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Knee pain after 2 years


Apr 15, 2013
United States United States
Hi friends I'm back :) I've had 2 knee replacements. The first one was 2 years ago. The 2 yr old knee was doing great up till the last 2 weeks. I started having sharp stabbing pain under the knee with certain movements. On Josephine's chart it looks like LF3 D. It is a little tender to touch. There is some swelling.i have not iced in quite a long time but will start again today. I am on no medication except Aspirin. I usually end up taking 2 aspirins a day.I really don't exercise except running after grandchildren and walking. It's worse when I first wake up. As the day progresses and with some aspirin it's much better. I'm getting worried (scared of infection) and wondered if any of you knew what it could be. My 1 yr old knee is fine. Thanks for any help!
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Hi Knees,
Welcome back, sorry to hear you are having problems.
I will tag @Josephine for you, so she can address your concerns.
Have you been back to your OS with your pain?
I started having sharp stabbing pain under the knee with certain movements. On Josephine's chart it looks like LF3 D.
At this spot?
Knee pain after 2 years

I'd suggest it is likely to be Pes Anserine and MPFL pain and must be from some activity you've been doing.
It could be walking, running, stairs - those sort of things.
I am on no medication except Aspirin.
Aspirin is not classified as a pain killer any more as it's too mild. It's also an NSAID (Medications: acetaminophen (Tylenol, paracetamol) and NSAIDs, differences and dangers) so be careful about using it. You'd be much better using Tylenol 1,000mg 3-4 times a day.

Alternatively, you could try Volterol gel and/or a TENS machine.
A chiropractor might also be helpful.
Thanks so much for your replies! I will ice my knee and start Tylenol. Hopefully it will heal up soon :)
I know that aspirin & ibuprofen both have anti-inflammatory properties but aren't they also considered analgesics? You seem to recommend Tylenol instead but what about liver damage?

Thank you for your help.

Contrary to the advertising, no they are not pain killers. They reduce pain by reducing swelling, that's all. And acetaminophen is perfectly safe if taken within the stated limits which is 4,000mg per 24hrs. It's when people start taking over this that they run the risk of liver damage. But that's the same for many other drugs. Safe up to xxx, hazardous over xxx.

One of the other hazards is that people can be careless when taking other mixed drugs such as Percocet, Vicodin, Norco, Ultracet and most cold remedies as they all have acetaminophen in them which should be added to the score to calculate the daily total.
Thanks, Josephine.
I doubt that I'm the only one who needed clarification. Here in the US, there is a relatively new commercial where a man on an airplane has a headache & is offered Bayer aspirin by the flight attendant. The comment from her is that it's not just for a fever.
Over the years I know we've all been getting mixed messages about the benefits and side effects of many OTC medications.

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