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Hi again. I'd like to know please, what you think about a recent burning sensation I'm having on my surgical leg, please. Could this be possibly internal swelling? Looking back, I really don't think I have done anything different for the last few weeks, maybe I have been a bit more active...but not much or I don't think so. (A bit of walking outside and also at the pool).

I have been resting, elevating and icing over the last 4 days. I only went out for a while yesterday as I had to go to my monthly GP visit yesterday and I took a crutch with me, as the "good leg" has been hurting for a while now. This morning I went back to a hot shallow pool to walk gently for about 30 minutes. I'm back now home icing and elevating.

The pain is not horrible but I'm surprised about this new burning bother. I saw my OS after 5 months and at the time the pain was a bit different: nicer if I may! Lol. At the time, he said that all that achiness and stiffness was "expected/usual" at this stage. But I feel I'm going backward now: Is this burning sensation "frequent" you think at this stage? Should I ask for a new appointment with my OS you think? Or should I probably give it a few days to see how it goes?

I admit I'm getting a bit worried.. and fed up to be "mostly resting" (I'm normally an active and sporty" woman!) I guess I fear he'll think I'm being a pain myself!! :whistle:

Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom!
Oh gosh, I could give several examples of how beneficial MLD is for chronic swelling!! Or even recovery in general.
@JusticeRider is correct in how to search. The method that is medically respected is the Vodder technique.
It’s a full certification, not just an 8 hour class to get your training then it’s ongoing refreshers to stay skilled and on top of any new approaches, etc.
I’d be happy to help you find someone in your area, if needed.
Thanks a lot @CricketHip !

Knowing the name of the technique, I can search for it myself as I guess your territory is the States?

Otherwise I'm of course happy to have that information :)
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Searching for that method should help you immensely. Good Luck and ask me any questions that come up, glad to help if I can.
Hi, I just thought I'd leave a quick update:
I have just seen my OS. The pain on my non operated leg is due to a little damage on the patella's cartilage, apparently.
He's prescribed a product to take orally "artilax plus" and recommended to strengthen the quadriceps, specially the vast internal.

I also know I need to work on my right gluteus medius (operated side)

About the pocket of swelling I have on the surgical leg: it's not liquid, it seems to be a bit of fat which swifted and inflamed after an excess I did around 3 months post op, silly me..

So now, work and patience really!

Thanks to all who encouraged me or advised me really. I'll post in a month or so I think, hopefully with some improvement!
About the pocket of swelling I have on the surgical leg: it's not liquid, it seems to be a bit of fat which swifted and inflamed after an excess I did around 3 months post op, silly me..
Very interesting. I didn't know our bodies would do this. It must be a way for our bodies to protect themselves.
I'm "learning" all the way
Yeah…I feel like I know more about knees now than I ever wanted to know! I think I’ve had enough learning for a while, thank you very much. Mariposa, I’m glad that swelling isn’t anything harmful. You have the right idea with work and most of all patience. You’re doing great! Thanks for the update :)
Thanks a lot for your support and encouragement, really.
well, i'd lie if I said that I am not worried about my other leg now... I can't walk long because of it now...

But I have got to go through it, there is no way around it, I guess.
I think all this has been due to the state I was in before the surgery, with quite a lot muscle atrophy... It's difficult to swallow it but..

Life throws at you difficult challenges sometimes, doesn't it?
If I get over all this well, one day, I'd like to help at a hospital or similar with some volunteering work.. it's made me reflect about so many things..
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Just an update and a question if I may:

The pain on the non operated leg has worsened.. i can't hardly walk because of it now :-( and I'm frustrated because I'm aware I need to strengthen both legs (because of the muscle atrophy and imbalance from before the surgery).

My OS wanted to see me in a month and he just said: "strengthen those legs".. impossible now because of the pain.. a vicious circle, really.

I couldn't wait so long so yesterday I went to see a renowned sports doctor who does PRP Injections and told him my "story".. he agreed that it was time to act because of the increasing pain.. he did an ecography and detected some damage on the cartilage and the meniscus :groan:

So we agreed it was time to act and we started with the 1st injection yesterday.. I informed my surgeon afterwards via email.. I'm just hoping the pain will lessen soon so that I can carry on with daily life and strengthening both legs now!

Has anyone had similar issues and recovered well? I'd love to know..

Also, can we please change the title of my thread to "Mariposa's journey"?

Thank you in advance
Sorry for your troubles.
I am trying to get back muscle strength after a spell in hospital for an unrelated infection.
I find pilates the best form of exercise not to cause any damage- but I know it is hard if you are in pain. Interesting that your doctor previously thought your vastus muscle needed strengthening.
I have been told that as well. Apparently the medial quads are underused and only really fire if the leg is fully straight. If the outer quads are much stronger then it can affect patellar tracking and lead to imbalance and pain medially.
Hi @EalingGran,
Thanks for your encouragement. Sorry to hear about your recent infection. It seems you are doing well though. Glad to hear it!

Pilates will be I think a good option for me in the middle long term, good idea, thank you again.

I'll have a magnetic resonance done on the 10/03.. I need to see what's the damage really inside... And take it from there. I really didn't see the other knee getting damaged coming.. so another thing to deal with.. it's just this new burning pain which is driving me nuts as it's very limiting right now.

I'm sooo looking forward to getting better and stronger.. patience again

Good luck in the meantime to you too :)
Hi @WFD,

Of course, I will.

I'm seeing my OS in two days, this Thursday, I'm going to also ask him if the burning continuous pain I'm having could be "nerve related"?

Just want to find out what the heck is causing that weird and fairly new kind of pain (!)

I'll be back (I didn't want to fall into the "hasta la vista cliché" ! ;-)
A quick update.. I admit I'm feeling a bit down today.. I had a MRI done yesterday for my other leg, the one I had never had issues with (left).. due to that muscle atrophy on the right and overcompensating, the kneecap's cartilage is damaged, what explains the burning pain and recent rigidity.. out of 4 levels (4 being the worst) I am on number 2.. it's called chondromalacia apparently. The internal meniscus is also affected, which worries me too..

The OS said: strengthen those quads (especially the vast medial and the gluteus medius).. which have been my weak spots pre-op and after, due to the long wait before the surgery.. (as the surgeon in France where I still live, not for long now due to other reasons, didn't want to operate)..

I have been doing everything I can to strengthen that, but it's a very slow process due to the tkr on the right and the "recent" pain on the left.

I'm just praying that this will have an end soon.. perhaps I'll have a TKR on the left in the future (hopefully not for a few years)..

It's that and a few other issues going on right now which I admit have made me feel a bit anxious and "tired of fighting"..

I have been in pain on and off for over a year and I'd like to have my life back.

Sorry for venting.. but I'd rather explain it as it is.

I'll keep "trying" though :)
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I have got one question for any eventual nurse please:

What are the possible options for meniscus surgery? The little I know it's that it's not great because it develops premature OA Arthritis..

Thank you so much in advance
Thanks a lot @CricketHip !

Knowing the name of the technique, I can search for it myself as I guess your territory is the States?

Otherwise I'm of course happy to have that information :)
I'm sure it will be helpful. You could also try myofascial release therapy. Hope you get some improvement soon.

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