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Library Index

Discussion in 'Library Index' started by Josephine, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. Josephine

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    Special links
    Stories of amazing knee recoveries
    Celebrity knees!

    Stories of amazing hip recoveries
    Dancing after THR: 4 months pics THR
    Hips that have lasted 32, 40, 41 and 45 years
    67½ year old - the THRs, not the patient!


    abbreviations and acronyms
    Activity progression for THRs
    Activity progression for TKRs
    Acupressure massage
    Adductor/groin pain exercises
    Adductors - strains and stretches
    Aggressive Rehab Safe After Knee Replacement (Scientific Articles)
    Affordable Care Act - USA
    Airport security screening discussion
    Anaesthetic information: 7 things doctors don't tell you about anaesthetics (but should)
    Anaesthetics - spinals, femoral blocks, GAs and everything else
    Antibiotic infusion for knees revised for multiple infection
    Apex Hole Eliminator explanation
    Apps For Bonesmarties
    App for Knee Replacement - My Knee Guide
    Arthrofibrosis: Names of US surgeons with experience in arthrofibrosis
    Aspirin as effective as warfarin for prevention of blood clots after TJR
    Assistance from friends and family: how to let go and accept it
    Astym therapy


    Baker's cysts and other knee bursae
    Bilateral TKR: having two knees done? Don't compare surgeries!!
    BIRMINGHAM HIP (BHR) Resurfacing System
    Birmingham Hip Resurfacing the prevalence of failure
    Blood clots risk and anticoagulant
    Blood loss during surgery - how is it measured or controlled?
    Blood pressure readings and digital blood pressure machines
    Blood transfusing: reusing blood from surgery
    Blood thinner (enoxaparin, Lovenox, Coumadin) injections
    BMI Calculator - What To Do Told You're Too Heavy for Joint Replacement Surgery
    Bone grafts and hip replacements
    Bone Smart Forum - the history
    BoneSmart philosophy for sensible post op therapy
    Bone scan - how is it done?
    Brace: tips for using a brace successfully
    Bruising after surgery
    BUPA 'forcing patients to use cheaper doctors' (UK)


    Canes: make sure your cane/walking stick is the correct height
    Ceramic hip on polyethyline wear is less
    Ceramic-on-metal hip replacements: lower metal levels wear seen with ceramic-on-metal THR
    Cemented and uncemented hips
    Cemented polished stems preserve femur in young patients receiving THA
    Cemented sockets with roof graft have high 10-year survivorship for patients with acetabular dysplasia
    Cement spacers - use of preformed spacers
    Challenging TKR Recovery Stories
    Chart representation of THR recovery
    Choosing a surgeon and a prosthesis
    Clicking/clunking knee joint after surgery
    Closing surgical wounds: how is it done?
    Comparing conventional PT rehabilitation with NES after TKA
    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS or RSD)
    CONSENT: what it means and how it can be used
    Constipation and stool softeners
    Conversations with BoneSmart staff: please keep questions on the public forum
    Core Decompression of the hip
    Cortisone shots: are they safe and is there a limit to how many?
    CRP and ESR blood tests
    Crutches - warning on use of armpit crutches
    Cup positioning: optimal cup positioning in less than 50% of cases


    Dental antibiotics: Evidence insufficient to recommend prophylactic antibiotics for dental procedures
    DePuy’s Attune knee seeing “unusually high” rate of early failure
    DePuy hip and other concerns about recalls
    Dermatome map for spinal pain
    Diabetes and TKR - are there extra risks?
    Dislocation: incidence of dislocation after THR
    Dislocation risk and 90 degree rule
    Dislocations: what are the risks?
    Donating your femoral head to the bone bank
    Drug Interactions - Tramadol and Cymbalta
    Dry Needling Technique


    Ehlers-Danlos / hypermobility syndrome
    Elevation: the do's and dont's
    Energy drain for THRs
    Energy drain for TKRs
    Exercises for pre-surgery patients
    Exercising at Home After a THR: it is as Good as Formal Physical Therapy?
    Extension: how to estimate it and ways to improve it


