THR Karen's left hip replacement recovery

Another milestone. First OS appt at day 18. More walking then I usually do to get to the apt. First time in a car since the ride home from the hospjtal. Felt good but a little more aching and restless leg so taking it easy today. Bandage is off scar looks good except a little raw right at top... cleared to drive when i feel up to it.. Have been off any pain meds stronger than Tylenol for at least 5 days.

So glad to be on healing side. Before covid when I was still working at the office I used to commiserate with another tech there that I needed a hip replacement. She said why? You are getting around fine. I would have a flair struggling to get to the building on a cane then the next week off the cane but always in pain. She also needed a hip replacement. Was on a walker always, and not even stand straight with it. Really leaned over it. She said she was waiting ... wasn't going to do it till she had to. Decided then I was not going to wait that long. If you cant stand Ina walker when do you think have to is? Well covid happened we all went home so I don't know if she ever had her necessary surgery or not but I think of her. After having quite a bit of dental work my dentist felt necessary to sign off on surgery and a breast cancer diagnosis, bracca gene testing that was positive and a double mastectomy all during a pandemic I am finally on thr healing side.

My bones aren't great, I had a hysterectomy 30 years ago. First diagnosis of breast cancer 17 years ago that stopped any estrogen scripts now after second breast cancer last year take drugs to suppress any estrogen my body might still be making. The os said that the bones were soft he c9uld tell when he scooped them out for his devices...but he felt that he got a solid attachment. Long story to say I am nervous for my bones to be able to attach. He did not use cement. So a nervous few months that can't be hurried....

Still on a walker. Started practicing on a cane today 4 or five steps each time i get up. but the cane is 8n my right hand (i am a lefty) and as Jamie found at first it feels really shaky.

Sorry for the choppy sentences. I am used to typing shortcut notes in people's files while doing internet and cable tech support! Trying to slow down and add appropriate verbs,ect!
Good morning @Kanne!
You have been through so much.

It sounds like the cancer meds are doing their job keeping the estrogen in check.

If the surgeon thinks he got a good attachment then that is a plus. Time will tell with the xrays.

Science is advancing very quickly now so we don't know when a huge breakthrough will come in oncology or orthopedics. But they will come.

Hoping for new bone around the implant!
Thank you Hollyny. I am believing in too. We made it to 3 weeks. Went out for breakfast for first time and picked up some art supplies at Michaels. Felt pretty normal... except for the walker... :)
Made it to 4 weeks. Lots of progress since last update.

The good. I am driving again... watch out Omaha... i am trying to switch to the cane. I went to The game Shoppe and shopped for about 30 minutes and then walked the length of several stores with only cane. Walker is still smoother and feels safer. There is some pain in groin when walking on cane. Cane only take a couple of very ugly steps with out cane... today I have just slept and over to the kitchen and bath. All on my cane.
I take 1 Tylenol a day usually and 1 at night trying to give a chance for sleep.

The bad. Am only able to sleep about 4 hours in bed, couple of hours on my back and then a couple of hours on non op side. Back hurts driving me to side then Knee hurts and restless legs back to my recliner. Not doing any of exercises except the ankle pumps gluten and tightening hamstings.

Lower back hurts. Worried sciatia will stirred up with setting and lying so much. Any stretches I could do for back with hip restrictions? No crossing mid line, leg behind or pivioting? Trying a little heat on lower back. Tried massage gun preop seemed to help combined with heat.. ok to include if I stay away from hip?

Are you sleeping with a pillow between your legs? It helps my knees and my back and I still use a pillow every night. Now that you can drive you can try my shopping cart PT. I drove to the Walmart and used a shopping cart as a walker, it works great to practice cane free walking.
I sleep with a pillow under my knees when on my back k with an extra prop under shoulders to elevate a little. When I roll to side I put the leg pillow between knees ans ankle to prevent going past midline. My op knee feels good at first but wake up with it aching.
Lower back hurts. Worried sciatia will stirred up with setting and lying so much. Any stretches I could do for back with hip restrictions? No crossing mid line, leg behind or pivioting? Trying a little heat on lower back. Tried massage gun preop seemed to help combined with heat.. ok to include if I stay away from hip?
I think you will do fine with using your massage gun and yes, just avoid the hip, especially around the incision.
Sometimes there are trigger points that creep into play with the lower back muscles and it can mimic sciatica. So, using the more gentle attachments and settings on the gun just might get you some relief.
Additional thought, icing that area might help, too.

