TKR Lark's Recovery Thread.

I'm inspired by the golf outing! Well done. I don't sleep through the night; up three or four times to get ice, due to some positional discomfort (from back to side, to back, to side, etc.). I ice more at night than during the day!
My sleep habit used to be turned back corner of the covers, slide in, cover up immediately fall to sleep. In the morning pull back a corner, slide out replace the corner of the cover and the bed was made.
Now since the surgery, it looks as though I’ve been doing extreme aerobics with the covers all night. Takes hours to settle down and then continuous thrashing/turning through the night. I’m surprised but my husband hasn’t moved to the other bedroom but he says he barely notices. I think he’s just being nice and supportive.
I laughed with you as I finally took the top sheet off my bed and just use the quilt with the bottom sheet. I tossed and turned so much that I was getting tangled in the top sheet. I am single so sleep alone but it is still frustrating.
Ah, elusive, restful sleep! It will come, I promise. But not for a while for many of us. I am just now starting to sleep through the night. Hang in there!
Hi lark
Haven't slept since April 29th it seems. Up all night. I nod off for 15 to 20 minutes here and there. I do not look forward to night time. Hang in there.
Week 16 update:
Finally getting sleep. I’m taking a Tylenol or two at night along with a prescription muscle relaxant. Also broke down and renewed my Celebrex prescription. It makes me not feel so good, but the alternative was not working. That has really helped the last few of weeks.
No longer need Tylenol during the day.
Bought a new mattress which eliminated my hip pain.
Golfing weekly, getting my full body movement back.
Doing water aerobics twice a week not holding back and doing all the moves enthusiastically. No pain or swelling afterwards.
Able to walk 5 miles a day without major consequences.
Movement keeps the stiffness at bay. My knee gets stiff regularly, but with some movement whether it is walking or just doing sitting kicks loosens it up.
I do my physical therapy exercises on the days I do not do a lot of other physical activities such as golf or 5 mile walks.
This week was the first time I did a 26 minute High intensity interval training stationary bike routine(sprint). I was very happy as my knee was only slightly stiff that evening
I give my knee one or two days off per week now to rest.
Starting September, just a few days from now, I will start my ski preparedness exercises. I have lost so much muscle tone, but I’m going to make a concerted effort to get it back.
Wall sits, walking lunges and planks, here I come.

Looking back over the last four months, I’m glad I’m past it. The amount of consistent pain and lack of sleep really wore me down.

What I would’ve done differently:
not been so aggressive with the physical therapy exercises the first six weeks and give my leg time to heal - rest rest rest
gotten anti nausea medication sooner and stayed on the heavy drugs for at least the first 10 days to 2 weeks
more massages
@Lark Great update! Glad you are getting back to living again.

BTW - I really like your "what I would have done differently" list!
@Lark Your post gives me much hope as I am just nearing my 4th week with my new knee. Good luck with your lunges etc. I hope you do well with upping your workouts.

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