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@Celle said no weight machines for at least 6 mos and @Josephine said a year. That's a pretty big difference. Which is it? Inquiring minds want to know. :shrug:
Does it really matter? You've been doing them already and it sounds as if you intend to continue doing so.

You may choose not to take the advice offered, but we have to continue to give it, for the sake of other people.
@kmak81230, the evening out sounds like it was great fun. I'm impressed that you could dance for two hours! I'm not even sure I remember what 80s moves look like. Are those the John Travolta ones? Or the ones where you kind of pivot on your feet with a cool look on your face?
The 80's! That was Disco and it was fun! It was John T., line dancing and all that. The step with the cool look must have come later...unless you're thinking of the 70's where everyone did their own thing but with a beat :happydance: :spin: :egypdance:
Trying to look cool with just enough leg action to not be standing in one place for too long. Kind of hard to look too cool with all this grey hair :loll:john t was late 70s - :egypdance:lots of arm action to balance my not so enthusiastic leg action.
You'll get there @JJ65 - I'm about 10 weeks ahead of you - I definitely wouldn't have been able to combine those two things 10 weeks ago.
Kneerah to you for the dancing and hiking!! Glad you enjoyed yourself. Our goal is a return to normalcy, well, I know mine is, I shouldn't make it seem like I am speaking for others. So congrats for doing things that you enjoy. I know that I know my body better than anyone, and it is only a guess that you know yours better than anyone as well! It sounds to me, just a non-professional observation, that you are doing well listening to your body! :yes::wink:
kmak81230 ~ sounds like a fun night dancing and for a good cause too. i think it would be easier dancing for 2 hours than sitting in a car or at a play or movie for 2 hours, at least for me. i've been in the kitchen, up and down the stairs for 3 loads of laundry and ironing 2 white work shirts this afternoon and i'm fine. saturday went to the pack walk, was fine standing and walking but the 1-1/2 hr. drive each way was brutal on my knee. @phrog ~ is that your p.t.? he's a cutie ~ i would have gone to p.t. just for that lol!:blush:
Yes @liam2015 - long drives are not so much fun and neither are ironing and laundry, particularly going up & down the stairs. You gave your knee a workout. I hope the pack walk went well.
@liam2015 , I hate to draw attention back to that picture of the shuttle (aka leg press), but no, that was not my PT. It's an internet photo. My PT, though, was just as cute - unfortunately, he was also a student when I taught at the high school from which I retired - and is at least 40 years younger than me. I did love him, though - or rather, I loved the IT band massage he did for me. Not meaning to highjack your thread, @kmak81230. Hope you are still feeling well after your dancing and hiking.
lol kmak81230...yes, the golf channel was on all day sunday or was it saturday afternoon or both, can't remember now. i was feeling sick and dizzy after i guzzled a glass of red wine friday night after we had skipped lunch and were running around getting our passport pics taken, then went way out of our way to the address on the navigation system for the passport office (same address but different city). i didn't start feeling better until last night. it was only a very small glass of wine but i drank it fast (not like me at all). at least the rest of me is doing great and i feel back to normal today. @phrog ~ haha, well isn't that a coincidence that a former student of yours would be giving you a massage ~ and it doesn't hurt that he was cute.:flwrysmile:
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