Bilateral THR Mar2016 - Right Knee Objecting Now<

Good for you Joe... Hoping the best for you new beginning. They say Never be so busy making a living that you forget to live. Unless I win the lottery at this point I'm guessing I'll just be eking by... Enough to pay bills and have a little left over for a bushel of oysters and a Corona every once in a while.
I love the coast so I figured now my kids are on their own, if I have to be a bum, I'll be a beach bum. They are cleaner... They can wash... Catch a few fish, scavange for treasures left.
Wishing you a wonderful transition to your new, less taxing, way of making a living, @Irish Joe! It'll be great for you and your wife to be able to spend more time doing the enjoyable things. My husband hasn't retired yet from a very demanding job, and he is 70. I fear that if he doesn't retire soon, he may not be able to enjoy his supposed golden years. So glad you are making positive changes!
Thanks Joe! Third act away - it's always the best act - where we get down to what really matters to the plot. I've been spending lots of time on the cushion (meditating) and think I might have a redesign for my job that'll make both my boss and me happy.
See you round the water cooler.
@Irish Joe congrats on being made a Forum Advisor! Great news about your new job and wish you well. It takes courage to leave the familiar behind and try something new.

can do more of what we like and less of the other.

Recovering from double thrs has made me a believer and to be honest, I did have a lot of time on my hands! Becoming 90-95% better is good enough for me too. Getting two new hips really pushed me to re-evaluate and redesign things as well. Like a thr, it's both exciting and a bit unnerving as well.

Will have to hold on for the ride -again :snork:
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@Irish Joe
Irish Joe,
Your posts have a way of pulling people in. Concise wisdom peppered with self deprecating humor and a perfect measure of kindness and encouragement. Always wanted to read your thread and finally did. You are beloved on this site! I shed a tear myself at the mention of you doing so on the first time back on your bike. You've been through a lot and have come out on top. Pain does steal our joy, our countenance changes, our mood sours and affects those around us, those we love most. Everything happens for a reason and I believe the good Lord uses these situations to refine us. There's a whole lot of contemplation going on while we're forced to spend time on our backs! While Bonesmart has been a blessing, I don't know how long I'll be hanging around here. I sure hope you don't leave anytime soon as you are a true inspiration to many!

On a different note....Bob Dylan is from the great state on Mn as am I. I have followed his music and seen him in concert also. Can't forget about PRINCE either. Being from Minnesota I think we're all fans of the Purple One. However, when I think of Ireland Van Morrison comes to mind.....soundtrack of my life, still love him! Still hope to catch a concert one day. Also the Corr's. Just watched the video of Bono and one of the Corr's sisters sing "When The Stars Go Blue" the other day. I'll never tire of that....LOVE!
@Irish Joe Thanks for the input. I have a long history of overdoing things. I'm still icing and elevating 3-4 hours daily. That is my defense against a brain that routinely tells me to do things that might be borderline wacko.
My therapist and nurse are ok with my routine. I get to see the surgeon on Thursday and I will honestly tell him what I am doing. He told me when I left the hospital my hip was 'structurally sound.' We have a good relationship. He is a distance runner, I used to be. He told me that, knowing I was going to test it. I'm just wired a bit different.

I love what my therapist had/has me doing, she was spot-on. She had me do all these tests during our first session and we identified some deficiencies in others parts besides my hip. I spend a lot of my time during workouts on those items. Also, whatever I do to one side, I always do to the other.
I just want to get back on my bike September first and do more than ride around the block.

To me recovery and training are the same thing. I think of this joint replacement as a speed bump. Most everyone in the older group I ride with has had at least one. We joke that we are 'team titanium.' If I can get my leg over the top tube and the surgeon says I'm good to go, then on go the bibs, gloves, RoadId and helmet and I'm rollin'.

I will say the first surgery was a shocker and an eye opener. Ten months before LTHR I was running half marathons. Then I became depressed and quit doing everything physical. I was in a lot of pain. I went into surgery in terrible mental and physical shape. I came out of surgery depressed and in terrible shape.
This time I wasnt.
So if I bonk, I'll come back here and say, "I should have listened." I mean, not that I didn't know what I mean.
Peace, Doug
Hope all is going well with you, Joe. The Georgia summer has been searing...which is how I usually like it, but it's been a little much since I've been dealing with this recovery.
I'm sure it is much milder there.
Glad you decided to take on forum advisor as you are very measured with your advice and are a great cheerleader.
Just what's needed.
Hope you at finding time to get out on the bike and have some fun.
So where are you @Irish Joe?
Are you out there having too much fun and forgotten about all of us?
I miss seeing that green shamrock now and again with a few concise words of wisdom.
Hopefully we haven't become to nonsensical with all our plane fantasy talk lately.
All in good fun, haha!

Click on the green check mark - AGREE - lower right so we get a shout out from Irish Joe :hi:
Death of a Friend RIP "Yogie" same age as myself.
Hips held up while I carried him to his resting place by my heart didn't.
That and a family illness knocked me for 6.
We dust off and carry on.
I am so sorry @Irish Joe.
The part about your hips holding up, but not your heart...........just heart wrenching to hear.
Then dealing with a family illness to top it deserve some time away to recharge
Prayers going up for your broken heart and may your days be brighter.
You know we all care!
Terribly sorry about Yogie.
Life gets wishes Joe.
If you need a little cheering you could check out my zip line story on DOUGIE'S Thread.
Someone brought up zip lines and I remembered how I could've broken my hips and had them replaced trying something exci instead of having them get old before their time.
I even laughed out loud after I wrote it.
@dougie0216 and zauberflote...I don't do homemade zip LINEs. Two years ago we tried to make one for the pond at sisters. Built ladder on tall pine tree and strung cable across but couldn't find right place on other side to get appropriate slope. So we tied to a bulldozer bucket as my BIL has heavy equipment business. Got handled block roller thing on internet.
After much redneck engineering I was to be initial tester. I came off platform...zipped(?) 3 feet and stalled 15 feet up...6 feet from pond ..15 feet from enough water to drop in!!!!
Dumb things family says while holding on for dear life.
DONT LET GO!!! Well, duh ! You couldn't beat my white-knuckled behind off of there with a stick like a pinata.
Someone cranked up the dozer and lowered bucket to allow me to slide on down.
In the south we call that FAMOUS LAST WORDS..."hey y'all, watch this!
Sorry Joe. Glad you could carry him one last time. As John Hiatt sings "it's a slow turning "
Loyal and Faithful Hip Replacement Friends.
I draw your attention to "froggymom" who has posted above.
She has I hope and Pray her final surgery Tomorrow on what has been a very long and sometimes difficult journey.
Just reading her signature makes me want to hold my Hips And Knees..
I would very much appreciate if some of you guys would scoot over to knee pre op to wish her well.
Thanks in advance.

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