Bilateral THR Mar2016 - Right Knee Objecting Now<

Hi Joe. Wondering if you're one of those who have decided on retirement add an opportunity to relax and purse passions or if you are driving your wife crazy and trying to figure what to do with yourself. Wonder what your day's like..
Someone told me...oh, if you won the lottery you would just want to keep working.
I said huh! I would show you just what sorrry is.
Sorry meaning useless, wonder if that is used in your neck of the woods.
Haha! @Mojo333
My best guess is that @Irish Joe is tearing up the countryside on his motorcycle at every opportunity.
I'll bet there is no clover growing under his feet!
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Hi All.
I've been having problems with the forum for a bit.
I'm working on a new business with a trusted friend but I'm taking it fairly easy at the moment and enjoying it.
And a sudden Illness in the family causes me to refocus on what is really important.
All you guys have got this anyway If I need to take a wee break.
Good Luck with the new business! @Irish Joe
Prayers for comfort to all who are journeying through the family illness.
You will be missed...but you've banked enough wisdom, through your many encouraging posts to get us all through until your return!
Wishing you peace, comfort and all things good!
See my thread, Joe. Whole family falling apart on me just when I'm getting well, yikes. Guess it's Providence so that I am well enough to be off some help.
You are right, what is important is the ones you love and the rest is all what we do to pay the light bill.
On another note..

My sister decided to send her DNA off to which is good because the THEORY us we have same parents, lol, and we have always been told we have Irish, English, and Native American lineage ... will be interesting to find out.
That'll be interesting.
And here you are.
@Irish Joe . Glad to see you peeking in on me.
Hope your life is good...
@Irish Joe You were right...I have no hip pain and my life back...and I do admit I was awondering there for a bit.
You were a calming voice in my times of panic. I want to thank you.
I had the best day ever yesterday.
All day off shore fishing and absolutely no pain...before, during, OR AFTER!:wowspring:
Hoping no ill effects your way with Ophelia. We've been dodging those crazy storms all season here.
@Mojo333. Delighted about you getting your life back. You are fantastic here on the forum.
I'm finding it difficult to be on the forum at the moment, too much going on.
Sadly a young man became a victim of Ophelia only 10 miles from my house.
They key is Balance and Acceptance in relation to Osteo stuff I think.
The bad pain such as hip/knee etc can be sorted now thank God,,, and the other niggles are just a reminder of a life lived.
Your a good guy Mojo.
What an Amazing asset Bonesmart is really.
Pity there can't Be a
The list could go on.
What Did Arnie Say. "Ill Be Back"
No pressure @Irish Joe but you're missed!
I so enjoy your posts and hearing words like "niggles"
I hope whatever is making it difficult to be around much is something
enjoyable and fulfilling!
Best wishes for a great weekend!
Hey Joe - just stopping by to say hello - haven't been on the forum much but every once in awhile I like to check in. Hope you are floating down those gorgeous Irish roads on your bike, having a ball!
@Irish Joe
Just wanted to say you've been on my mind. Hope family okay.
My father is in poor health and is NOT SUPPOSED to be driving so my poor hubby has been his chauffeur and that has taken up alot of our time as he doesn't see the need to slow down or consolidate trips to make things easier. Plus, his memory is bad so he forgets where he needs to be.
Hope the business venture is going well and you are getting some life out of those hips.
Have a good weekend!
Hi Guys.
Damp Irish winter weather doesn't help the "niggles" but thank god life is so much better than it was before I had my bi-lateral OP.
Change of pace has made all the difference and I spend less time on my feet doing my job and more time using my feet to do the things that I like.
There is a nice short woodland trail very close to my house and I've walked that trail (with Mrs Joe) more in the last 3 months than I have in the preceding 10 years.
The new business is a slow burner but its going to be grand I'm sure of that.
And you know what life is grand.
I dip in and out of the forum from time to time and I see its in good hands.
Sorry for your Dad @Mojo333.
Take care guys.
Awesome update! I'm happy for you. @Irish Joe
You sound relaxed, happy and fulfilled. Love when you pop in and say "niggles"!
Best of luck with the new business venture and wishing you many more walks in the woods
with Mrs Joe.
Warm regards....
@Irish Joe
Merry Christmas

Thanks for keeping my courage up when I was a scared newbie....
Will always be grateful.

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