    Fast Track Recovery
    FAQs - Questions/Answers about Knee Replacements
    Femoro-Acetabular Impingement (FAI)
    FIA - a review of diagnosis and management
    FIA: Femoro-acetabular Impingement. Does Physiotherapy Improve Symptoms
    Fitbit steps to miles
    Five “P’s” of hip recovery
    Five “P’s” of knee recovery
    Flexion: how to photograph your leg so it can be measured
    Flying soon after surgery
    Foot drop after lower limb surgery
    Foot Drop After Knee Replacement
    Fractured neck of femur
    Fracture of a Polyethylene Tibial Post in a Scorpio Posterior-Stabilized Knee Prosthesis


    Gabapentin: what is it for and how does it work?
    Getting stronger by just thinking about exercise!
    Grab bars: how good are suction cup grab bars?
    Groin pain/good hip


    Hamstring stretches
    Hardware differences and statistics (hips)
    Having a new hip can boost your brain power
    Healing: how long does it take?
    Heel slides and how to do them properly
    Heterotopic ossification
    Heterotopic ossification prophylaxis – an updated review
    High-flex knee prostheses: does the New Generation improve post-operative range of movement (ROM)?
    High impact sports reduce durability of hip implants 2012
    High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO)
    Hip arthroplasty follow-up at 62 years!
    Hip articulations (videos) - how the hip joint works
    Hip Fracture recovery articles
    Hip replacements for under-60s soaring UK
    Home alone: Patients Living Alone Can Safely Recover at Home after TJA
    Home physio (PT) and activity progress: suggestions
    How does bone grow - stress sheilding
    How long pain medications take to work and to wear off
    How To Use This Forum


    Ice to control pain and swelling
    Idiopathic chondrolysis of the hip
    Iliopsoas syndrome
    ITB (ilio-tibial band) issues and treatments
    Infection: MSSA and MRSA pre-operative showering protocols for THR/TKR found effective
    Insurance available in USA for those with pre-existing conditions


    JAS splint -Joint Activity System


    Knee arthroplasty: techniques and results Nov 2010
    Knee infection - The Evolving Challenge
    Knee infection: what happens when a knee becomes infected?
    Kneeling and the 90 degree rule (THR)
    Knee replacement surgery types and suggested videos
    Knee Replacements Last for Decades
    Knee recoveries UK style Parts I & II (Josephine)
    Knee recovery - Lose the Work Ethic!!


    Lateral release in a knee
    Latex allergy protocols in the operating theatre (UK)
    Leg cover for taking a shower
    Leg length differential - LLD
    Life in the slow lane
    Linking your website to BoneSmart
    Living alone - will I be able to manage after a TKR?
    Locating a surgeon in the USA
    Longevity of implants and revisions: how long will my new joint last
    Lunges for TKR


    MAKOplasty surgery for knees
    Medicare and Pt: important information
    Medications: acetaminophen (Tylenol, paracetamol) and NSAIDs, differences and dangers
    Meralgia Paresthetica
    Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacements: Solving The Uncertainties Dec 2011
    Metal on Metal ion levels: safe upper limits for MoM hip resurfacings set by scientists
    Metal-on-Metal issues and DePuy recall: regulation of joint prostheses in Australia
    Metal on Metal warning (old but ongoing news) (thread in hip pre-op forum)
    Metallosis: what is it?
    Mission statement for BoneSmart forum
    Mixing drugs - why it shouldn't be done
    MRI scans and joint replacements
    MUA (Manipulation under Anaesthetic) and Adhesions
    MUA for Stiffness Following TKR
    MUA: the ineffectiveness of early MUA (JBJS)
    Multiple tags or alerts being used in posts
    Muscle guarding, Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and Trigger points
    Muscles of the leg
    Myth busting: no pain, no gain
    Myth busting: on getting addicted to pain meds
    Myth busting: the "window of opportunity" in TKR
    Myth busting: the "window of opportunity" JBJS


