Bilateral TKR Limpynomore has reached the recovery side!!!

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I would sure like to know why your OS does it that way for bilaterals. Scary isn't it.
Not really! I think he wants more monitoring for blood clots, heart rate, oxygen saturation, etc. I will admit YES, I did have some scary thoughts cross my mind, but I do trust this doctor like no other. Normal guy.....not a big ego, not put off by ANY questions and is just plain great to work with! All the nurses here totally respect him and like him.
Oh please don't get the impression that I was being critical of your doctor. Not at all. I just ment it would be scary to be in the ICU for unknown reasons. It would make me think something had gone wrong & I'd probably get all upset.
If your doctor uses the ICU for precautionary reasons, more power to him. I wish more doctors would be careful.
I knew in advance I was going there, although I did have a creepy feeling that maybe he thought I needed it. It is just an extra precaution he takes when doing a double.
Limpy...the fact that u can move as well as u described wowwed me! Day 1 and 2 were awful for me...could barely stand. Sounds like things are going super for you!
I haven't been getting any sleep,either. So I have been exercising...little by little. I have two ice machines on 95% of the time.
As the saying goes....their is no place like home..
Chibigirl, are you doing rehab or going home? I think I am going to opt for home which is crazy, but I feel as if I live in a healing home if that makes sense. Both of my kids have had friends come to stay after various knee surgeries. We live on a small lake and see lots of nature which I find healing. Living in a room waiting for therapy just doesn't sound good. I would rather go home sweet home. If I couldn't get out of bed myself already it would be a different story. I can also get in no problem. I feel lucky and blessed at this point. Happy healing everyone!
I want to go home myself tomorrow.
I will have the fire department to come over my house go hoist me up I live in a stilt home, about 15 steps.
I am going to talk to my doctor today. He told Me yesterday that I would be one of the younger ones.
He will talk to me tommorow. His PA came in this
Morning to Change out my bandages.
I can almost get out of bed. Just need a little help.
You are doing great!
I feel very fortunate! My nurse Alan just took off my bandages. Incisions look great and I can't believe I don't see any bruising! Simply amazing! You will probably do some stairs today in preparation. As long as you can one step the stairs, you should be okay! Lucky you live in Big Pine where the fire dept. would actually come over to help you! Funny!
Mine looks good too. No bruising. sound like you are doing just wonderful...and just as expected for such an amazing surgery!! I went home at the end of Day 4 post BTKR. I was supposed to go to a rehab facility, but they had to close admissions because of a noro virus outbreak (vomiting/diarrhea thank you!!) In hindsight...I'm glad I was able to go home. With a twin-sized bed placed in our family room, a toilet seat riser and handles so I could sit and stand by myself from the potty, my walker, a piece of paper and a pen to keep track of my meds, my recliner chair, and my family to help me out...I did great. Rest, elevate, ice, pain meds...were my strict mantra those first few weeks!! Keep up the good work...and welcome to the other side!!!
Thanks Pamx2! I have followed your recovery as well! Very inspiring! My doc has changed his drug protocol to include toradol and tramadol. Don't know if I spelled that right, but my nurse today says it has really improved outcomes tremendously. Neither are narcotics and both are anti-inflammatory. Seems to be working great! Just an FYI for anyone else out there that would like to inquire about from their doc for their recovery. So far I am fully impressed with everything. I get to take a shower today! Chibigirl....we are on track...when do you think you will go home?
Sounds like you're off to a great start. I know what you mean about wanting to be home. If you have a bit of help early on, based on what others have said it should be doable. Especially with your strong start.
It will be totally doable! I am so happy that the operation is behind me and that I do not have to look forward to doing a second knee at a later date! This was totally the way to go for me. I thought at some point I would say to myself "what were you thinking"! That thought has never occurred thus far.
I thought at some point I would say to myself "what were you thinking"! That thought has never occurred thus far.
At 3 1/2 months out I've never thought that thought yet either...and certainly can't imagine I ever will!! Every day it's ONE AND DONE!! One's the way to go!!
Agree pamx2. If you had to say which days were most painful, would you say day 2 & 3 perhaps 4 as well?
As far as the bruising? Day 3 of my first TKR, I commented to the doctor "Wow, no bruising. I really lucked out!". About 3 days after that (Day 6) I understood why he had looked at me as if I had a horn growing out of my forehead. It was the nastiest looking bruise - ugh! From my rear to my ankle and halfway around my foot. My family & friends would walk in, see it and - quick - look away! And I'd hear "oh, oh, oh, oww!" or "oh - my - goodness" "geez! you could've warned me!". More than likely, you'll have an award-winning set too!
Good to know Florida1! This way I won't be totally shocked. I bruise pretty easy which is why I was surprised. You should see my arms just for the iv sticks that didn't work out! Trying to intensely rest and ice right now as things have become like lead and have stiffened compared to day 1. Day 2 and the package has been delivered....that felt great!
Just had PT and went easy on myself. I don't have a second one scheduled for today, so PT thinks I am being released today. That would be good! Chibigirl are you getting out today? How are you feeling?
If you had to say which days were most painful, would you say day 2 & 3 perhaps 4 as well?
I really can't remember days 2 and 3 being especially painful days. I think it's because I would write down when I got my pain meds and when they were due next...then would start buzzing for those meds about 15 minutes before they were due. It was almost a bit stressful because I didn't want to go too long without those meds (and they have those rules that I needed to ask for my pain meds)...and it was nice at home because I was in charge of my meds and could take them as soon as they were due. I kept a chart for weeks to keep on top of when I was due for my meds. My most painful day was day 4 when I was discharged. It was just a lot to get into the car...30 minute drive home with a 10 minute stop for my hubby to pick up my meds at the pharmacy. Then a long walk into the house using my walker including going up a few steps. By the time I got into bed and my hubby and son got my ice machines going for my knees...I was a bit teary. Back then I was on one Percocet...then 4 hours later one Tramadol...then 4 hours later one Percocet. So I took two Percocets when I got home and in about 10 minutes I was feeling much better!
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