3rd month provoked a tendinitis.. just below the kneecap.. which is still inflamed and it bothers me.. it also limits some exercises.

Any advice on that anyone, please?

I'm seeing the surgeon this week and it will definitely be a question.

Also, I am having problems on my non surgical leg over the last few months due to overcompensation. Looking back, I should have kept the crutch for longer.

I have had 3 PRP injections (1 per week) and a hyaluronic acid injection to finish with. That was 2'5 months ago. The knee has improved but it's not quite there yet..

I checked with a highly reputed surgeon recently. He checked it and said my medial meniscus is broken and he thinks I should have an arthroscopy to "repair the meniscus".. they try to sew the damaged part instead of cutting it.. the recovery is longer but in the long term the results are better apparently.

I'm 53 years old and this surgery is usually performed on younger patients but he thinks we should do it because the injury "is still young/not very damaged" and he is convinced he can save either all the meniscus or most of it.

My second question: does anyone know about this procedure?
Any feedback for people in their 50's with it?

Should I go for it?

I admit Im quite fed up because I haven't been able to lead a "normal life" (walking unaided on and off, be without pain) for 18 months.. arriving late for the surgery and with muscle imbalance didn't help at all.

Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it!

Last edited:
I forgot to add: I have also been doing a few strengthening exercises for the glutes (my right one on the surgical leg, was really atrophyed.. it's better now), for the legs, walking often with one crutch and a bit of swimming..

That's all for now, folks,!

Thank you
Hello Mariposa,
Thanks for reaching out and leaving an update. I am sorry you’re still struggling with some issues, hampering your progress. You have some great questions here for your surgeon this week. Hopefully as the tendinitis eases, your right leg will take over its share of weight relieving your non op leg. Thankfully you’ve enjoyed some improvement since the injections. Fingers crossed that the healing continues.

As far as repair of the meniscus, some members may come along to share their experience, but in the meantime, consider typing key words, “meniscus repair” in the SEARCH at the top right of the page and all of the threads where it’s been mentioned will pop up.

I hope you’re able to get these issues fully resolved so you regain the ability to engage in all that you’re dreaming of, without the pain.

Hugs and best wishes to you! :console2:Please let us know how your visit with the surgeon goes.
Thanks a lot for your encouragement, Layla. I really appreciate it!
I'll search for "meniscus repair" on the site.
Speak soon
@Mariposa Though it's not listed on my signature here I did have meniscus repair back in 2003. I fell full weight on my left knee and "shredded" the meniscus (surgeon's words). Also broke the fibula just below the knee joint. The repair was done about 6 months after the fall with an arthroscopic procedure with spinal anesthesia and sedation. And was just a day surgery. For me that worked very, very well - now 20 years later I have zero problems with that knee!. Recuperation was not too lengthy - wore a knee brace for several weeks then did a couple of months of PT.
@djklaugh hi and thank you so much for your feedback and sharing your experience. That's encouraging as I admit I'm a bit scared.. as I'm aware of the fact that having a recent tkr on the other leg (still weak and not completely healed) might get the recovery/rehab tougher..

I'll try to relax about it. I didn't know they were already doing meniscus repairs 20 years ago, wow!
Hello again,
I'm seeing my OS this afternoon about a few issues with my opposite leg of TKR (medial meniscus broken) I'll ask him about likely surgery with him or another reputed OS I consulted recently.

But my question now is about my RTKR, if I may:

I have had chronic tendinitis just under the patella after a too hard weight exercise at PT (after 3 months.. I should have known better, looking back.. I'm at my 10th month right now)

I'll definitely ask my OS about this issue too, but does anyone know or experienced treatment for this?

I saw a PT recently who suggested a method called EPI (electrostimulation with needling, with needles similar to the ones used in acupuncture).. it's a method quite extended here in Spain.

I just wonder about the risks of infection because of the needling? Or shouldn't I worry about that, you think?

The pain there is not 'huge' but it's definitely a bother and sometimes I also get pains and rigidity behind the knee (bending point behind) and I don't know if both might be related ?

Thank you so much for any feedback on it.
I'll post soon after my OS appointment !
I would ask the surgeon for his views on the tendinitis too and also what he thinks of the e- stim and infection risk.
Are you still icing? I find if I get any funny twinges that it is still the best remedy.
@EalingGran Hi and thank you!

I will ask him. And yes, I still elevate and ice every day :) :-) (:

Speak soon!
Hello Mariposa, I wish you a successful appointment with your surgeon today and hope you are reassured and advised in a way that brings you relief.
I just wonder about the risks of infection because of the needling? Or shouldn't I worry about that, you think?
I would ask the surgeon to be clear on this. Bacterial infections after needling are rare but if they do occur, it is usually because of microorganisms on the surface of the skin.
Best Wishes!
Hi, thank you Layla for your message and advice.

I have talked to the surgeon:
1) About the tendinitis on the RTKR leg he said that ok for the EPI but to tell the PT to avoid going stay more on the surface.

2) About the left knee and the meniscus: he suggested to wait for 2 months.
I negotiated with him: I said "one month!" Lol

(Bear in mind that it has been a long time with the crutch now and the pain.. I'm at my wit's end.. honestly)

He accepted. If there is improvement, good. If not, he'll go for the "meniscus repair".

In the meantime I'll do the EPI, some light exercises (it hurts otherwise) and swimming... And try not to think too much.. !

Thanks for your support
I wish you all the best, Mariposa.
I hope the EPI treatment helps, bringing you speedy relief.
As for the meniscus, I wish you lots of comfort. Stay in touch and let us know how you’re doing. Thanks so much for the update!
Thank you @Layla and @EalingGran for your encouragement!

May I ask you please:

I'm still using a crutch to walk because of the second knee issues now, as you know.

Sometimes I do a few meters without..and it feels a bit "weird".. as if my surgical leg is made of chewing gum lol.. is that due, you think, simply to lack of muscle strength in my gluteus medius and on the whole leg, maybe?

It's quite frustrating.. it's true that I had to stop the cycling (due to the the other leg) and quite a few strengthening exercises but still..

Do you think that, in time, that will comeback?

Thank you

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