    National Joint Registry (NJR) UK
    Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (PICO)
    New forum users: a word of caution
    Neuropathy or nerve pain - what happens?
    NHS choice: Patient's Charter and your right to choose
    Night pain solutions using moist heat and clingfilm
    No exercising: what does that really mean?
    NSAIDs Diclofenac. ibuprofen increase risk of heart problems: new study
    Numb area after TKR: how long will it last?
    Nurturing mother: how to let go and accept help
    Nutrition discussion: post op


    Obese Achieve Great Outcomes from Joint Replacement Surgery
    Off topic, 'fluff' or nonsense posts
    Operation information: how do I know I will be safe during the operation?
    Opinions - why do doctors so rarely agree?
    Opioids: chronic opioid use prior to total knee arthroplasty
    Oxford Knee Scores: Long-term trends in the Oxford knee score following total knee replacement


    Pain - acute and chronic issues
    Pain After Knee Replacement JBJS
    Pain and swelling control: elevation is the key
    Painkillers Likey to be Limited by FDA (NYT: 25th Jan 13)
    Pain management and the pain chart
    Pain management during TKR surgery
    Pain management: importance of managing pain after a TKR and the pain chart
    Pain management: New methods may help decrease side effects compared with traditional methods
    Pain management: the multimodal approach
    Pain management: topical pain relief
    Pain medications: alternatives for those with liver issue
    Pain: Movie sign in TKR
    Pain storm
    Patella Baja or dropped patella
    Patellar resurfacing - necessary or not?
    Patellectomy or why can't a patella be replaced?
    Patello-femoral pain syndrome (PFPS), fat pad impingement (Hoffa's Syndrome)
    Patient satisfaction in TKR
    Penicillin allergic patients - alternative antibiotics
    Pes Anserine and MPFL pain
    Phased return to work
    PICC Line
    PICO Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
    Pie crust (dry needling) release of IT band in knee
    Pinched nerve following hip replacement
    Piriformis syndrome - a pain in the butt!
    Polyethylene safety factors - an explanation
    Polyethylene tibial components for younger, active patients
    Popliteus tendinitis
    Post op blues is a reality - be prepared for it
    Post-operative exercise – the BoneSmart view
    Psoas pain
    Psoas Tendinopathy and surgery
    Predicting dissatisfaction following total knee replacement
    Pre-formed cement+antibiotic implants for revisions
    Pre-formed cement+antibiotic implants for THR revisions
    Pre-op interviews - what's involved?
    Prothrombin Times and INR values
    PT: the seriously grave consequences of doing too much of it
    Pulmonary embolism, past history and Greenfield filters
    PVNS: Pigmented villonodular synovitis

    Quads cut - why and when do they cut the quads tendon/muscle


    Recliner chairs: things you need to know if buying one for your recovery.
    Recovery Aids: A comprehensive list for hospital and home
    Recovering a knee - from one who knows!
    Recovery: dealing with your recovery time.
    Restless legs following knee replacement surgery
    Resurfacing for hips: March 2012 report on HR in women advises against
    Revision/infection knee surgeons: how do I find one?
    Revision of hip replacement
    Revisions: what makes them necessary?
    Riding after hip replacement
    ROM: it's worth the wait for ROM
    ROM: it's never too late to get more ROM!
    ROM (range of motion) information
    Running: impact of running styles on knee joints, arthritis and running


    Safety: walking in snow and ice after surgery
    Saying no to therapy - am I allowed to?
    Scar abnormalities: keloid and hypertrophic scars
    Scar tissue and adhesions - what's the difference?
    Sciatic nerve pain
    Score chart: how bad is my arthritic hip/knee
    Scoring site to find your best surgeon - US
    Sex talking about sex after hip surgery
    Side lifts after THR: why can't I do them?
    Similar long-term outcomes seen after THA with cemented and cementless stems
    Simple stretch routine to loosen up in the am
    Sites for exercises
    Shin splints, shin pain, compartment syndrome
    Sleep deprivation is pretty much inevitable - but what causes it?
    Smokers at increased risk infection after TJR
    Smoking and joint replacements
    So, you wonder what you can do after a TKR or a BTKR?
    Sports after TJR: knee replacements not harmed by most sports
    Sqeaking ceramic hip joint: NY Times article
    Stairs: how to cope with stairs after surgery
    Statistics with surprises about knee and hip replacement surgery
    Stem cell therapy 'first' in trial on arthritic knees - UK
    Surgical stockings do not cut risk of blood clots, research suggests.
    Supination of the foot - exercises
    Swelling: controlling swelling with compression
    Swelling in the leg; or is it a clot?
    Swelling/pain comparisons
    Swollen and stiff knee: what causes it?
    Superficial nerve pain test (Tinel's test)
    Synovial Chondromatosis of the knee


