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Oct 26, 2010
I had a right hip replacement 9 years ago because I had dysplasia. When I walked on the leg the day after surgery it felt like I was walking on a stilt! I said to the doctor when he came by on rounds I think you made this leg too long and he told me that it had to be longer and it would shorten as I walked on it. Last year I went to my orthotics guy because I was in a lot of back pain and I was sure I needed him to make some adjustments. He had me go for a standing hip x-ray which showed that the replaced hip made my right leg 2 1/2 inches longer then the left. My low back is curved to the left and the left hip has arthritis. I was supposed to have a left total hip replacement in April and this was postponed because of the covid. I would like to know if the 2 1/2 inch difference in leg length is normal with rip replacement and did it cause the left hip to get arthritis?
Thank you! georgie
Welcome back to BoneSmart! :welome:

Sorry to hear you have leg length discrepancy (LLD), 2 1/2 inches seems like a lot of difference to me.
I am glad the orthotist sent you for an x ray to figure out your LLD.

The LLD may have contributed to your back pain and arthritis, the best person to ask is your surgeon.
Are you using the same surgeon for your second hip replacement?

Keep us posted on how you are doing.

You will notice I added your previous THR to your signature, if it is incorrect let us know and we will add the correct date. Thanks!
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Thank you Pumpkin for your reply. Yes I did have the right hip replaced on March 30, 2011. This site was wonderful and answered many of my questions before the first surgery. That surgeon saw me postop and not after that. It was only when I had a few problems that I tried to get to see him and was told by his receptionist that I was not in his files. I have seen another surgeon for this next surgery but I have to admit I am a little fearful. I don't want to be left in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.
Thanks for all you do!
@georgie I had LLD post LTHR. I wore a lift in one of my shoes for over 4 years. 2.5 inches sounds like a lot. Please ask your new surgeon to measure your LLD and discuss it with them. I had a different surgeon do my RTHR and my LLD was corrected during that surgery. Your surgeon may be able to do this as well.
Thank you Jaycey for this pertinent information. I now have many questions for my new surgeon before he does my surgery. Could I ask you how is walking for you since you have had both hips replaced? I have an Aunt and my oldest brother who have had both hips done and they walk with a cane for support. Is this how it is for everyone?
Georgie 8^)
Could I ask you how is walking for you since you have had both hips replaced?
I have not used a cane since about 3 weeks after my second THR. Sounds like your Aunt and Brother might have other issues.

It can take some time post op to regain strength and perfect your gait. But in most cases patients do not need any assistive devices long term.
I have had both hips replaced and also have not used a cane since week 4 post surgery. I do use hiking poles when walking out on my fields because of the uneven ground and often muddy but not ever otherwise. I have also had both knees replaced and again no cane for those either after recovery.
Thank you Jaycey and Leejaa for you responses to my questions. I really appreciate that I am able to get my questions answered by people who have been there and are doing well on the other side of a second replacement. I have no replacement date yet but I have a phone appointment with my OS tomorrow. I will keep you updated!
Thanks for all you do!
I have THR scheduled for next month. I am concerned about LLD. I was thinking it might be a couple of millimeters to a centimeter. 2 1/2 inches would freak me out.
Nick please don't worry. I had a young Doctor and my problem was dysplasia ( no hip bones on the right side and little ones on the left). The Doctor put a large hip joint in so everything was off but after surgery I was in no pain! It was last year when the pain came back 8 years after the RHR. Talk to your Doctor. You should be able to ask him anything about your surgery. I just had a phone appointment with my surgeon for the LHR and he answered all my questions and assured me he would measure and try his best to get me straightened up. I am just waiting for a date. The covid has pushed my surgery back a month now. Be like a kid again Nick and ask all the questions. It will calm you down so you can look forward to surgery and a life with no hip/back pain. Take care and stay safe Nick.
@georgie , I'm another who's had both hips done. Before the first, I'd had right S-I joint pain and pretty awful piriformis pain. The surgery did nothing for either. Four long years later, I had the other hip replaced, and felt like my pelvis was better aligned afterwards. The piriformis pain became mostly a thing of the past, but the S-I joint still bothers me-- I don't even want to get an xray for fear of what I'll see and hear!
I never really used a cane at all. First hip I think I ditched the walker after a week and a half, and the cane unbalanced me. I carried it in the house to ward off a large early-20's kid who had a habit of barreling down the hall and around the corner, in stores for whacking children :snork: and on my nightly walks because I did get a little tired by the last quarter mile. Second hip I had way more confidence, and the recovery was sturdier and steadier. I ditched the walker on my arrival home the next afternoon, and carried the cane only for protection. Also in the airport at 9 weeks, so I'd signal as someone to avoid running into. Did lots of walking on that trip, and carried the folded cane in my backpack just in case but never needed it.
I think you will do just fine. I think I've read that hip replacement has the highest success rate of any surgery? Somebody fact check me on that!
Hi @georgie Add me to the list of double hippies.. the second hip replacement helped me feel more balanced. I especially feel it in my lower back, which has always been problematic.
Don't hesitate to get your questions thoroughly answered.. no matter how small the questions are. it sounds like you've done a good job with asking them already but wanted to give you encouragement to continue.

P.S. I walk very well with my lovely new hips.. no cane is needed. I also had bi-lateral dysplasia..

Good luck with getting a surgery date soon!

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