Bilateral THR Jwadds Recovery (2 hip to be square!)

Hi there :wave:
When most people think about returning to work, they envision themselves sitting at their desk, or in position doing whatever it is they do. They don't think about waking to an alarm once again with the need to get moving right away. Showering, getting ready, prepping breakfast, driving to work, possibly sitting in traffic, parking, then walking into your place of employment. It all takes energy and the work day is only beginning.

You may want to come home and grab an easy dinner on the days you work and take it easy for the rest of the evening, not doing much else for awhile longer. Thankfully you had thirteen weeks off, that's great! It's also wonderful you're able to do the phased return, you're lucky. I think you're doing really well.
Enjoy your day off tomorrow!
I’m happy to hear all went well..strange how we can sit and relax for hour half in recliner but sitting at work can drain you. The last 2 months waiting on my surgeries I go in at 7 am and the struggle of getting up and down to the copier.. a meeting.. refill on coffee..restroom I was exhausted by 10 am..limping and carrying these heavy legs...just keep telling myself this pain is temporary ! I purchased a leg swing to hang under my desk it is very thick and solid so it doesn’t dip in the middle from feet and padded..It reminds me of a swing I have capability of hanging low or high I also bought a gadget to help with putting on socks..I work downtown Cincinnati and not a good idea to wear gym shoes no sandals either...feet get filthy...ok I seemed to get off track again..sorry about that Hope you have a good evening...You have been inspiration to me I can see why everyone was happy to see you back! :roseshwr:
Aforementioned dinner :) and yes that is a glass of wine... :martini:


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@Aline, I bought a gadget to put socks on too. In March when my feet were freezing and I had no ability to put socks on. I'd gone all winter without wearing socks!

I swear I could open up a store for hip replacement ability aids. But it was needed when you live alone, and need those gadgets! I bought a robot vacuum last year, but my daughter had to come over every week for the last 6 months and empty the bin because I couldn't bend over to pick it up! So glad I can do those little things now, like get pots from the bottom shelf, pick up things that have dropped without having to find a grabber ... ahhhh the little things in life ❤️ I feel like I've been reborn.
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Oh @mikeycat I'm not squatting... just bending forward with slight knee bend. Still take a deep breath and exhale on the way down. It's an effort, but I do it. I just have to believe it will become easier.
People here have said going back to work is tiring but I didn't think it would be for me as I just sit at a desk.
Most people under estimate the effort it takes to return to work. Getting up, shower, dress, a bit to eat. Then the commute. That's a lot of activity. Then there is the actual "work". Glad you are easing into this with a phased approach.
Happy to hear your news @jwadds So glad your coworkers made you feel welcome and that you get to ease back into it. Sitting forward at a desk is harder than I imagined. Frequently taking a stretch break does really help.

Another benefit to bilateral, you CAN part with all that rehab gear without thinking you are tempting fate for remaining hip. You are done!!

Hope your recovery continues in a forward trajectory. Take care!
I'm just at 8 weeks today, but I also notice if I sit too long no matter how comfy the chair is I get stiff and some soreness. When I get up and walk all feels so much better. Its nerve wracking, because there are times I need to sit for longer periods even tho I'm retired. I wonder how many months need to go by before I can sit through a long movie or ballgame or even working on a craft project. Sigh.....I feel like the tin man, I need an oil can handy....
Oh your dinner picture looks so YumScrum!
Nice omega 3 fatty acids for joint health!
Hope your work week goes quickly.:flwrysmile:
Hey @Aline, went into work this morning and will do tomorrow morn as well. Too much to do with deadlines! I'll do Thurs in lieu of Friday morn. I think going back to work is good but I'm definitely happy to be doing a gradual approach. I am exhausted by noon.
I am exhausted reading. I went to rehab and boy did I 'perform' like a dancing bear then returned home via taxi and made meals for several days. Dead today so working--eh gads you are amazing. It must be exhausting though.
Good Saturday Morning to you :hi:
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
Hopefully as you're slowly easing into work, you're feeling less exhausted. I guess there is always the weekend to catch up,on rest.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend no matter how you choose to spend it :)
thanks @Layla! I've spent the last 2 weeks doing a gradual return to work, first week was MWF mornings and second week MWF full days. I seem to be fine, so going back full time next week. Its a long weekend here in Canada, so only 4 days next week. feeling really good, tired but good. I'm still stiff and I probably should move more. I need to set a timer at my desk so I get up and walk around the block every 1-2 hours.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm going to do some gardening and am getting a new bed delivered today!
Oh yay!
A new bed. :sleeep:
I got a new mattress after my hip surgery.
It was way tall and I was a little freaked as I am 5'3" and i had to back up tippy toe to get in...
When I went back to work, I would just be wrung out by the time I got home...
Hope you have a peaceful weekend. :tada:
I'm not getting a new mattress as mine is only 3 years old. I live by myself so not much wear and tear, lol. I'm getting an upholstered bed frame, headboard, etc. I feel so much better, I want to fix up my place and get some new furniture!
Hi @jwadds
Wondering how you're doing?
Did you get the new mattress and upholstered bedframe / headboard? If so, how is it working out for sleep?
Hopefully all is going well and you're enjoying some beautiful Summer weather in your neck of the woods.
Hope to hear from you soon.
A great week to you!

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