MUA LTKR journey and feeling discouraged

@WFD When I left PT my ROM was 115. I don’t feel that it has gone backwards. Thanks for sharing your story. What happens during LOA? Do you think it helped?
With a RoM of 115, ordinary activities should not stress the scar tissue (if you have any) so @sistersinhim is probably right, it may be just ordinary swelling, not stressing of scar tissue.

My arthroscopic LOA and MUA went very well at first. The surgeon removes as much scar tissue as possible arthroscopically and then performs an MUA to get the rest. Any bleeding from the MUA is dealt with before closing up the portals.

My RoM went from 55-75° to 90° within a few weeks and the swelling and pain decreased.. The doctor had gotten 100° on the table and my intention was to stretch very very carefully to get close to 100° without triggering the formation of new scar tissue. Once I was past the scar tissue danger zone time-wise I was going to take up more aggressive stretching to improve my RoM past 100°.

Unfortunately, I had some complications - a compressed peroneal nerve which caused great pain and swelling (and still has not healed), my back went out, and I caught mono. At almost six months I fluctuate between 75 and 85° and am not hopeful of further improvement. At the cost of another surgery and six months of pain I gained maybe 10° on average - not much of a bargain. Also the swelling returned and seems not to be going away - my surgical knee averages about 4 cm larger than my good knee.

@Mommom25 , I would be absolutely over the moon to have your 115° and I think you (as a potential arthrofibrosis sufferer) would be crazy to sign up for another surgery of any kind. The risk is great and the potential benefits small - you can have a perfectly normal life with 115° RoM.

If it were me, I would focus in healing the soft tissues as others have recommended, and then go on and live my life.

An arthroscopic LOA/MUA can be done at any time, even years later, so there is no rush. Take your time and see if you recover without any more surgery.

Good luck.
Sometimes we need to give the knees a rest. I found that if I do not ice after going to the pool for an hour either swimming or walking in the water my knees can be stiff the next day. I try to either do an hour in the pool or take a mile walk. I do need to start back with some strengthen exercises such as stand on toes and gentle bends as my left knee is still weak.
@WFD i am so sorry to hear all that you have gone through. I hope you are able to get to a point where you are able to live your life the way you want.

My ROM will be measured tomorrow when I see my OS. If I fell backwards any I am not concerned. I am able to do my daily activities so if this is as good as it gets I am ok with that. My only hope is that the tightness goes away. It feels like a clamp on my knee.

Thank you for all the great advice.
My only hope is that the tightness goes away. It feels like a clamp on my knee.
99% of us complained about the tightness. It does go away, though. For some, it's sooner. For others, it is later. The tightness was the last thing I complained about, but it diminished as weeks went on. Then all of a sudden it was gone! Yours will do the same. Exercise that patience muscle and you'll feel better! :egypdance:

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