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Sep 25, 2012
Pain meds (2 Norco) at 11pm. Awoke at 2am for restroom break. Awoke at 5am for restroom break and felt electric shocks in thigh down to knee getting out of bed. Managed to get out of bed and pain gone. Used walker to head to bathroom and upon walking to return to bed leg felt as if it were on fire from top,of leg to my knee. It was a burning sensation. It felt like hot irons were under my skin. Brought me to tears. Took 2 Norco and it finally calmed down. This feeling has happened the last couple of days, but never to the point of bringing me to tears. I have felt these electric shocks from time to time, but this was off the pain chart pain to me. Maybe I am just being a whouse (sp?).

Has this happened to others? Does this sound "normal"? Will this get better or should I be alarmed? I wasn't quite prepared for this kind of "pain". Feeling pretty bummed by this.

I have spent a lot of time reading posts on this forum and I have learned so much. I am thankful for Bonesmart!

So sorry you are having this pain. Are you taking your pain meds regularly - around the clock? It's important to stay ahead of the pain at this stage. Don't wait until there is pain.

Also - are you icing and elevating that knee? It will hellp keep the swelling under control. That's what is causing this pain.
I'm guessing this is nerve pain. Usually pain that involves the word "hot," "shock," "pins and needles" and the like suggest a nerve involvement. So there are several ways nerves get irritated in this process. One is in our back. Generally the spinal anesthesia doesn't cause a problem. Another thing that happens is sometimes we have pre-existing back problems (who doesn't) that get stirred up, and a pinched nerve at the spine can causes these kinds of symptoms. And there are other causes as well. Unfortunately narcotics don't do a great. job of taking care of nerve pain. The best person to answer your question would be Josephine
Jaycey - my pain level has been very low from post-surgery day one until now. I have felt so blessed. Pain meds were taken every 6 hr because pain level was low. I have been icing and elevating. I get up to go to the bathroom, eat my meals, do some exercises and some short walks around the house. All other time I spend with the leg up/elevated and iced.

Thank you for your response. I will certainly start taking pain meds on a 4 hr time increment.
Mary, my leg has been numb along the IT band since surgery and I have experienced some pain along this area where it felt like the muscle was being squeezed. It does seem to be nerve endings gone wild. Maybe from all the sitting/laying from resting/elevating has brought this on?? The pain med calms it down. I am going to stay on top of taking my meds on time/ahead of the pain.

Would love to hear from Josephine. Appreciate any comments or suggestions. Feeling bummed out by this. I know it is so minor when I read so many posts of folks having so much more to deal with.

This sounds like it could be a form of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I think you should get it looked at and maybe with a doctor in a pain clinic, if only because they are more likely to know about this unusual disorder. Another term for it is RSD reflex sympathetic dystrophy. You might like to look up wanttoride's threads about it, always bearing in mind that hers is an extreme version of the condition. Like all things, these come in various intensities
RSD, nerve blocks? ROM is terrible!
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