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Hello Bonesmart people. I came across this excellent site about 3 months into my bilateral hip replacement recovery and have been cruising it ever since. I'm not sure whether I should be in the hip or knee section and here's why. I'll try not to be long winded for this post.

March 3rd bilateral THRs in a highly respected clinic by one of the top orthopaedic surgeons in the country. My recovery was steady if a little slow. I now have I believe excellent ROM (range of movement) in the hips.

The thing is that all during my rehab I was concerned about persistent right knee stiffness (which wasn't there before) that I felt was hampering my recovery. For the first 6 months I was happy enough with the surgeon and clinic pointing out that it could be a settling down of the traumatised limbs. (I'm not laying any blame here as I would use the clinic and surgeon again in a heartbeat).

I went to my GP today and she has booked an MRI of the knee in the clinic as she reckons that there is evidence that suggests OA in the knee.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this.
Thanks. Joe T
Lord bless, you! That's most unfortunate outcome for you. But not unexpected as it's quite common for hips and knees to go together. We have any number of members who have had both hips and knees done. @bottomshollow was one of them. So don't be downhearted, you're just following in the steps of many!
@Irish Joe this is something we all fear! But unfortunately one joint with OA tends to lead to others. Hang in there. Let us know how the MRI goes.
Hi @Irish Joe , just read your post & its resonating with me! No real knee problems here but I'm just 4 weeks out of LTHR (right to follow sometime) & since I started really moving (am on compulsory crutches until last day or so) both my knees have seized up - stiff & painful when I walk, as if they are "locked" straight. I'm hoping it's just everything waking up or complaining at suddenly moving again.
Seeing the PT tomorrow so will ask. I don't think it's uncommon....!
Thanks Josephine. I'll head over to @bottomshollow when I get used to navigating the site.

Looks like you're right Jaycey I seem to be one of the guys who's on a bit of a journey.

@doopy I'm sure that at your stage you have loads of regular stiffness to shake off yet. Heed (listen to) all the advice on this site and you won't go too far wrong. I'm so glad I got the hips done.

Lets see what the MRI shows. Maybe a shot of something (perhaps Guinness ) in the joint would help for a while. I'd like to feel normal for a bit.

Slán (goodbye) for now. Joe.

(OS Mr Owen Brady at Sports Surgery Clinic in Dublin. Highly respected surgeon in a top class facility)
@Irish Joe , ooh, a glass of "proper" Guinness from Dublin (don't know why, never tastes as good outside of Ireland) - that should sort it out!

Good luck with the MRI!!
Oh Josephine. I'm laughing my head off.
That's also a figure of speech ( my head really won't come off ).
I know @bottomshollow is a member.
If she was a place then I believe she would be a calm and serene ocean and I'd definitely head there.
But thanks for making smile before I 'head' for bed. I'll post more updates when I get the MRI done.
Thanks everyone. Joe.
Hey Irish Joe! I had a TLKR in 2013. I had many problems with the knee, and then my left hip went out. I had it replaced in May of this year. I have healed well, but still working on some issues. I went to a Chiropractor who massaged out scar tissue in my knee. It isn't perfect, but so much better and it doesn't hurt. Now, my right hip is on it's way out! I feel like I can't win. My ortho Dr says it's only a matter of time. Unfortunately for us, OA frequently attacks several joints in our bodies. We just gotta deal with it. Take a deep breath, and let us know what they tell you.
Goodness me @Mscant you have been on a long journey. Hip, Shoulder, Knee and now the other hip. I'd go and get the other hip sorted. You deserve to feel well and will too at some stage I'm sure.
I could be hanging around here for quite a while from what I'm reading but I'm determined to see things through. I had quite bad back pain before the hips were done but that seems to have settled quite a bit thanks to improved gait, physio and yoga. I've also decreased my workload ( self employed standing job). I cycle, streatch, do light resistance weights and try to be healthy but here I am.
Thanks for your words fellow traveller. I'll be on the lookout for your postings and wish you well. 2015 was very difficult and 2016's been difficult. There I said it. I'm indebted to my family though.
Josephine. I just looked through your thread knee recoveries UK style and found them interesting and very informative.
The good news in that I have my MRI booked in for Sunday Next 9.00am. This means that the OS will see me before the Turkey is eaten. He's the same Surgeon who did the Hips it seems that quite a few specialise in both.
Funny,, Since I became concerned about the Knee I seem to have forgotten about the Hips. Hopefully it stays that way someday I'll forget about the knee too.
Take Care Guys.
Fingers Crossed.:fingersx: Joe.
Hi @Irish Joe , knees really hurting today - I walked the few hundred yards to the physio clinic & was really struggling. However, the physio was encouraging - she said I'm walking a bit stiffly because Ive gone from 2 to 1 crutch & although there's no problem in the hip, the problem is partly in my head - a lack of confidence in the new hip's weight-bearing ability, so I'm tensing & not relaxing. She's given me gentle knee raises to do, & v gentle knee bends.
Came home & took one paracetamol & rested. Feel a bit dismal about it as it's not great swapping old hip pain for knee pain but there it is. As soon as I feel able to haul myself up the ladder in the pool I use, I'm going to return to walking in the water to try to get those muscles stronger - after so long in pain I have zero muscle power!
We will get there eventually! Fingers & toes crossed for your MRI!
Well I had both hips replaced in 2014 and a left knee replacement in 2015 and about to schedule my right knee replacement in March. It's been a journey I'm only 48 years old . I had to lose down from 60 pounds to 400 pounds to have my hips replaced then down to 300 to have my left knee replaced I'm now 195 to 200 pounds about to schedule my right knee replacement. Just start waring right now carbs and sugars causing my body to go into ketosis.

