THR Marilyn 123 post op

Happy One Month Anniversary, Marilyn!
I hope you make the progress you're wishing for before Round Two on October 3rd.
Take good care!
Week 4 have tried to get off cane but my PT said putting too much stress on my back. So back to using it feels like a set back but he said when hip stronger will be able to take more weight and less load on back. I also have spinal stenosis so I guess I need to do what’s best right now. Still have not developed any patience doubt I ever will !!!!
it feels like a set back
It's really not! I continued using my cane up until about 6-7 weeks post op. It helped with my gait and that helped my recovery in the long term.

Every hip is different and you should to listen to your body.

Sending hugs
Saw OS for 6 week post op said everything looks great and right on track for rtha in Oct. I have developed some adhesions , which are normal after surgery, and a tip he gave me was to rub vitamin E oil into scar 3 times a day. Slow circular massage to help break it up. Also I need to walk more. Starting to get a little nervous over next surgery and hope it goes as well as first . Dr said no way to know till we do it so hoping for the best. Just want this all behind me.
Saw OS for 6 week post op said everything looks great
Great news! I'm sure you are feeling relieved.

Walking is a real boost to recovery, but don't overdo it. Build up slowly by adding just a bit more distance at first. Once you are comfortable, add a little more until you get comfortable there. You'll be surprised at how much you'll be walking by early October.
Next hip replacement in 12 days and starting to feel the nerves. I keep asking myself if 10 weeks apart is nuts , but OS and PT both say I’m ready. I just want it all over and done. At 8 weeks just took 1st road trip and did ok sitting in car. Still using cane as trying to get left hip in best shape for right hip. Hope this replacement goes as smooth as 1st one has!!
Next hip replacement in 12 days and starting to feel the nerves. I keep asking myself if 10 weeks apart is nuts
Pre-op anxiety is totally normal. Just focus on how great it's going to be when you have two pain-free functioning hips next summer!
Happy Two Month Anniversary, Lefty!
Only eight days to go until your Right THR.
Before you know it surgery will be behind you and you’ll be back at home healing.
Best Wishes! @MarilynR1234
Tomorrow is your big day, Marilyn!
Will be watching for you post op to cheer you on.
I hope you catch a few Z's overnight and I wish you an uneventful surgery and easy peasy recovery. :)
Right hip done today and just got to room. Dr said hip was shot and so glad I did both. More pain this time but as they say no two hips are the same. Using ice and waiting for meds to kick in!!!
Welcome to recovery...again. I hope the meds kicked in and you're able to rest comfortably. Please keep us posted. We're here for you!
Very little sleep last night had leg spasms again . Comedy of errors Ice machine I rented had leak so couldn’t use and CPAP acting up. Just so glad to be home in my own bed. Forgot how I hate sleeping on back. Good news Dr said surgery went great and made legs same length. My post opus on Friday October 13 hope this hip isn’t cursed lol!!!
Hello @MarilynR1234 :wave:

Sorry to hear that your night in hospital wasn't very restful - you were certainly unlucky with things not working properly. Hopefully you're more comfortable being home now and are able to get some proper rest.

Have you been able to swap the fautly ice machine yet ?
Call your rental company about your ice machine. Ice machines are really nice in the early days!
Yes I exchanged ice machine so trying to get more icing in. This recovery has been so different than left. Everyone said I was way ahead on healing curv with left . With right more pain , harder to walk on and just feeling really down . I get staples out Fri and maybe that will help. I think I set my expectations too high on this surgery. I’m sure it will work out in the long run. Oh well tomorrow is a new day and things will hopefully look different,
Each recovery can certainly be different, even on the same person as it isn't the same hip.
You have such a good attitude even when you are a bit discouraged...
Keep the faith, friend... all temporary!
@MarilynR1234 happy to hear you got the ice machine switched out and hoping your CPAP is working right. Totally understand how miserable your night can be when the CPAP is off, fellow hose head here! :heehee:

Wishing you the best at tomorrow's follow up. I know I felt a bazillion times better once my staples were out. I always approach Friday the 13th as a good thing, figure I have such crappy luck the rest of the time. :egypdance:

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