TKR Marie’s LTKR thread!

Here is a photo of pickleball. It's simular to tennis, but much slower. I think it's perfect for we seniors and have been looking for it in my area. So far, I've struck out.

I love pickleball! It's played on a court smaller than tennis, and always doubles not singles. But it's actually much faster than tennis.
Hope you’re ok! Just rest up in your recliner and take it easy!
What is cornhole? And while I’m on the subject, what is pickleball?
@kiwicurls - I hope pickleball will come to your area. It's so much fun, great exercise and safer than tennis (though you can get injured ) and a great way to make friends!
Try Aquaphor or vaseline. I've used lanolin and a cocoa butter stick too. Of course if the skin is broken, check with your doctor first.
I did a stupid thing this morning. I was getting out of my car, while talking on the phone (stupid mistake #1) and forgot to put my seat all the way back (stupid mistake #2). I went to get out, my knee can’t bend that far and I have no idea what I did. Hurts a bit to walk, just feels funny. It’s right under my knee, the smaller area circled in blue in the picture I shared yesterday. Icing & elevating, hope it feels better tomorrow on my 8 week anniversary! Oh and my hip and butt hurt on the operative side. PT and chiropractor appointments tomorrow.

You must have done a mini-mw/oa! That probably upset your whole side. Resting is in order and be careful!
@InkedMarie hope your knee is less painful now. Funnily enough, I find it so much easier to get in and out of the car since tkr. I still brace myself for the pain but it’s gone! Hope it won’t be too long before the same happens for you.
@kiwicurls thanks for asking! It‘s doing pretty well. Saturday was great, no tightness, was walking well then Sunday....not quite as good. I know it’s all part of the journey.

How,are,you doing?

Ten weeks tomorrow which is crazy to me! It went by so fast. Sleep is better. I’m taking magnesium at bedtime. It still takes me time to fall asleep (20min to hour) but once I’m asleep, I’m out for 5-7 hours. I wake up for a potty break and can go back to sleep.

Still doing PT but may stop. This is why I’m making this post. Here is what I do at PT. I did this for my first knee almost four years ago and have been doing most of this since my first PT appointment with this knee. I don’t know the names of all the exercises or equipment.

* there’s a wedge shaped piece of wood that I stand on, toes higher than heels. I stretch on that then raise up & down

* next is stairs.

* next is a rolly thing (see what i names) that I try to balance on while bending my knees. Rolly thing is turned and I go front to back. (This was started probably week four).

* then it’s stepping over a shoe box set on its end (Week four as well)

* leg press

* then its to the table. I sit on the end, with a weight on my ankles (we do both legs) and I go from leg bent to straight. Sometimes, we do straight leg raises and quad sets.

* he bends my knee but stops when I say stop.

* last is the recumbent bile.

So, for the last couple weeks, I’ve hurt more after PT. Last Saturday, we were at our camper, having dinner with our friends and I had to excuse myself between dinner & dessert to go ice and elevate. When I went to PT this Monday, I told my PT about it. He took weight off the leg press. When I went to the recumbent bike, I was able to move the seat closer, which is awesome because that means my ROM is better.

PT on Monday and yesterday, I woke up hurting! Not my knee but both hips and my back! It was so bad that I called for a chiropractor appointment. I couldn’t get in until today....I was better this morning but better after seeing her. I still have that area of discoloration on the inside of my knee that I’ve posted about; she used some type of a massage tool around my scar. She’s hoping that may help my ROM.

I‘m ten weeks post op. Been going to PT 2x weekly since day four. A couple weeks ago I had no PT due to me needing to cancel one and my PT being out another day. I’m scheduled to go tomorrow to my usual PT then next Tuesday to a PTA that I really like. No more appointments scheduled.

Can anyone think of any reason for me to continue? I do have a recumbent bike at home and a peddler at our camper. I know all knees are different but I went to PT for 18 weeks with the first, just because I could but I wasn’t having these Issues.

Well something is definitely annoying your baby knee. I would guess it's the leg press and the weights on ankles and lifting your leg straight. I don't think you need to do anymore formal PT. Let your ADLs continue to gradually increase and you'll see improvements. Your knee (and back and hips) might take awhile to settle down.

Remember, this isn't a race back to normal. Slow and steady wins the race here. :flwrysmile:
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I am almost eleven weeks post op. I had PT today...with the PTA who I really like. He measured me at 120. While that’s a great number, I’m not very concerned with numbers. I am going to see him once a week.

I’d be happy if the tightness would leave. I sometimes feel like my knee is going to hyper extend.....I assume that will end soon. Walking is kind of weird. It still doesn’t feel like a natural gait. I still get pretty tired if I am on my feet too much.....I go back to work on my feet the end of August. I cannot ice or elevate.

I can’t complain.....I’m sleeping, never had any pain. I hope these nagging issues take their leave!

Those nagging issues will take their leave. You got this!
I think it's really time more than anything that gets you over this last hump. One day you'll simply realize that you're doing things without discomfort and you're doing more than you could before without even thinking about it.
Hi @InkedMarie
I stopped physio ages ago and all I do is normal daily activities. No pain unless the pillow between legs at night slips out. Still can’t tolerate one knee on top of the other. I don’t think you still need physio! I have been fine without it and so will you.

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