Bilateral THR Jwadds Recovery (2 hip to be square!)

Hope all is well with you, my double hippy compadre.
Hello :wave:
Just looking back over your thread. That Salmon salad looks so yummy. :yes:
Happy Four Month Anniversary! I hope you're doing well and have been getting back to life.
Shoot us an update if you have time. We'd love to read about your progress.
Until then...all the best to you!
Omgosh time flies... 18 weeks/4 months last week since bilateral hip replacements. I haven't been able to get to my bonesmart pals because I'm back to work full time. Energy level is still low. I can get through the day but only have energy to make dinner and am in bed by 8pm. Really need the weekends to recharge.

My spirits are really good though, as I find myself slowing being able to get back to regular movements/life. Still slightly sore to walk, when I first start out. I'd made a conscious effort to try to walk normally, without limping, and I now find that coming more naturally as the soreness is diminishing. Still not doing a lot of activities as energy level is still low, but I did go to Lynn Canyon last week with my daughter and was able to climb the million stairs on the trails. Was really tough as I'm so out of shape and I thought I was going to be really sore the next day but wasn't! Hard to believe I couldn't even climb one stair 2 months ago and now I'm able to climb up and down, the equivalent of 8 stories!

One crappy thing is the arthritis in my shoulders has really flared up and now I have it in my wrists/hands and bursitis in my elbow. Not sure if I didn't notice it before because I was so focused on my hips or if the workout I gave my upper body when legs didn't work caused it to get worse. My physio says I'll probably need shoulder replacements. :headbang: Going to have to research some orthopaedic surgeons that specialize in shoulders. I don't understand why this is happening to my body, I used to be such a healthy person.

On a good note, I have lots of vacation time to take before year end :) and am planning a trip to Cabo with some gal pals in November.
@jwadds Thanks for stopping by. Sounds like you are really getting back to living again post BTHR. Well done!

So sorry to hear about your shoulders! Take heart - BoneSmart now has a shoulder area and we will be with you through that journey as well. Our Admin Jamie had her shoulder replaced and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I'm sure she will be along to give you some tips when the time comes.
Hi @jwadds
Just catching up and hate to hear your upper half is demanding attention.:sigh:
Glad to know those hips are good and that you are planning a great trip.
Happy Five month Hipversary tomorrow:flwrysmile::flwrysmile::flwrysmile::flwrysmile::flwrysmile:
Happy Five Month Anniversary!
It's good to read you're doing so well, but I'm sorry your new life is being overshadowed by deteriorating shoulders, achy elbows, wrists and hands.
I hope you're able to find adequate pain management so you can enjoy your time in Cabo with girlfriends next month.
Safe travels!
:wave: Almost half a year since you had those hips replaced.
Hope your life is mostly back to healthy and happy.
We've had our first days of winter type weather (for Georgia that means in the 40sF)
Already not liking it.
Stay warm and safe @jwadds
Happy Six Month Anniversary!
Can't believe it's six months already. I hope you're doing well and have
enjoyed the Fall so far. Winter and the holidays right around the corner, say it isn't so!
Wishing you all the best as you move forward. :)
New Both at Once hippies on board. Check em out and tell em how good life is with new hips.
Hope all is well with you!:loveshwr:
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Will do @Mojo333, I will spread the good word. I was in Cabo last week, such a difference from 2 years ago! Walked on the beach, around town, to all the neighboring resorts, all No Problemo!! I am back to 95% after 6 months post op. 5% is due to being out of shape after no mobility for 2 years pre op.
My message: Get surgery, it is Life Changing!!!
What a wonderful update. Thanks for sharing. It's great to hear you're doing so well especially as a bi-lateral and only six months post op! I'll bet this holiday season will be a big improvement over last year and I can only imagine what 2020 holds for exciting. :happydance:
Enjoy the weekend and stay in touch!
I don’t know if my success is due to an incredible surgeon, or my age or what, but could not walk without a walker, took me 10 min to get out of the car, barely stand long enough to cook scrambled eggs pre surgery.
Now I am back to my 58 year old self. It’s a miracle.
No matter what the reason...
You've been blessed with a second chance. I'm very happy for you!
It's so wonderful :)
I'm so very happy for you and I feel exactly the same way:egypdance:
This surgery rolled back the years for me, as I felt very old and informed also prior to my BTHR.
Very inspiring to others, for sure.

Hope your holidays are happy and bright.
Wonderful update @jwadds ! And you are only at 6 months,, i remember thinking it was great, then a year rolled around and it was somehow even better. We are so fortunate to live in the times that we live in.
Happy Thankful Holidays!! :loveshwr:
Happy One Year Anniversary! I hope you’re doing well @jwadds
We‘d love to read an update if you have time to share one.
Wishing you many blessings as you move forward.
Happy Anniversary! Hard to imagine.. but here you are! Would love to hear how things are going for you and hopefully you are well.

One year...are you sure!:scratch:

Hey, give us a shout @jwadds
We want to know if you are double hippy happy!:chuckmarch:
Hello my Hippy friends. I’m not sure if this is the right way to do this on my own thread, but I want to offer myself up to anyone that had questions or concern about BTHR.
As I’m coming up to 2 years post op, and I’ve had such a fabulous recovery, I can honestly say I’m better than 20 years ago.
I don’t have the time to monitor all the BTHR post as I’m still working full time, but if anyone wants to reach out to me I’m more than willing to share or offer tips/support.
this website was a vital part of my recovery and I’d love to give back.❤️

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