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TKR Madinana Made it to knee #2

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@tiredwife @msmechanic58 Had physical therapy today and my knee was in pain today, should have gone with cane, My rom was 115 and it was 120 and my extension was - 5 and did have it -4 and my knee is real stiff and actually in pain. Its officially 3 weeks today will try to look on positive side just discouraged
Madinana Made it to  knee #2
Too much PT, @madinana! Don't let them have you overdo or be in any kind of pain. Even if your knee or leg is just beginning to feel a bit tired of something----stop doing it! It's YOUR knee---and they work FOR you, not the other way around.

You must be kind to that knee if you expect it to be kind to you. This is a long recovery----keep it as pleasant as possible.

Take care and keep us posted. We care.
@madinana Walmart will do it every time! That and then PT the next day isn't good. You are very much an overdoer! BEHAVE yourself or I may have to yell at you!!! Your ROM will fluctuate so don't let it worry you!
@madinana Good Morning to you!!! Don't know why I couldn't get on here last night. Glitch I guess! Have a great day!
Madinana Made it to  knee #2
Three weeks out I tried shower without stool learn need in there to rest leg or take too long of shower. I have also learn not taking meds during the night the night pain meds firing the night meds during the night is not working as the morning pain takes a few hours before I get it under control. I should listen to my knee. I am taking baby steps in learning my knee is boss!!!!!
@madinana Wow your incision looks great! Looks like your bruising is starting to go away. Yes - listen to your knee.
Having some issues with my asthma today, will see if I can see the doctor tomorrow - maybe he can find a stronger allergy medicine for me. My asthma is triggered by allergies. Allergies are awful this year!
Hope you are having a better day than I am.
Your ROM is very good. Are the muscles settling down? I know it took several weeks for mine to calm down.
Wow your incision and rom are great!!! I had my tkr a couple days before you and my incision looks nothing line yours. And my rom is at the most 90. I have no stamina. I get up to do any housework and within 10 minutes I need to lay down :( I think you are doing awesome :)
Hello, very impressed with the look of your incision and ROM .
You seem to be having good progress with only a few small steps backwards if you do too much!
But, like us all the key to the recovery journey is to take it slow. You do have another TKR coming up, but I have forgotten when.

Take care at the still early stage you need to elevate, rest and ice +++.
Hi @tiredwife probably not, I need to work on that for sure. I do eat eggs in the morning but after that its yogurt, cereal and krackers. My stomach just doesn't feel right. Maybe that's why I'm so weak. Thanks for the advice :)
@knees eggs are good, and yogurt. Have they given you any anti nausea meds? You do need more protein.
@tiredwife forgot to ask how steve is doing. I am still getting muscle spasms so stayed on my flexural for the day, I also have the dreaded stiffness but i self massage to loosen up my muscles not sure if it helped or not but it felt good I hope you guys have a restful night
@madinana He is BORED!!!! That's a sign that he is getting better. Still dealing with stiffness, and the ambien wasn't doing as well the last few times so it was bourbon last night and he slept about 5 hours. I usually rub his leg for him at night and I think it helps some. You get some sleep tonight!
Wel am of to bed am tired even though did nothing but rest today
And that is a good thing! Some days, you just have to take it easy---sometimes, progress is made, ironically, by simply resting!

Abandon the work ethic and the idea that you have to work to make progress. Listen to the knees and do not be afraid to either do nothing or simply cut back. You will see progress---it is not tied to how much you work or ho hard you work---it is tied more to time and patience.
Madinana Made it to  knee #2

Patience, Grasshopper, Patience!!
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