Hip Infection* Life After SCaprae

Thank you. Four years and going strong!! Have kept busy with various projects, quality garage/man cave time and keeping a large skating area cleared (on the puddle) for the neighbor kids. Ruby is a constant companion as always.
Cookie has been thru 2 more surgeries, seems to be gaining on “besting” that persistent infection w/o having the current prosthesis removed. Her spirits are encouraged that conversation had begun about replacing her other hip & possibly getting out of her wheelchair Hoping for the best to all out there.
It’s great to hear you’re doing well and making the best of Winter in the frozen tundra we reside in, here in the Upper Midwest. I’m guessing the neighbor kids appreciate your efforts and I’ll bet watching them have fun makes the job worthwhile. Glad to hear, Ruby, is doing well also.

I can’t even recall how long, Cookie’s journey has been, I’ll need to look back through your thread, but I know it seems endless. My heart goes out to her, she must be a strong woman to endure all she has. Hopefully her battle with infection ends soon and never returns. I would imagine your story gives her great hope. Oh happy day when she’s finally able to have her other hip replaced, heal and get back to enjoying life.

Thanks for the update. It was nice to hear from you. Take good care!
Talked with Cookie yesterday & tentative date for her next (other side) replacement is at the end of the month. Confirmation after appointment next week.
Happy St Patrick’s day to all. I have the corned well under way & will be serving about 2:00.
What wonderful news! Thanks for sharing. I pray nothing stops Cookie’s upcoming surgery. It’s so encouraging to hear she’s ready to move forward as it must be scary after all she’s been through. I’m sure your journey continues to be an inspiration to her.

Aaah, Corned Beef and Cabbage…that appeals to this Irish lass. I hope you enjoy!
Cheers on this St Paddy’s Day. :cheers:
I don't think I can get there by 2 ...but man, I do love it!
I can smell it from Georgia:roseshwr:
Hope #2 goes Much Better for Cookie.
I'm sure she is anxious, I would be....considering.
Beautiful day here today. 75 and sunshine.
Gotta love it.
Hey there :wave:I hope you’re well.
Did Cookie have her surgery yet? If so, I hope she’s off to a good start.
Have a great rest of the week and a Happy Easter!
Alas, Cookie doesn’t have a surgery date as of yet. At the last 2 Dr visits her markers for infection were still above what was desired & the team wanted as much time between surgeons possible. However they discovered that her remaining natural hip now has a fracture (explains the increased pain) visible on X-ray. She is still “hanging in there “ but disappointed. Tomorrow is a new day.
Jeez....I was certainly hoping things were getting better for your friend and now the other hip :sad:

Wondering how you are doing as you are nearing 4 years from your last surgery?

Your success has to lend hope to others who have had such a long hard haul with infection.

I'll be praying for Cookie and hope you are having a nice morning!
Ugh…a wave of sadness washes over in reading this. Your dear friend has endured so much. I’m sure the journey for, Cookie, and all who love her feels never ending with it’s twists and turns. I do hope you’re a frequent reminder that she can triumph over this complication and get back to living her life in full. Hopefully her natural hip holds out until the medical professionals feel it safe to proceed. I will remember her in prayer for comfort, peace and healing.

Happy Four Year Anniversary to you a few weeks early! Get out and enjoy the warm temps today before we tumble back into the 30’s again on Monday. Will it ever end?!!
After almost 4 years I am thankful (that the procedure for hip/joint replacement exists) and satisfied with the remodeling work the I have endured (not quite the correct word, but those who know understand ). 4 procedures (right side), 1 (left) : If need be, there would be no hesitation to return to a trusted Medical team for an additional.
It must be said the there are others not a fortunate as I or those who have successfully had THR.
I’ve come to realization the I’m aging a “little” and have found new ways to accomplish some tasks. As for limitations after THR there real aren’t any/ just challenges but most of them existed prior to THR or would have surfaced.
Items that mean the most:
Losing the conditions that led down this path and regaining the ability to live, move again.
A huge and hearty Congratulations to you! This is what it's all about. Choosing a good medical team and persevering.
I understand that aging observation but my goodness, how good the new joints feel, now.

Thank you for the update.. I'm so happy for you.
My friend Cookie has received a date for THR of her remaining and problematic natural hip. After many setbacks (understatement) with the first THR, next Wednesday is the day!
Always nice to hear from you! I hope you and your hips are doing well.
I know this has to be a bit worrisome for you as you‘ve shared the dynamic of your relationship with Cookie and her husband. I’m glad she’s had your triumph over Hip Infection as a success story to hold onto when she’s felt hopeless. I‘m taking it as a positive sign that Cookie’s surgeon sees her fit enough to have her other hip replaced. I will surely remember her in prayer and hope you’ll update us on her progress.
Have a great day and weekend!
How is your friend, Cookie, doing? Estimating she’s about four days post op now?
Hopefully she’s home, her pain is well managed and she’s resting comfortably
with -> :ice: and AC in this crazy heat we’re having.
Stay cool and have a good week!
Actually was at their house this morning (assisted cutting down a leaning tree).
Surgery done, healing w/o any signs of infection though she is experiencing much pain (back of pelvis area on the surgical side). Appointments (4) w/ care team on Wednesday to determine cause/treatment.
Since she’s been on so much pain meds w/ the other procedures, controlling this has been difficult. She was tapering off them prior to this surgery (with direct involving her care team) to help with management now. It seems that I recall pain in the area where the new cup was secured to pelvis ( even though there isn’t supposed to be “feeling” internally) for some time post surgery.
We’re hoping for the best.
Hi, thanks for letting us know how she’s doing. I’ve been wondering. Such a long difficult time for her.
Was she advised to ice? If not, will she if you suggest it? I don’t know what I would have done without ice.
I am happy to hear she went through with the surgery, but sorry she’s struggling with pain.

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