Bilateral THR Just had bilateral THR

Thanks everyone for your encouragement. I am doing better and better every day. Everything seems to be on track. I am able to get around really well, but I always proceed with caution, but slightly push the limits to help me continue with my progress. My next surgeon check in is next week. My sister will be coming in town in a couple weeks and we plan to go to a couple national parks in the area to do some light hiking and walking. That will be my next test….I’m really looking forward to that.
we plan to go to a couple national parks in the area to do some light hiking and walking.
Easy does it my friend. At just over one month out from 2 major surgeries this might be a bit ambitious. Listen to those new hips!
Wanted to provide a brief update. I saw my surgeon yesterday. I got the gold seal of approval to proceed with no restrictions. Will continue to walk and work on my flexibility with exercises. Will follow up in 8 weeks for my next appt. I will continue to walk, more stairs and do pool exercises. I truly can’t believe I put this off for so long, but great to feel like I have my mobility and quality of life back.
great to feel like I have my mobility and quality of life back
So great to read this. It truly is amazing how much better life looks after hip replacement.

Hoping your recovery continues to be smooth. :flwrysmile:
Today was my first real test of my two new shiny hips. We went to Sequoia National Park and we did a 5 mile hike through all of the redwoods. Truly amazing experience if you haven’t ever done it! Amazing feeling being able to do it without pain.


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Beautiful! Look at you, this is awesome. Thanks for sharing an update and the beautiful photos.
Life is good! :)
I really didn't know that a person can have a bilateral THR! Why aren't more people having that done. My best friend has to wait 2 1/2 months to have her second one done. That is impressive.
:wave:Hey @2hip2quit I hope you have a nice week!

Why aren't more people having that done
Not all surgeons will perform bilateral joint replacement. Health plays a part in whether you're a good candidate. Your age is considered, younger is usually better, your general health, your BMI, your physical condition, any infection risks you may have and your support system at home, to name a few. The surgery time increases, meaning under anesthesia longer and there is more blood loss. As you can see, there is a lot to be considered and this is only a partial list, but hopefully somewhat answers your question.
@Cementless In addition to what Layla said above ... one person a number of years ago (who knew orthopedic surgery well) quipped that most surgeons would probably feel bilaterals would be too much hard work as hip replacement is as much carpentry as it is surgery. My more cynical thought is that insurance would pay less for 2 at once than it would pay for doing 2 separate procedures.
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
I hope all is going well now that you have another month of healing under your belt.
Wishing you many more beautiful nature hikes!
Thanks Layla. I’m doing great at this point. No pain and I am able to get around without a limp. Was able to get up to Yosemite last week for another hike. I now take the stairs at work and that is such a great feeling. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement along the way….
It is amazing how your life changes post op and usually more quickly than we anticipated going into THR.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
Happy Autumn too. I hope you're enjoying the season. :wave:
Received some great news from my Ortho Surgeon today at my follow up appt. Was great to hear that he won’t need to see me for another 9 months. At that time, they will do another X-ray for my follow up. He asked me to walk and he was super happy…he also told me I am now taller than prior to surgery with the implants…but my legs are an even length! He gave me some good advice and told me to do what I want without any restriction with one exception…don’t go do anything I haven’t done before…like learning to ski if I haven’t done that before…I even received some hand claps from his staff on my way out of the office.

Prior to leaving, he asked me the following question that he always asks his bilateral hip patients-

“are you glad that you did both hips at the same time?”

I answered-
“Definitely! It was the best decision after finding out that I was a candidate. Thank you for giving me my life back!”

What a journey it has been.
@2hip2quit Terrific update!! It is so wonderful to hear you are doing well and that your surgeon has given you a glowing report!

The only life time restriction my surgeon gave me after my BTHR was "no bungy jumping" ... that's fine with me as it is not something that has ever been on my bucket list.

I totally agree with your answer to your surgeon's final question!!
Congratulations, glad to hear it when the Bilateral Club folks are doing well!
Great to hear how well you are doing!
I am still a Grateful Double Hippy
Good to read you're doing so well. Four months today...Happy Four Month Anniversary!
May it only get better with each passing month. Stay in touch. :)

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