Bilateral TKR Luisa's road to recovery June 10th, 2013

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Jun 2, 2013
Queens, NY
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So it's been one helluva day! Cried on and off most of it, finally at a point of acceptance. I am sure I will cry again many times before the actually surgery which is scheduled for 8:45am tomorrow, June 10th, 2013.

I will post again once I am able to, bringing my new tablet which I purchased as a splurge to myself this weekend. I will attempt to upload a couple of pics of my valgus, and will have before and after walking and post op videos (hopefully) posted on you tube.

Wish me Luck and plenty of positive vibes!

6-09-13 valgus.jpg 6-9-13 side valgus.jpg
Best wishes to you tomorrow. Don't worry about posting cause post op" fuzzy head" may make it difficult. Concentrate on doing your gentle stretches, icing, and rest:thumb:
Best of luck tomorrow. And it's ok to feel anxious and a little weepy. Just remember that it will all be worth it and you will feel wonderful soon. Hang on!
All the best to you!
And I grew an inch after they replaced my knee; my leg was that bent.:yes:
So it's been one helluva day! Cried on and off most of it, finally at a point of acceptance. I am sure I will cry again many times before the actually surgery which is scheduled for 8:45am tomorrow, June 10th, 2013.

That should be a quote above from Luisa, sorry if it doesn't present that way. I am not computer saavy:shrug: . I had a fairly good day Luisa. Cried only once and that was about an hour ago. I have packed everything I need for tomorrow and now am just writting my bills :rolleyes: (no one is going to wait for that stuff). That will be it for tonight. I have not needed the Ativan but I will probably take it at bed so it may help me sleep. I hope. I wish you well as we take this journey on the same day:friends: .......I feel a bit envious because you will have both out of the way !! I will look for you on the other side. I will post when I can but since I will need to figure out how to enter the post op area, it may take me a bit. You are great you can post pics and everything:thumb: me, not so much. Best of luck and we will catch up when we can:cheers:
Good Luck Dawna! You are a braver woman than I!! I have been wishing for that adivan all day LOL See you on the other side!!!
Good luck tomorrow!! Nobody was more scared then I was. Believe me, if I can get through this, anybody can. Listen to the good advise you get here and you'll do great.
Good luck to both of you!!! The good news is once you get through tonight, things will just click away like clockwork tomorrow. Sooner than you can imagine, you'll be in recovery!!! will be amazed at the changes in your legs after surgery. No wonder you have been having problems!!! Life is going to be MUCH better. At least that's the way I felt after my badly bent second knee was replaced. And I gained an inch in height!!!!
just finished taking my shower and using these crazy wipes all over my body, then again tomorrow morning. Yuk...kinda sticky feeling. Last minute call list for my hubby, got a call from my son, text from my daughter (she will be there tomorrow). Im ready for my last glass of water, b/p meds and famotidine for nausea. Good night to all and see you on the other side! xoxoxo :thankyou: for all your support and well wishes!
I was only brave because I have had since March to think and worry. I am nervous but I think I'm also ready. Getting up at 5 and leaving at 5:45. Hospital time goes so fast.....The IV placement is an issue and that is stressful but anesthesia will do it. Never had a spinal but heard you get to hug someone leaning over the table (hope he smells good, and who can't use a hug???) I'm ready for bed and what chores aren't done will be left for hubby. I will use the name of my new knee.... I call it Zim as it is a Zimmer knee. I'm excited because a great NY Yankee Manager named Don Zimmer was awesome !!! Talk to everyone on the other side !!!
Be sure and tell them you are a tough stick for your IV. There are a lot of things the can do to make things easier if they know it.
HA I LOVE the name Zim!! I will have to think of 2 names...I am so not good at that. BUT I will have plenty of down time to think of them LOL I had an epidural when I gave birth to my second child. I couldnt really tell what I was feeling sicne contractions were so bad. Cant be any worse than that! And I was bent over a hospital hug for me then. I guess they were scared off by my screaming :sorry:
Im out!! Got wheeled to recovery at 1:40pm. Femoral blocknis far no pain. Ablevto wiggle toes and move legs slightly. No tears today. Post more later
Glad to hear that you have made it through to the other side
From one BTKR Alumnus to another, welcome to the "other side"! Pleae post back when you feel up to and are able---let us know how things went and how you are doing!
Congratulations on your new knees! Hope you will have an uneventful recovery.:flwrysmile:
welcome cat 8.jpg
You are now a full fledged member of the Bilateral Knee Replacement Association. You were sounding quite chipper---the hard part is over---the waiting nearly kills:heehee: .

Now it's just a matter of remembering the BoneSmart mantra:

- rest, elevate, ice and take your pain meds by the clock
- if it hurts, don't do it and don't allow anyone - especially a physiotherapist - to do it to you
- if your leg swells more or gets stiffer in the 24 hours after doing it, don't do it again
- if you won't die if it's not done, don't do it
- never stand when you can sit, never sit when you can lie down, never stay awake when you can go to sleep!
and following it to the letter. It works. I know from personal experience.

Take care, post when you're able, we care.
hugs 44.jpg
Welcome to the "other side" :yes!: Please post when you can !!! You Did "it", You Did "it :happydance:
Now please get some :sleep:
Diana :flwrysmile:
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