Good luck!
Hi @Kanne
My arthritic hip was an incidental finding on an xray January 2021 looking for a lumbar slipped disk (which I had.)

One of the things that gave me some relief was a TENS unit on the lower back.

I ended up having an RFA on the lower back September 2021. It has not bothered me since but a lot of that pain was due to the hip!
Hi! @HollyNY I dont think TENS is advised for recovering cancer patients I wish I could give it a try for my back. I have a sleep number bed that I made firmer to help getting in and turning over. Tonight I will return it to normal see if that changes my back pain. Used to be this hip that kept me awake that is much better.
@HollyNY how is remote working? I also work from home 10 hour days on the phone constantly except for 3 10 min breaks and lunch break. Not scheduled to go back until dec 4th. Thinking about going back earlier to save fmla in case of further issues...
Hi @Kanne
Remote has gone good so far. I am fortunate that my teammates understand this is a process. Not like flipping a light switch.

The first couple of days were the toughest in terms of being tired.
Surgeon said if I have to have more surgeries I need to have a port put in... surgery went well but I woke nauseated even tho they had taken precautions to insure that didn't happen...I wonder if it was because of the general they used to geothermal iv in. So I woke up, not any pain just sick. I am to go home same day. So we start the physical therapy... I am throwing up and falling asleep while the have me walking to the room to learn to get in the car...and learn therapy and precautions... got discharged and in the car driving home... still s
Being sick. Lucky that I didn't have far to get hom my poor sister wo during how she was going to get me home and I side but we made it!
You poor thing! This sounds horrific. I can't believe you were allowed home in this condition, doesn't sound right to me
Hi @Kanne
Stopping by to say :hi: on this one month anniversary of your THR. I hope you're doing well this week and that the back pain, restless legs and lack of regular sleep you're still struggling with ease with the passing of time.
Wishing you a comfortable, happy day! :flwrysmile:
Thanks for stopping in @Layla, feeling better. Restless leg much better. Added iron per my pa at last visit. Don't know if that was the difference or just time for healing and magnesium to build up. I am 1/2 walker and cane. Walked over 25 steps no cane today. Not pretty.. so back to my cane. Some groin pain with walking not much on walker.. little more on cane and little more no cane. I took a Xanax before bed and was able to sleep through the night just got up once. First full night I stayed in bed all night!
Your update sounds just about right for your one month anniversary. So pleased to read that you are recognizing the need fo the cane. :thumb:
Hi @Kanne
Your sleep struggles sound very much like mine and my recliner was my go-to also.
I had alot of back pain pre-op, and it was the lion's share of my hip problem (I was going to doctors about my lower back when it was determined I had bilateral end-stage OA in hips)
I was hopeful BTHR would resolve it but it was still nagging alot due to all the sitting and even though my legs were happier when I was in the recliner vs lying supine, I am not sure the angle I was in while sitting was the best.
In any case, I found when I could stand and stretch my arms way up to the sky (as much as I could think to do it) to counteract all that compression, really helps.
Time and increased mobilty with emphasis on correct posture and gait were the biggest help.
We have to recover from all that time with bad hips.
Hopefully, it gets better and better!
Hello Kanne,
I hope you're feeling steadier on your feet and increasing in stamina with each passing month.
Merry Christmas and cheers to the end of the year that brought you a new hip.
Many blessings to you in 2023!
Happy Four Month Anniversary!
I hope you're doing well. Let us know next time you stop by. We'd love to hear about your progress over the past few months.
A great 2023 to you!

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