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TKR Jtmav‘s Journey To Two New Knees

Thanks Layla, coincidentally just did a FaceTime with my little guy, great medicine. Got all my pre surgical paperwork today for my second TKR and, of course, while it’s still 7 weeks away I couldn’t help but think am I going to be ready to do this again? My PT seemed to think I should be all set by then. She did say to me that when patients have been in pain for several weeks it’s normal to think you’ll never going to get better but you will. I guess she read my mind(it’s a short story):). Day by day I plan on getting there. Thanks to all of you for your support. Be well.
just did a FaceTime with my little guy, great medicine.
Love this!

I just spent two days at the hospital with my 86 yr old dad who has his knee replaced yesterday morning. He's already home and seems to think he's going back in three months for Round Two, just like you. Given his age and depending upon how he recovers, We Will See.
86, God bless him! You‘re so lucky to still have him in your life. I have a friend from church that is just shy of 90 and she’s a month from TKR surgery and saw her back in church last Sunday. She just had a book published last year. Some people are amazing and their age is just a number. Hope your dad has a speedy recovery.
Thank you! I do feel blessed to still have both parents.
Wow, your church friend doing well after TKR at age 90. Impressive.

I found and shared this piece below on another thread here back in January. Only sharing again, because its interesting and some may read it here, that didn't see it on oldcanuck's thread.

From the Cleveland Clinic -

How old is too old for hip or knee replacement?​

“More people are reaching their 80s and 90s, and many of them lead active lives,” says Dr. Piuzzi. “So we’re seeing more people in these age groups who want relief from hip or knee pain.”

Total joint replacement is major surgery and requires several weeks of recovery at home. But despite this, you’re never “too old” to have your hip or knee replaced.

“There is no age cutoff for joint replacement,” says Dr. Piuzzi. “Studies have found that people in their 80s and 90s benefit from hip or knee replacement as much as younger people.”

The important thing is to find a reputable surgeon you have full confidence in, discuss all concerns and receive the assurance you need to move forward in confidence.
@Jtmav I had my first TKA Jan 31 and my second June 14. It worked out fine; my first knee was ready to do the work.
So I had PT yesterday and little by slow things are improving. My PT suggested I start or sit in a more traditional way more often and wean off the recliner as a go to place to sit. She said my ROM should benefit a little from a sitting position. It made sense to me and I can sit in my sectional pain free with my foot in the floor. I wondered if any of you veterans experience or see the sense in that? As always, thanks!
I was very uncomfortable with my feet on the floor for months, and more so in the early months. It was enough that I had to sit like that when I wasn’t home. At home, my leg was up on an ottoman.

I guess there is a bit of sense in the theory, but I don’t think it’s essential to regaining your ROM, which will happen as swelling goes down and healing progresses. Do whatever works for you and is most comfortable.
6 weeks today since the surgery, had PT this afternoon and things are moving along, baby steps, but at least in the right direction. I certainly can feel my knee healing and while I’m still a ways from where I want to be, I am grateful that I am where I am without any complication, at least so far. Thanks to all of you who help us newbies out! Beautiful spring day here in New England. Stay strong!
I certainly can feel my knee healing and while I’m still a ways from where I want to be, I am grateful that I am where I am without any complication
You are doing great, my friend. I'm coming up on 3 months tomorrow and can promise you that it does continue to improve. In fact, I just got home from a 2-mile walk at the beach! Couldn't have done that a month ago.
Great update! Happy to read it and glad you're doing so well.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :SUNsmile:
A caution to take sitting up in a chair in slowly increasing increments.
A lot of us find our baby knees stiffen within several minutes. Painfully!
I set the timer on my phone, initially five minutes, and small increases as tolerated. Five minute walk afterwards.
i have congenital spinal stenosis that has sporadically, over my 72 years of living, put me on the floor for a spell. When the back spasms hit there’s not much to do but rest and stretch. Unfortunately for me that hit me last week. While I am feeling a bit better and able to get around again it certainly has slowed down my knee recovery. I’ve been in touch with my PT and she is sensitive to the challenge and will work with me to design some alternative stretches that won’t put my back under further stress. I have a PT session in an hour so I’ll see how that goes. Like they say “getting older is not for sissies”. Be well all.
getting older is not for sissies
I always say that the side effects stink!

I sure hope your PT can find alternative ways to help you that doesn't aggravate your back.
getting older is not for sissies
I always say that the side effects stink!

I sure hope your PT can find alternative ways to help you that doesn't aggravate your back.
She did, pretty much worked on my leg massaging and cupping the quad and just let me pull back to see how much bend I have without her touching my leg. Still around 100 so no big improvement or regression. Rode the bike for 15 mins and did some one leg stands and calf stretches. It was fine and my back survived without any issue. All good.
I am sorry to hear about the stenosis and the discomfort you have to endure. It is so unfortunate you have to deal with one of these episodes as you're beginning to appreciate the progress you're making. I hope your PT session this morning was bearable and you obtain speedy relief from the pain you're dealing with.
Wishing you lots of comfort. :console2:
Thank you Layla, all good. Like they say it’s the journey, not the destination we learn from.
Be well
As I used to tell my senior patients - and certainly in recent years myself and my peers - "you're out of warranty!"

With eveything about your structure changing in response to both knee replacements, it's not surprising your back decided to chime in most loudly. Fingers crossed it's starting to ease.
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
I hope between the healing of your Left knee and the discomfort of your Right knee you're hanging in there.
Not too long now until the Right TKR. Lots of comfort to you as you're waiting out these last few weeks.
Good morning Layla, thanks for thinking of me. I’m hanging in, sleep still an issue but little by slow my left knee is healing. Some scar tissue build up just above the kneecap that I am working to try and break up some. PT today as well. I’d be less than honest if I said I wasn’t concerned about being ready in a few weeks. Psychologically and that my left knee is healed enough to help with the right knee recovery. Still some time so we will see. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Hello and Happy Tuesday,
I don't blame you for wondering if you're ready for round two. I believe I'd feel the same. My dad had both hips replaced around your age within five months and the second one left him pretty fatigued. Overall he did fine, but I understand the apprehension in wondering if it's too soon. You always have the option to wait a little longer, but I also understand it's one of those decisions you don't want hanging over your head. I hope you have a a good PT session today and a great week! Thanks for the update.

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