Hip Infection* Life After SCaprae

Had an EMG Saturday morning & preliminary results indicate that all is normal w/ nerves in both legs. PT has identified weakness in both and am following the excercises they have given me. Balance appears to be the biggest issue and it is tied directly to leg strength.
At worst the EMG is comparable to touching an "electric fence" (repeatedly) like we had growing up as a farm boy. All in all it wasn't too bad. The person who administered it starts w/ a low signal & progresses covering front, back, both sides of each leg w/a touch probe , then does the thigh muscles with an accupuncture needle
The test doesn't sound too pleasant, but the news sounds good.
It's good you're working on balance, no tipping over allowed. :)
At worst the EMG is comparable to touching an "electric fence" (repeatedly) like we had growing up as a farm boy.
Done it...but not repeatedly.

Hope strength improves...stands to reason for all your down time it will take time to improve.
Continued good mojo coming your way, @SCaprae :ok:
So...how goes the battle?
Getting everything all in place for some Summer time fun?
Hopefully all is still well....or even better since you last posted.
Have a great weekend!
Things are going very nicely. Feeling better, getting stronger. Am having less difficulty getting to my feet from my knees. Balance is an ongoing thing to work on ( more problematic when tinnitus is "roaring"), all in all life is good. Thanks for checking.
Good to hear :thumb:
Have a nice week!
Has been a busy spring/summer: graduation, multi class reunion, conversion of 1/2 of campus to geothermal heating/cooling , Fire Alarm & Sprinkler annual inspections along w/ project and other duties as assigned. At home projects ranging from boat motor repairs, lawn & flower beds ,boat rides w/ Ruby (grey kitty won't get on the pontoon, but watcher from shore) & having quality w/ the granddaughter. Very grateful that PT took care of most complaints related to this "hip stuff"and am almost as good as I was. Life is good!
Hi there :hi:
Well what a nice update. Thanks for sharing! It's good to hear from you. It sounds like you're staying busy on all fronts and squeezing in some fun time too. Glad you're back enjoying life without the hassle of hip issues.
Now for gray kitty....party pooper, scaredy cat :kittymilk: what you going to do about that? Lol.
Enjoy the Summer!
So how's @SCaprae doing these days?
Are you loving the touch of Fall in the air? I sure am.
How about an update...
Happy Saturday!
Doing very well, the. The change of seasons is one of the best parts of being in Minnesota. Was N of Silver bay last weekend down by preparations for this years bear hunt. Headed back up Wednesday, will be there for more than a week (very beginning of fall color starting to show.
One of our hunting party(lifelong friends wife/who also hunts)is looking a needing both hips replace in the near future. I introduced her to bonesmart & sang the praises of it and also Layla, Mojo in an effort to alleviate her anxiety pre-procedure. I encouraged her to read about all of us and to not be afraid to ask questions about possibly having both done at the same time (held Mojo up as an example- hope I didn’t overstep any boundaries). Also mentioned the support and comfort recurved for members such as Layla. When she is ready I’ll put the word out as to her handle as an introduction.
Working in the garage today/exhaust system repairs on my good neighbors wife’s work car and enjoying being able to do so. Thank to you all.
Hello :wave:
Oh that's right, I forgot about your bear hunting. Aww, the colors up North are so beautiful this time of year. Especially at the end of September. Love it!

Thank you so much for your very kind words. It's been a pleasure engaging with you and following your very involved journey. It's wonderful to hear you're doing well and living life again, doing the things you love.
Thank you also for turning your friends wife onto BoneSmart and singing it's praises. It is so helpful to have the listening ear of those who understand through experiencing some of the same themselves. You most certainly didn't overstep boundaries in recommending your hunting partner read Mojo's thread. There are many great bi-lateral success stories here to read once your friends decision is made on which option suits her best. "One and Done" seems to be the way for those brave enough. I'm always in awe of the bi-laterals. Also those who go back for a second THR within a week, a month or even a couple months. You'd have to knock me out and drag me in that soon.

Definitely let us know if we can reach out to her on the forum once she signs on as a member. We'd be happy to do so. Until then, encourage her to lurk away, she'll still learn a lot without the personal connection until she's ready to engage more fully.

Enjoy this beautiful weather we're in the midst of and have a lovely rest of the day. Thanks for updating, always good to hear from you!
:ok: Getting our lives back, and getting back to doing things we love without chronic pain is certainly amazing.
Thanks for the kudos...glad we could be a part of your journey.
You had a tougher row to hoe than I, but your patience and persistence have been inspirational and your recovery is one I can hold up to those facing/recovering from revision due to infection as a Happy Ending.
Stay well, :tada:My friend.
Thus one is still in the woods, but posed for the camera.


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Stopping by to say Hi :wave: and see how life is treating you at almost a year
and a half after your revision. Hopefully all is well, you've enjoyed Fall and are
battening down the hatches for Winter and some NASCAR in your man cave.
Next time you're on the forum please leave an update. We'd love to hear how you're doing.
Until then....take care.
Haven’t been able to log on for a while. Determined that I was misspelling my username. Still very busy w/ work , but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I am doing well, could complain about some recurring/lingering discomfort mid femur though it’s mostly self inflicted (trying to work like I used to, not easy to admit that we are aging). Ruby & Gray Kitty are keeping by me sane or is that distracted. Life is Good. Happy Thanksgiving to all
Ruby just turned 2 (on the left) with her buddy Yogi (Cousin’s dog) at their weekly play date.


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Very good to hear from you, friend!
I'm trying to decide if I believe you misspelled your user name:) :-) (:
I figgered you "outgrew us"

Glad mostly all is good...I certainly think considering all you have been through, you are inspiring and I'm guessing still thankful to be where you are...even with the hiccups.

Hope you have a relaxing, Happy Thanksgiving!
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