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May 8, 2022
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It is going well at 7 weeks post-op. I’m back to working out with modification to accommodate not bending beyond 90 degrees at hips, to do body pump, Pilates, strength and roll outs, walking 2 miles and beginning to walk up/down stairs with 1 foot per step, very thankful for the mostly pain free hip! My husband created a raised platform on top of bed using plywood wood and a tumbling mat for me to workout on, highly recommend doing this, its great. I just purchased a stationary bike and will begin adding that into my workouts. But, I do have bilateral knee pain even on my good leg. It seems to be dissipating as time passes. I’ve begun working around the house doing chores that don’t require getting down to the floor. Love using my grabber stick. My current concern is making sure that I don’t develop an abnormal gait and build strength in my left leg. I’m thinking of signing up for the free 2 week gait training program to see if that can be of help. Anyone have feedback about using it?

Thanks and happy rehabbing to all!
You seem to be doing very well.:) :-) (:
I’m thinking of signing up for the free 2 week gait training program to see if that can be of help. Anyone have feedback about using it?
I believe @subie2021 and @skigirl both have talked about using the One Step program.
Perhaps they will pop by and share their experience.
Good morning, @HipHiporay.
I signed up for OneStep about a month before THR, and continued for 9 months afterwards. For me it was very helpful. My assigned therapist asked for a short video of me walking - this was pre-op so it was more hobbling along than walking - and set up a course of exercises to address what she observed. Post op, on a Zoom visit, she had me walk across the room to see what was going on and again, worked up my courses to address my weaknesses. My OS was very conservative with restrictions and my therapist was very good about accommodating them, so I had no worries about hurting myself.
The OneStep team has developed an algorithm that measures certain parameters of gait. You open the app on your phone, stick your phone in your pants pocket, and take a short walk. Then like magic, an analysis with scores appearS on the screen. It measures symmetry, stride length, and speed, and records each report on a graph so your progress is right there to view. If you have deficits, the therapist can offer advice and exercises to correct them. There is also an option for recording longer walks of 90 minutes.
I was impressed with then entire team. The developers were always making improvements, the front man was unfailingly responsive if I had any problems with the app, and my therapist was so very helpful and knowledgeable.
In the meantime, I would suggest that you concentrate hard, each and every time you walk, on heel/toe. Use a device if you need one, and go as slowly as you need to use good form and think about each step. Even now at close to a year out, I'm in the habit of trying for a perfect walk every day, standing up straight, pulling my ribs out of my pelvis, and thinking "Heel, toe" with every step. The effort is worth it, it's like I got 20 years back!
Best wishes to you for a smooth recovery.
Thanks for sharing such a comprehensive review of the One Step program.
Have a great weekend!

Sounds like you’re progressing nicely @HipHiporay
Please let us know if you take advantage of the two week trial. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the program.
A great weekend to you also. :)
Thank you for the thorough information. As you described how you attempt to make every step perfect and count towards creating a stable and normal gait, I could picture myself doing the identical things. I Hope automaticity will fall into play and become an organic part of walking for me. You have enticed me to give One Step a trial run. I’ll let you know how it goes.
I am thinking that perhaps just wearing my shoes in the house to do housework might help me walk better. I am using mostly just the cane now, after RTHP.
I am thinking that perhaps just wearing my shoes in the house to do housework might help me walk better. I am using mostly just the cane now, after RTHP.
Yes, I found wearing shoes in the house to be quite beneficial.
Hate wearing shoes, prefer to be barefoot but it made me feel much more secure.
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
Hope you’re enjoying steady progress and benefitting fromOne Step, if you signed up.
A great week to you!
Here’s my update:
. Knees are no longer hurting
. Lower back is now good
. Since week 12 bending to flat palms on floor
. Able to work out: body pump w/weights, Pilates, stretching and light jogging (up until week 13 these things seemed impossible)!

I’m finding that my breathing is more labored but it too will improve. To all take your time, don’t push it when your body says “NO”, and keep in mind it’s going in the direction of better…given that there are no issues intervening.

I’m feeling more like my old energetic, active and flexible self. Picking up my grandson, able to play on the floor and plan to dance up a storm at my 50th high school reunion in October.

A big thank you to bonesmart and all of my fellow May THR peeps for keeping me on a positive path. Also, a huge shout out to Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills and Dr. Mesna and the whole surgical team for the terrific surgery and outcome!
That's a good update!

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Great update! It truly changes our lives for the better.
I was also super impressed with the whole Kaiser Permenante orthopedic department from my surgeon to the PA’s to my nurse navigator. It all went so flawless.
@HipHiporay and @Zoebichon I agree with you both about the Kaiser experience with joint replacements! And for me the PT experience there for hips and shoulders was excellent and very much in keeping with the BoneSmart philosophy! And 10.5 years, 8+ and 5+ years later all the "new" joints are working beautifully. I wish you both just as excellent out comes as I have had :yes!:
New hips rock!
Lots of improvement yet to come...
Happy Four Month Anniversary. Have a nice Autumn!
Thank you! Although I don’t have the strength and movement that I had prior to arthritis ( can’t do splits, lotus sitting, or crouching). I can walk 6 miles, danced the night away at my 50th high school reunion and most importantly get a painless full nights sleep! The THR posterior approach has been a life giving. Knee still gives me issues but not enough to undergo surgery…maybe cortisone?

Hang in there May Marvels!
Awesome! The ability to walk six miles, dance the night away at your 50th class reunion and get a full night rest make the surgery so worthwhile.
The heck with the splits, crouching and lotus, you're having enough fun without em! :wink:
I hope the knee pain eases or you find a solution to make it more bearable. Thanks for the update, HipHiporay.
Thank you helping me get happy and thankful for what I have accomplished with my current new hip. I feel fortunate, every week I seem to be able to do something I thought I would no longer be able to do! Today at stretch class I was able to crouch with my feet flat on the floor. I got teary with the joy of finding new improvements. I’ll keep improving as long as I respect when and what my body tells me to do or not do.

Wishing all the May Marvels the very best. Happy Thanksgiving!

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