Bilateral THR Mar2016 - Right Knee Objecting Now<

I miss spotting that clover in the lineup @IrishJoe
Hope you're feeling fulfilled and loving life.
Warmest wishes for a happy, healthy 2018!
Good wishes to all who drop by.
Things in life have stepped in and kept me from my bonesmart friends.
The niggles persist but life is much better thank God.
A happy, peaceful, and contented new year to you all my friends.
We shall reacquaint in 2018.
Keep well All.
Hi @Irish Joe
The niggles give me giggles :heehee: In name only....
Seeing that clover pop up put a smile on my face.
Quite sure I'm not alone.
Warm wishes for abundant blessings in this New Year!
Happy New Year dear Joe! Hope you are doing great - I haven't been around much but thought I'd check in here and there!
Shamrock in the line up!
Hope you're having a good week!
How's our favorite Irish guy doing on the eve of St Paddy's Day?
Bet it's huge in Ireland. Wearing of the green, parades, lots of this > :cheers:
Wishing you and Mrs Joe a great loud or as quiet as you choose.
@Irish Joe
Thought of you this weekend as our part of the world celebrated their Irish heritage.
Rather big celebration annually in Savannah, GA.
My daughter wanted me to go with her this year...too, too crowded and those cobblestone streets on River St and hordes of jostling drunks...been there, done that in younger times.

They had a great urchin is on the right.
Hope you had a good weekend.
@Irish Joe
Merry Christmas my friend!

Thanks for talking me off the ledges, and then talking me into walking on one or two!:reindeerlights:

Hope all is well with you and yours!:candle:
Merry Christmas to you @Mojo333
Life finds me well and busy.
The great work continues here and your a really important part of it.
I really hope your keeping well.
Life is what you make it.

Was going to give you this for Christmas....but Santa couldn't fit it in his sleigh.
Used to belong to my DH, and he sold it to a car dealer...30 years ago
Now it's in a museum.... worth 6 figures!
Ah, would if we could have a crystal ball!

All the best my bilateral mentor!
And to you dear friend.
Not bad for an antique.
I refer to the bike of course.
Hope your Christmas was Merry and bright :dancing:
Wishing you all the best in 2019! :cheers:
@Irish Joe
How's our favorite Irish guy doing?
Sure miss seeing you around here.
Hope all is well in your world!
@Irish Joe
Hey Everyone.
Long time away but its so great to see the excellent work continuting.
A few creaks and rattles but I'm fine thank goodness.
Stay safe everyone wherever you are.
Hey Irish Joe, :wave:
Nice to see you stopped by. I hope all is well in your world.
Wishing you only the best. Stay safe and healthy. :)
@Irish Joe

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