    TEDs Negative Research: Lancet 27th May 2009
    Teenage hip replacements
    Tennis and TKRs: why can't I play singles tennis with a TKR?
    Tendinitis - an explanation
    TENS machines for pain management
    Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) with planned TKR to follow
    "Tight band" feeling across the front of my knee
    Tips for teachers when you go back to work
    The Great Debate 2011 - Hip and Knee Controversies
    The Great Debate 2012 Hip and Knee Controversies
    Thomas Test for stiff painful hips
    Tourniquet pain in upper thigh
    Trochanteric bursitis with THR

    TKR or THR: which is more difficult surgery for recovery?

    THR approaches or incisions
    THR: Are Postop Precautions Necessary for THA Patients?
    THR: Getting into and out of bed, bath and car
    THR: laying on my side - when can this be done?
    THR: Nerve damage after hip surgery
    THR recovery article compilation

    TKRs and our fast food society

    TKR: Ceasing aggressive physical therapy after surgery
    TKR: Challenging Recovery Stories
    TKR: Efficiency of immediate postoperative inpatient physical therapy following TKR
    TKR: Evaluation and Management of the Stiff TKA and MUA
    TKR: Evidence shows that less really is more when it comes to exercising!
    TKR: Fibrosis outcomes following total knee arthroplasty Scientific Articles
    TKR in Morbidly Obese - Study Overturns Common Assumptions
    TKR: In-Patient Rehab Not Always Needed After TKR
    TKR pain post-op: may be explained by allergies
    TKR: Pushing to gain ROM - don't do it - have patience!
    TKR recovery and an analogy to athletic training
    TKR recovery article compilation
    TKR Recovery: what to do and what not to do
    TKR recovery: how long does it really take?
    TKR: symptoms of a loose implant
    TKR surgery - WARNING: real life photos
    TKR: work “smarter” and not “harder”


    UK surgeon/hospital profiles search site
    Use of multiple tags or alerts in posts
    Using crutches


    Vitamin C may treat and prevent sepsis


    Weaning off pain medication
    Weight of hip and knee prostheses
    What is wrong with the cemented total hip?
    Where are you in recovery?? (TKR)
    Where are you in THR recovery??
    Weight gain after surgery
    Weight Issues and Joint Replacement Surgery
    Wound healing: stages of



    Yoga and the hip - potential for problem
    Yoga exercises to stretch your back


    Zimmer Gender recalls

    Articles in the How To Use This Forum section
    How to register on the BoneSmart forum
    Starting a new thread and posting

    A few tips on posting xrays

    Changing your password
    Changing your thread title
    Doing a search of the forum
    Editing a post
    Finding another member's threads and posts
    Forum etiquette: being polite when posting
    Forum rules and warning protocol
    HELP! I lost a really long post - can I get it back?
    How can I get (or stop) email alerts for new posts?

    How can I find my threads and posts?

    How to change the skin (appearance) of BoneSmart on your device
    How to change the appearance of your post text
    How to create a signature
    How to post an avatar
    How to tag another member; how to answer when someone tags you
    How to use Personal Messages (PMs)
    How to use the quote feature

    "Like", "Agree" and other cute things to put on people's posts

    Multiple tags or alerts in posts
    Navigating the forum; Finding New Posts
    screen shot using a snipping tool [W7, 8 or Vista]
    To get to the last message you looked at in a thread
    Threads are closed and stickied in here - feel free to start a new thread for a question
    Uploading a Picture in a Post
    Watching threads
    Where can I change my profile or preferences?

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