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Oct 2, 2017
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I have had issues with my right knee since I was a teenager. I have had a acl reconstruction in 2006 and since then I have had a bone spur removed,5 scope's to clean out scar tissue and a cartilage graft.

This last scope in April I had a meniscus tear and when cleaned up I was told that I have no cartilage left under my Patella and the only option I have is a total knee replacement. Well I was told Im not a good candidate for a tkr as I'm only 43 and I have a history of getting a ton of scar tissue in my knee hence all the scopes.

I had to change health insurance and I'm seeing a new Dr tomorrow as I have a bone spur on my left knee and that is what kinda started the issues I have with my right knee wearing away at my knee cap.

I'm going to talk to him about my right knee but they told me when I called they wouldn't look at my right knee since its only been 6months since my last scope and that is when they (the old dr) said he couldn't do another graft as the knee cap is to far gone.

So even though my left knee is just starting to have the issues, would it be a good time to talk about both knees since the left is starting to have the same issues or take it one knee at a time.

My right knee is so bad i cant even bend it with out grinding and severe pain, and My left is headed the same way as it hurts to put pressure or bend under weight.

The last question and this is a hard one, how do I deal with the pain if I have a TKR. I have bad reactions to all narcotics and the last major Surgery I had they had to keep me in the hospital for 4 days just to manage pain. I have urine retention, bowl retention, cant sleep( Im wide awake and cant sleep just keep awake), I get severe itching and then there is the pain. So when I have Non major surgery like all my scopes or the soft tissue surgery's I have had I take something for the first 24 hrs and then I switch to alieve

I'm in a tough spot as i have read this is a painful surgery and the pain last a long time but I cant take anything, but I cant go any longer with my knees the way they are or I'm going to end up in a wheelchair

Thanks for readying and thanks for any advise
You aren't too young to have a TKR. That line of thinking is a hold-over from decades ago. Today's implants last 30 years or more (we don't yet know how much longer because, well, people with them are still alive and kicking). So what you need to do is find a surgeon who will work with you. While you're at it, make it the best surgeon you can find (better surgeon = better result) and have that talk about pain control options.

BoneSmart has a good starter for having that discussion, the Plan Against Pain.

Here's some reading that will help you as you explore having TKR.

New BoneSmart members like you are in various stages of their journey to joint replacement. Making the decision whether or not to have surgery and preparing for surgery can be easier once you have done your research and know what lies ahead. Here are some tools that can help you decide what is best for you.

If you are at the stage where you have joint pain but don't know for sure if you are ready to have surgery, these links may help:

Score Chart: How bad is my arthritic knee?
Choosing a surgeon and a prosthesis
BMI Calculator - What to do if your surgeon says you're too heavy for joint replacement surgery
Longevity of implants and revisions: How long will my new joint last?

If you are at the stage where you are planning to have surgery but are looking for information so you can be better prepared for what is to come, take a look at these links:

Recovery Aids: A comprehensive list for hospital and home
Recliner Chairs: Things you need to know if buying one for your recovery
Pre-Op Interviews: What's involved?

Regardless of where you are in the process, the website and app My Knee Guide can help you stay organized and informed. The free service keeps all the information pertaining to your surgery and recovery in one place on your smartphone. It is intended to be a personal support tool for the entire process.

And if you want to picture what your life might be like with a replaced knee, take a look at the posts and threads from other BoneSmarties provided in this link:

Stories of amazing knee recoveries

If you have any questions, fire away - we're here to help.
And like I thought, I went to the new Dr and he said I have to do injections, then different types of injections, then a scope and then we can talk about a TKR. But he said he would like me to wait 7 years till I'm 50

I hate that Drs think that 50 is the magic age for a TKR when my knee is bone on bone
I was a victim of the "you're too young" philosophy of surgeons, although back then my surgeon wanted me to wait until I was 60. I waited for 9 long, painful years, during which time I became progressively more disabled.
I would never fall for that again!

It's an old-fashioned fallacy that should have died out long ago. Nowadays, knee replacements can last for 30-40 years, so there's no need to fear you'll need revisions.

Having a knee replacement should depend on the state of your knee and the effect that has on your quality of life, not on your age.

I recommend you look for a surgeon who will look at your knee before he/she looks at your date of birth.

This is the only way you are "too young" -
  • You are too young to be living your life in constant pain.
  • You are too young to have your mobility so badly compromised.
  • You are too young to be giving up the lifestyle you enjoy.
  • You are too young feel so old.
I would go to another doctor, I am 40 and having both of mine done, one in Nov and the other likely in Jan. My dr took once look at my xrays and didn't bat an eye and said I had to have it done.
Another TKR patient in her 40s chiming in. Get er done.
Now I think the issue might be is the area where Im bone on bone is my knee cap, the other areas are still "ok"

I have a appt with a dr who says right on his website, we treat the patient not the age.

With the colder wet weather coming( I live in Michigan) Im not looking forward to another winter with this knee

My knee hurts just typing this LOL, it bent from sitting
:flwrysmile: @SusieShoes Thank you so much for all the tips.. I am having my first LTKR this month and I am learning all I can about all the tips and articles to read.... I just saw your pain management tip and I am going to read the article.. I am very nervous about this and hope that I will become an informed patient so that I will recover well and be able to go back to work and normal activities after all of this... Thanks again, Cindy :loveshwr:

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