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@jebrig3164. All I can say is WoW. 4 joint replacements and over 25 stone weight loss in 3 years I had a look at your posts and its truly amazing. Your weight I'm sure was your downfall re the joints. Mine is the opposite, crashing motorcycles ( fracture dislocation and cracked pelvis ) in my youth and a lifetime of impact exercise has rattled my hinges.
Can I look to you for inspiration should I need it.
I'm beat now after a days work but had to reply before I got to bed.
God bless and good night. Joe.
@Irish Joe Good for you on having both hips done at once. My OS will not do both at once due to potential complications. I had right hip replaced followed by left hip 8 weeks later. By the time I finally decided to have surgery my primary care physician burst my bubble by saying you know your knees are going too! Thanks Doc.
Since surgery I have less discomfort in my knees but I see this coming down the pike! A day at a time. Right now I am enjoying much greater mobility and everything is so much easier!Good Luck with MRI.
Hello @SwimGirl.
We definitely share similarities. I had no knee discomfort before surgery and am wondering if maybe the strong meds pre hip replacement were masking the knee. I'm hoping the MRI will show mild or moderate OA then maybe I can get a shot and feel normal for a while.

Maybe knee replacements are a bit in the future for us. Thought I'd be done with pills by now but I'm still on the ibuprofen 1200mg and the paracetamol 4000mg daily. I have no desire to go back to codeine and diclofenac when that happens I'll get looking for the man with the scalpel.

Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to work I go now.
Have a pleasant day guys.
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@Irish Joe Be careful about so much Ibuprofen! I was taking 4 tabs per day and my stomach let me know that it was way too much. About 800 mg. Had ulcer with GI bleed. Stopped ibuprofen and went on ulcer diet for 5 months. Never to take it again! In fact postop I only took tylenol extra strength. Had to protect stomach and didn't actually need more pain medicine!
@SwimGirl. Thanks for the advice re ibuprofen. I know it can be hard on the stomach though it doesn't seem to bother me at all.

@Josephine might have an expert opinion on this. I seems I am blessed with my mothers ability to take any medication without side effects. I just don't like taking Diclofenac or Codeine. I thought I'd never need them after the hips. Paracetamol are my "sweets" of choice so to speak.

What actually gets to me the most (though I would call myself positive) is that in 2014 I could run, jump, walk anywhere and do a full days work and socialise without thinking. Then one day I get a pain in the groin and now in 2016 I can hardly manage a 6hr day at work never mind the rest.

4 Children 18 to 27, three in college, a great wife and I find myself concerned about my/our future. We Irish men aren't so good at expressing these things. I/we thought that all would be fine by now but there's still a ways to go though we'll get there.

I probably shouldn't post before I get up in the morning because that's when the doldrums (bad humour) hit. I'm always better when I get going.

I'm going to try to keep my posts shorter from now if I can.

There's 2 types of Irishmen. The ones who don't talk much and tend to say nothing. And the ones who talk a lot and still say nothing really.. I think I know which one I am.

Keep well today... Joe.
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