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My gait seemed changed immediately (leg seemed much longer) after my left TKR then it seemed to even out at the four month point. My body had to settle into it all and make peace with the implant in my case.
Forgot to ask surgeon when and how to kneel after surgery.

Any info appreciated
Kneeling varies for everyone, and also, surgeons opinions about it also vary. Some people can kneel after TKR, some can’t, some can but don’t like the feeling, so they tend to avoid it.

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How and when can you kneel after TKR.
Best to check in with your surgeon on this. As @Jockette says surgeons vary.
I have been told my implant is fine to kneel on ( Oxford fixed lateral).
I read some papers on this subject. Kneeling is the worst rated outcome of knee replacement- although it can be improved by simple physio advice/ training.
I first tried kneeling on my bed when my numb patch was very numb and it felt seriously weird- like kneeling on nothing!
I can now kneel for up to 15 minutes in 4 point kneeling position ( on hands and knees) using about 3/4 inch foam yoga cushion blocks under my knees. I need to do this to do back pilates for my lumbar arthritis/ spinal stenosis.
I can even briefly kneel just on my operated knee with support from one hand in some exercises.
It's not painful exactly but at times there is an unpleasant sensation. It seems to be if I put weight on the area of altered skin sensation- which is lateral of the incision.
My numb patch has diminished and changed. I definitely now have some sensation in it at 9 months- but it feels different and doesn't like too much pressure. Most of the time I really don't notice it but it doesn't like certain things.
My toddler grandson accidentally hit it with a plastic toy a few weeks ago and it was very sensitive. I do wonder if it is that area of altered sensation that makes kneeling very uncomfortable and unpleasant for people post TKR/ PKR.
You can mostly overcome it with practice if you need/ want to kneel.
How and when can you kneel after TKR.
It took me a while to build up to a comfort level, but I was finally able to kneel on my operated knee starting about six months after surgery.

I built up my tolerance gradually over time: first, by kneeling on a very thick pillow, then a thinner one, then a folded blanket and finally, my yoga mat doubled over. It took several months of consistent practice to get to the point of being able to kneel. Even after all this time (almost 2 years post-op), my surgical knee sill feels "different" from my other one, although it doesn't hurt.

I should add that my surgeon gave me permission to kneel, but also told me that many people never get to the point where they find it comfortable.
I chose not to kneel. It's a personal choice that should be made after talking to your doctor about it.
At four months post op on my left, I was comfortable briefly kneeling but only with my butt well off the ground so the thigh/lower leg angle wasn't much more than 90 degrees, the lower leg took a lot of the weight, and the joint was minimally compressed.
Appreciate all the comments about kneeling after TKR. They gave me the courage af 5 months to try. first on foam bed mattress and then on 2 inch foam on floor. It did indeed feel funny but not painful. I am now able to do some yoga Pilates moves that feel wonderful. Especially the cat cow move for lower back. I would not have found the will to try without all the support from this forum. Thank you.
It did indeed feel funny but not painful. I am now able to do some yoga Pilates moves that feel wonderful. Especially the cat cow move for lower back
That was exactly my experience too. I think if you have a motivation to kneel ( like doing back exercises) - the discomfort can be overcome with practice.
There was a long research paper on this topic which showed that kneeling could improve with simple advice and practice.
It did indeed feel funny but not painful.
Exactly! Even now -- almost 2 years post-op -- it still feels a bit odd to kneel on the implant. But I've become accustomed to the sensation.
So glad to read that you were able to get there! :flwrysmile:
Wondering if anyone has fluid around knee post surgery. Doing hood with motion.
Toward end of day or 1mile walk fluid is around knee cap area?

Anyone provide information. I see surgeon next week.
Hard part of this is I don’t know what us normal at any stage.
I have the same issue - but I had that before surgery (swelling on the top of the knee cap area) I have found that I have been expecting too much and forcing hard bending on my knee. The more I do that the more I have swelling and issues. I called my doctor and they said that some days will be good and other days it will swell up like crazy and this will last for months. This is "normal" but if I have shooting pains, redness, red lines call right away to get in to the doctor. So I am being easier - still moving but not forcing.
Reporting in post 6.5 months TKR. Have excellent range of motion. Still getting some fluid on upper part of knee after exercise. Back to bicycling about 5 miles but elevating and icing afterward.
back to some hiking. No issues if fairly flat ground or moderate up and down. However with any any try’s at significant down hiking my whole leg will seize and be sore. This limitation is driving me crazy as hiking season is about over here in SD and I want more. I do use a hiking pole.
suggestions welcomed or just where you are at 6-7 months out.
@kneeme12 I am afraid that at only 6.5 months out this is very normal. You can't force a new knee to do anything it is not ready to do. As we continually advise, recovery takes 12 months or longer. Perhaps focus on gentle hikes this season with the goal to get back to more next season.
Hard, as these activities make me feel alive.
Indeed! And you will get back to all that you love. Just give that knee time to heal. Stick to the more level hikes for now. I don't know where you are located in the US. But having spent most of my life there I do know there are millions of beautiful hikes on less challenging terrain.
Thank you. I indeed live in a beautiful mountain area in the Midwest/West US with lots of opportunity for outside activities. My daughter reminds me I have the very best training grounds so just do it. Best to you
6 months post TKR.

Why am I still getting some fluid appearing around kneecap? No pain involved.

What is best way of dealing with this.
Hello kneeme,
Most people need a full year to recover from a TKR, and the swelling can last just as long, usually easing over time. For some, an increase in activity may cause increased swelling, as can lack of mobility. Be mindful if you’re noticing increased swelling after a particular activity and if so, modify accordingly. Other than that elevation will help, along with icing.

It is our lymph system that rids the body of fluid (swelling). So you want to get the fluid to the lymph nodes in your torso area so your body can more quickly process it. The lymph system works rather slowly on its own and much more efficiently with the assistance of gravity. The fluid isn’t draining into the hips, but contained with the lymph system and moving to the torso and lymph nodes located there. This is where elevation comes in.

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