Hip Infection* Life After SCaprae

Sunday bloody’s in the garage with friends while visiting and
I'll finish it for you...watching NASCAR.

That is such fantastic news about, Cookie:xmark: Especially reading that she feels it was all worth it after ALL she's been through.

It's good to read you're doing well and I'm sure your story has been an inspiration to your friend. Maybe she'll even make it hunting with your group again this Fall.

Aww, pic of Ruby just came through as I was typing this. So sweet...your furry buddy!
Have a wonderful Sunday in the mini thaw this weekend and a great week too!
I am pleased to share another update for my friend Cookie. She & her husband have been able to rejoin our Sunday Bloody Mary gathering (hosted last weeks while Pat & I were in Arizona for April). Yesterday they were over ( along w/ 5 others), it was quite pleasant to visit and enjoy the afternoon. She’s walking w/ only a cane, some lingering pain & regaining muscle strength. We discussed the upcoming Bear season , she’s looking forward to coming up to Bear Camp and has applied for the license lottery as has the rest of our party.
Utilized the swimming pools while in Green Valley & am moving around better myself. It’s good to be back home on my “puddle” and back in my garage working on whatever comes along.
What an uplifting post to read! Thanks for stopping by to share the good news! Cookie has to be feeling better to happily join in on the traditions of your friends group! Whether it be the Sunday Bloody’s or joining you in camp in September, it sounds like……she’s back!!

Good to hear you and Pat traveled safely to AZ and back home, enjoying your time there. Now it’s time to indulge in all the fun the puddle offers for the season when you’re not in your Man Cave puttering around with, Ruby.

Wishing you a Happy FIVE YEAR Anniversary (8 days early) on your successful revision. May you have one of the best Summers ever! :SUNsmile: Stay in touch!
Hey…how’s Cookie?
How are you…and of course, how is Ruby?
Time for an update :bored: Waiting patiently.
Has been a busy summer so far & things are going well. My friend Cookie is using only a cane and getting around much better and “happier” than she’s been in over 2 years. What a relief. We all have our trials/tribulations/ ups & downs: sure is good to be able to see/be part of this process.
To gauge progress one must look backwards/ tough to keep in mind when young the “thick” of it.
I’m doing very well. Have many projects in the works on the home front, spending quality time on the “puddle” and nearby lakes w/ friends (and Ruby of course), revamping my heating system (added underfloor hydronic zone) in preparation for the new kitchen, watering flowers and just “tinkering “ in my garage. Sunday Bloody’s with a varying parade of faces & overall enjoying each day.
Typo: when you’re in the thick of it.
Nice to hear from you and read that life is good. It’s been over five years since your revision now and stories like yours are inspirational to those fighting infection.
Thankfully things seem to be looking up for, Cookie, also. That is wonderful news!
Enjoy the rest of the Summer on the water and your Sunday‘s with friends, family and Ruby! Take good care!
Hi, friend:loveshwr:
I agree with Layla... yours (and Cookie's) story may serve as lifelines to folks facing the same hardships.
So happy to read this update! Yours and Cookie's health accounts will be and in fact, are so helpful to many. thank you for sharing.
Ok all. My dear friend Cookie has spent the last 2 years since her first THR. It’s been a struggle (understatement). She’s doing remarkably better, since she was/is an initial member of our “hunting party “ ( success is defined as getting to hunt. Filling a tag is a bonus & photos are acceptable instead) she wished to hunt this year as she received a tech thru the lottery system. Her husband, my cousin and myself just returned for Bear Camp / Cookie bagged the biggest bear we’ve taken in almost 35 years!! But that’s a whole different story.

I must admire her internal driving force:
difficult to navigate level terrain- dealt w/ tramping in the woods: not w/o difficulty
and also “roughing it” w/o power, cell & running water and some mice.
Wow…amazing! Go Cookie! :egypdance:
It is wonderful to read she is doing this well after all she’s been through.
It was brave of her to tackle the terrain and “rough it“ in the woods given all she’s endured over the past two years. It’s heartwarming to read positive news about your friend. Thanks for sharing!
I hope you’re healthy / thriving and all is well in your corner of the world.
Happy September!

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