THR Left Hip replacement on wed June 17

The ski boots are part of the surgery table, and allow the surgeon to move your legs around by moving the boots.
You may be interested to Google the phrase “Hana table” to get a visual on it.

As for pain, you’re gonna feel like a truck ran over you for a couple-few days, but then things begin to improve.
@TomT I can't remember, are you having anterior? Anterior involves a special operating table (the Hana table) that allows the OS better access to your hip, and the boots are so your feet stay put I guess. This may be the only approach the patient lies face-up for.

My own pain while walking the first time was not in my hip lol. My back didn't like the surgery nor the hospital bed. If pain is managed properly, on first walking we find ourselves flabbergasted that the deep awful arthritis pain is gone. Gone for good!
Hi Tom,
If your Ortho Surgeon is going to perform a hip replacement he may use a Hana table
It secures your limbs and your feet are scared in boots.
Once you see a picture of one you will understand.
The first time I walked was about 30-45 minutes after surgery. It was with a walker and a Physical Therapist was holding a strap. I had no pain in my hip. I had no problem walking. And I was just barely touching the walker.
Fast forward several days after the numb wears off and I was leaning on the walker quite a bit more. My leg muscles are still sore and swollen.
Miralax was the only thing that did it for me!! I had my surgery in a different state, and post -op we stayed 4 days in a hotel near the hospital, and relied on taxis and a hotel shuttle. After a couple of awful no BM days, I asked my husband to get to the pharmacy as fast as he could, to get Miralax. Relief was by the next day. By the way, I learned to sleep on my back by putting a pillow under my lower thighs, only in this position could I fall asleep. I also had a pillow between my legs to prevent any leg crossing! My hip was too painful to side sleep for a long long time, so this pillow was crucial for me to get much needed sleep!

It will get better! Take care @Nickelpede

Happy One Month Anniversary!
Wondering how you’re doing since we last heard from you? If you have time please leave an update. We’d love to read about your progress.
All the best to you!
@Nickelpede Just read this thread and feel bad about the constipation. My surgery is in Sept and I, too, hope I avoid the catheter! What kind of hip did you get? Traditional or dual? Keep the info coming and fingers crossed your bowels start kicking in!
I have had a follow up meeting with my Surgeon. (48 days since surgery)
He had me stand in a couple of positions and perform a couple of actions.
Then he proclaimed me 30% healed.
I asked about the flaming zingers that I get shooting down my leg.
He said they should go away after a while, along with the hematoma in my thigh.
Wonderful update. You are moving right along on the recovery journey. I am sure you feel re-assured hearing from the surgeon as to your progress and zingers. I hope your night is peaceful.
Hi @Nickelpede
Yep, six weeks about 30 percent healed, sounds about right.:ok:
I asked about the flaming zingers that I get shooting down my leg
Yes, those could really catch me off guard but thankfully they were fleeting and didn't seem to have any residual pain.
Just really "shocking" at the moment.
They lessened with time and eventually went completely away.
Now is not the time to doing anything to excess.
You are doing well, so keep this recovery dance slow and steady and things will keep getting better and better.
Hope today is a good day!:SUNsmile:
Hey there @Nickelpede
Good follow up visit! Hope you had all of your questions answered.
At not quite two months post op you have a lot of healing to go and much progress to look forward to. Hope you feel stronger and steadier week by week.
Happy rest of the Summer to you. :)

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