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March 28th Surgery - Now playing Racquetball!

Discussion in 'Stories of amazing hip recoveries' started by craigt, Sep 23, 2018.

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    I am a couple of days shy of 6 months after right hip replacement. Anterior replacement in Arlington Va late March 2018. Surgery @ 8 AM cleared for discharge at 1 PM! I was very lucky and have had a very quick recovery. Never used a walker at all and a cane for only 4 or 5 days.

    Before surgery I had asked my doctor how soon I could return to playing racquetball and he said as soon as 6 weeks would be ok. At my 8 week followup I told him I had started playing again he looked at me with a look that seemed to say while I said you could, I did not actually think anyone would actually think to do that!

    I am back to playing 3 to 4 hours of racquetball a week at a fairly intense level. In the last month+ I have transitioned to not thinking about the hip at all when playing. After playing and the next day I have some soreness, but at 54 years old I have a fair amount of soreness everywhere(back mostly)! Slowly getting some quickness and conditioning back on the court. While not back to pre-hip level of play I plan to get there in the next couple of months!

    Probably the biggest issue I have is still some pain while just plain walking straight ahead at times. Does not seem to be a pattern to the pain. Comes and goes a bit and is really not so bad. My wife and I walk a lot so I do not let it slow me down. Hoping this last issue will resolve it self over time.

    I think my quick recovery was really helped by being in pretty good shape before surgery.

    Hope all others have a quick and fast recovery!

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