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Dec 26, 2017
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Scheduled to have resection of revised right hip on 2/8/18 due to staphylococcus caprae infection. Initial implant done in 2011, revised 2013 after staph caprae identified as the cause of pain being experienced. Only the stem left in place, PICC line, oral antibiotics. 2017- pain returned, hip aspirations grew same infection(staph caprae).

Having an articulated spacer (procedure #3 on right hip) in February 2018 with PICC line , antibiotics again. If successful, will have another replacement installed 3 months later. Cannot find much information about how this infection occurred or possible recourse. Not looking forward to the initial days post op.
Hi @SCaprae
Welcome to BoneSmart!
I'm sorry you have to experience surgery again.
While I can't offer any advice in regard to your situation my heart goes out to you.
There are several who've experienced infection and revision surgeries in the forum, if you haven't already noticed you'll find a yellow banner denoting "Hip Revision" next to the avatar of those who've experienced revisions and a red banner "Hip Infection" next to those who've experienced infection.
Please stop by and visit often for words of encouragement.
Warm wishes for comfort as you await your next surgery.
Welcome to BoneSmart, glad you joined us.
Sorry to hear you are going through a second revision for the same infection.

If you click on the red infection prefix in the hip recovery forum a list of members with infections will pop up. You will be able to read their stories and find members going through a similar experience.

I am going to tag our forum director and nurse @Josephine to address your question about infections.

Please post your exact surgery dates, a moderator will add them to your signature for you. Having the exact dates will allow us to better answer your questions. Thanks!

Here are some articles in the Library about infections.

Acne pathogen implicated in peri-prosthetic infections
Peri-prosthetic infection: study by the Mayo Clinic concerning prophylactic antibiotics (Scientific Articles)
Peri-prosthetic infection - also known as late onset infection
Periprosthetic infection: Mayo Clinic study shows that dental procedures are not a risk factor (Scientific Articles)
Periprosthetic infection (Scientific Articles)
Peri-prosthetic infection: study by the Mayo Clinic concerning prophylactic antibiotics (Scientific Articles)

Keep us posted on how you are doing.
History of hip procedures: Christmas 2011 initial right hip replacement, experienced pain & was "stonewalled" by initial surgeon for first year. Switched to Mayo, took another year for diagnosis & revision Christmas 2013. Left hip replaced Christmas 2015. Off work twice (6 weeks each) to give femur time to "thicken" at base of stem. 6 months ago pain building mid-femur, on crutches for the last 10 weeks. Resection scheduled for 2/8/18
Thanks, if you remember the exact dates we can add them later.
The existing implant is to be removed & the articulated spacer(antibiotic laced cement) will be placed.
Prayers for comfort and peace of mind as you await February 8th.
Sorry you have to experience this. Stay close and share if you feel up to it.
We'd love to encourage and support you throughout your journey.
Warm wishes for a peaceful weekend!
@SCaprae my sister (who isn't on BoneSmart) also had an unusual infection after a hip replacement, although she did not suffer a recurrence like you. Her infection was a Pseudomonas bug. She is a veterinarian, so I always wondered if it was something she picked up from an occupational exposure. She was also being treated for breast cancer around the time of the infection, so her immune system was likely a bit compromised. She jokes that her original surgeon dropped her implant on the floor and used the 5 second rule. She's doing great now after going through the drill you've got upcoming. I hope your team will be successful in knocking out the staph this time and you can get on with your life.
Thank you for this information. Am thinking that the appointed day cannot arrive soon enough. Resigned to putting this into the past.
Hi,good luck with your next surgery, these infections are so difficult to deal with. I am half way through for the second time in 4 years,I was in hospital from August for 7 weeks with iv and trying to save my hip, but had to be removed as I became really ill and spacer in, its all been very good and ive managed well, until 3 days ago, I have had so much pain and thigh swelling and I have lost at least 2 inches-- so the spacer has bent. I am due to have replacement in Feb but it may have to be bought forward, my crp is good at 4 when it was over 400 in august. I have been told my infections came from my teeth after having crowns but also having taken a 3mg amoxy, I don't think you can be to careful, though I wish I could prevent it happening again, my surgeon wont let me near a dentist for 5 years now! But I had a wonderful time in the 4 years between infections and was very fit and wells disappointing to have this happen. Good Luckxx
OH NO! I feel your pain. I had a revision 15 days after the first TRH replacement. Ill say a prayer for you!!!
Hi there @SCaprae
I hope you're still hanging in there. A couple more weeks
and it will be the beginning of the end.
Thinking of you and sending up prayer for your comfort as you
wait out these final days.
2weeks until forward progress is to begin. Waiting with determination and some apprehension. Thanks for your encouragement and prayers.
Hi @SCaprae
We're here, don't forget, you're not alone...
Prayer will continue.
Wishing you comfort and a peaceful weekend!
Hang in there @SCaprae. determination and apprehension both make sense to me, it’s where I am.
@SCaprae - you said it's 2 weeks until forward progress. The way I see it, every day is forward progress because it brings you 1 day closer to getting the spacer out and a new hip in. I can't imagine what it's been like for you but this times serves a purpose that will make a difference in the future.
Surgery was yesterday & actually went well. Not really enjoying the process, but moving forward. Thanks for the encouragement.
Good to hear things went well! Rest, ice, elevate and medicate! Hopefully things will go smoothly for you - you've been through so much already!

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