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All is looking good in the way of placement, no signs () of infection detected for my friend Cookie! She is however experiencing much pain, an MRI has been scheduled to assist in determination of the source/cause and treatment. Happier days than in the past.
She is however experiencing much pain, an MRI has been scheduled to assist in determination of the source/cause and treatment
I suppose after all the dear woman has been through, every pain feels questionable, or magnified and frightening. Let’s hope she receives the reassurance she needs through the MRI and realizes that she can have a normal recovery even after all she’s been through. I’m happy for her and for you also as her friend. I hope you have a nice holiday weekend and a safe 4th.
Cookie’s pain was from hairline fractures of her pelvis from bearing weight again during PT. Things were going fairly well after backing off PT some and the passage of some time.

Just heard from her husband: the infection has returned, they are back at Mayo looking at surgery #10.
I’m so sorry to read this news about your dear friend. This is a nightmare, truly. I hope she has a fighting spirit and is surrounded by a strong support system. May your story continue to be an inspiration to her and offer her hope through her darkest moments. I will remember her in prayer for strength, peace of mind and perfect healing. :prayer:

Aside from this sad news, which I’m sure weighs heavily on your mind, I hope all is well with you and you’re enjoying this HOT Summer. I see you just passed a four year anniversary a couple months ago. That has to be a great feeling! :egypdance:
Stay in touch, take good care and hopefully your next update will be better news.
I am doing very well,Thank You. Though I am having some feelings of guilt (know it’s misplaced) that I’ve had a much better outcome.
Well, while understandable because, Cookie, is a long time friend and good buddy’s wife, I hope you can let go of that guilt because you suffered with a lot more than many in the struggle you triumphed over. Hopefully, Cookie, ends up with the same outcome you are enjoying, but it’s taking her longer to get there. All you can do is be there for them and whether she expresses it, or not, you have to be an inspiration to her.
An update after a couple months:
The source of infection last posted about were related to blood hematomas ( thinking I have the term correct) from THR on the second side. Slow progress w/ associated pain, time & some setbacks.
Fractures of the pelvis (osteoporosis related) around the screws used to place the cup have been treated w/ a type of surgical glue to stabilize & allow healing. Pain has subsided some, Cookie is able to move around a bit (though carefully) with a walker, that is a major improvement from being bedridden. As of last weeks appointment, things are beginning to “look up”. She will “live with” and be on antibiotics for the infection for the foreseeable future. Due to the current mindset with regards to opiate prescriptions, she has been thru pain mgmt, tried several different combinations of lesser meds with limited results.
She is truly a “warrior”.
Oh wow. She has been through so much. My heart goes out to dear Cookie. Thankfully things are looking up. That IS good news!

I hope all continues to be well with you. Time to batten down the hatches and get ready for the frigid weather that will soon be upon us here in the Upper MidWest. Enjoy the rest of Autumn in good health!

Thanks for sharing some good news. I pray it continues.
Thanks to you folks at Bonesmart for the time spent with this site: listening, advising, encouraging and just being here.
Am preparing for another winter at my “puddle”: boat in & put away, dock comes out this week, have more than a seasons of firewood ready for the garage, tested the wood stove & also the heat in the house. Prep work for redoing the kitchen underway (installing 4 zones of underfloor hot water heat & de-squeaked the floor thru out the house) & planned the cabinets and cupboards. Tuned up a rolling walker for Cookie/ new brakes, wheels and brake cables. Never a shortage of things to do/fix.
Aww, sweet words shared above. You're so kind!

Wood for the man cave and time spent in your recliner watching NASCAR with Ruby by your side.
You are a busy guy! Lots going on and lots to do. Good for you!
Stay healthy and in touch. Until next time, all the best :wave:
Glad to read about Cookie's improvements and that you are winterizing and doing well yourself, friend.
:) :-) (:
As the new year approaches I felt it fitting to share good news & possibly provide a glimmer of hope to anyone in need.
My dear friend Cookie is progressing “nicely”! Presently she’s moving about w/ a wheeled walker, getting better using stairs and slowly resuming her life (talk about determination, persistence). What a sight to witness!!
Happy to read about Cookie's improvement and her slow but sure return to resuming her life.
Thanks for the update.
Congratulations to Cookie.
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So Awesome! Thanks for sharing, its been such a long haul and it's wonderful to read things are looking up for your friend, Cookie!

How are you? I hope you're doing well. Please let us know.
I hope you had a nice Christmas and I wish you many blessings in the New Year!
Thank you. I am doing very well, spent November in S Arizona along w/ my significant other & Ruby. Though cold by their standards (above 70 a couple days) we toured Bisbee, Tombstone, several trips to Tubac (blue agave margaritas are tasty) as well as frequent swimming in Green Valley Recreation pools, Farmers Market and a list of Home & Motorhome maintenance / repairs for Pat’s Dad & Stepmother. Visited w/ friends in Albuquerque NM, overall “tourist” stuff.
Presently watching the birds feed from feeders on the railing of the deck & watching over my “puddle”. Working on items to be completed before the new kitchen cabinets and cupboards this spring & weekly gatherings for Bloody Mary’s in the garage on Sundays with friends. It’s quite a schedule, but am holding up well.
It is all good! It seems you're busy and enjoying life.
I am very happy for you after all you endured with your right hip. Take good care!
So nice to see your post @SCaprae
:) :-) (:
I was afraid to ask about Cookie in case she wasn't doing well...so glad she is making her way back!

I hope the New Year is good to you!:new-year-toast-smiley-emoticon:
So do I ! . Thank you for reaching out and will update the forum.
Hey, old BoneSmart friend...How are you doing?
Also, how is, Cookie, doing? I pray we hear she's progressing without complication :fingersx:

I'll bet you're getting anxious for Spring / Summer, the boat, the puddle, fishing and all the things.
I hope life is good for you!
Thanks for inquiring,Cookie is working hard at regaining/returning to her “new normal” after having both THR. The initial side was the most problematic (understatement) & the other side had it’s own challenges.
She is up and about, doing stairs (cautiously) and enjoying the normal ups&downs of day to day life! It’s quite a relief/joy to observe. Asked her if all this was”worth it” & the answer/ an unequivocal “YES”.

I’m doing well and staying busy “keeping on keeping on”. I’ve got my daily routine: coffee early, wait& watch for first light & the birds coming into the feeders w/ my “puddle” as a backdrop (my tax person says I can’t claim them as depends), interacting with Ruby and Gray Kitty (feral cat that has become a full fledged family member). Sunday bloody’s in the garage with friends while visiting and

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