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[THR] Knee pain post hip replacement

Discussion in 'Hip Replacement Recovery Area' started by Ryesgma, May 12, 2019.

  1. Layla

    Layla FORUM ADVISOR Forum Advisor

    Member Since:
    Jun 26, 2017
    United States United States
    A couple things...
    Are you icing? If not, begin icing for 40-60 mins, no less, several times daily. Target 4x daily and see if the pain behind your knee begins easing. As you've read, the knee can be manipulated rather aggressively during the dislocation process and you may suffer discomfort for many weeks.

    Are you using an assistive device? If not and you're limping, you need to be using one. Try heel-toe walking also -
    Try heel-toe walking when / if you're limping. Let your heel hit the ground first followed by toes.
    It takes a concentrated effort but I believe you'll notice a difference. Give it a try.

    If you're knee is still bothering you in six weeks, you may want to have it x-rayed. It is possible you have arthritis in your knee also and it's been aggravated through the THR process. I experienced the same and found out I had some mild arthritic changes at six months post op.

    You also mentioned you're walking a lot. Possibly you need to cut back a bit until you're pain eases.
    Check out the Activity Progression for THR below -
    OTC pain relievers may also be beneficial for awhile.

    Hopefully this helps. Please leave which hip was replaced below so the info can be applied to your signature along with your April 2nd surgery date.
    Thanks! :)
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  2. Ryesgma

    Ryesgma new member
    Thread Starter

    Member Since:
    Aug 10, 2018
    United States United States
    Thank you so much for the information , it was my right hip :flwrysmile:

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