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That's fantastic! I haven't ridden a real bike outside in decades and I really want to again. However, every time I think about it, I panic. I am so sure I will crash because I won't remember how to do it.
Good job starting slowly with the bike. I expect you will be able to gradually add more time to your rides. The hills take a while to work up to for sure. Enjoy your vacay! Well deserved.
@sandi -- I think you will remember. You should try to get over the fear so that you can enjoy it now that you have new knees. My mom was fearful and never got on a bike again and I think she regretted it.
Happy cycling Jen!

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Exhaustion....last night after a 30 min bike ride in the morning, then a boat trip that involved about an hour on the beach playing in the surf, I was so exhausted. Like, my bones were aching exhausted. Like physically, I couldn't move and fell asleep as soon as we put the kids to bed.

This seems to be the case anytime I do anything above subsistence level functioning. Still normal? Or do you think I should go get some blood work drawn to check stuff like iron?

Knees are holding up great btw. Even with a bit of beach walking and playing in the gentle waves (gulf side). But the exhaustion...
I'm about 10 days behind you Jenn on your second knee. And I often feel much the same. I have been super busy lately. 12 hour running days. Its not my knee holding me back ,its my back in two places, and my shoulder and general acheyness. I just figured it was a couple of years of very sedentary living and the rest of my body rebelling at at a more active life. I was hoping a few months of building up stamina would take care of it. That's my working theory anyway. It couldnt hurt to get a general non knee checkup and some blood work done. I doubt that's my problem though. My presurgery hemoglobin was 16. I'm just going to slowly work up to more activity. I can handle to ordinary days and I'm glad of that. Now I need to tackle the extraordinary activities like bike riding. I am so impressed you are riding a real bike! I do the recumbent bike regularly and have been thinking about when to make the jump to outdoor biking. I guess I'm still a little concerned about falling. You are a good Example! Maybe I just need to go for it.
Hmmm, my thoughts? I think it takes a full year to recover....sound familiar? I suspect this is true even if your knees are "holding up." Now, don't throw anything 'cuz I can't run fast enough to duck, lol.

Jenn, what a day you had! Just heavenly!
Jenn, I have to agree with Pheebs, you are 5 months into a year long recovery for #1 and less for #2. Unfortunately you still have to pace yourself still. :gaah:Believe me, I know that reality is frustrating. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and be a slug sometimes :whistle:.
We feel fully healed before we are fully healed. Our bodies remind us of that sometimes. Have fun on the beach! If you feel tired, take a nap in the shade. :sleeep:
So what's the BS way for building up strength? I'm not able to pay $60/visit for PT but I have significant lingering weakness in my left. I'm walking, going to add regular biking and swimming soon. But I'd like to start building backup now that I'm 5 & 3 months out. Or at the very least, get my Leftie up to where Rightie is.

I have access to a gym. But I'm thinking body weight/elastic babdvstuff before machines.
I'm just doing elastic band stuff for my lefty at almost 5 months -- as well as biking and elliptical. Some body weight/balance things on one leg at a time as well.
Hi Jenn, amazing what all you are doing. Certainly a whole lot more than me and many of us here at the same post-op time.
you asked about strengthening exercises. First of all, are you able to balance your weight for say 10 seconds on either leg? maybe 20? A PT at rehab said I should aim for 30 seconds every day. I still cannot do it, but he said it was a great strengthening exercise for all ages.
I am your converse problem! The lack of strength and muscle tone on my right knee, now 5 months old, is frustrating. Just doing a lot of walking in my daily life, and tons of stretching in the morning to alleviate the annoying tendon flicking. I have ZERO time to go to PT!

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For strengthening my legs, I make a point of taking extra trips up and down the stairs. Forcing my quads and other muscles to lift my not dainty body that often has paid off: stairs are now much easier and my legs are stronger. Kind of like a bargain basement Stair Master.
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The knees had their first race today! Been training and getting just under a 22min mile, bc of lingering weakness. But my 11yo was so bothered by how slow I was and kept fussing at me to hurry up. Well would you look at that pace!?!

Racing, slowly, run/walking was a big part of my life before my injury that led to the TKRs, so I'm excited to get back to it. Today was just walking.

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Maybe others in a same boat may be interested in that journey.

Oh and the left knee is totally fine. Right is a bit swollen, a teensy bit achy. But so much better than they felt after a race before surgery! The hardest part was climbing the stairs to get out of the stadium (we finished on the 50yd line). My legs were jelly at the top.
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Oops, can you put my name back in front? Jennszoo Staged TKR: Working on running again. Thanks!
Okay. Does that look better?

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I so admire you for getting back into your beloved activities. I've been doing the slow, creeping along thing. Maybe time to step it up.

Those stairs were tough, but think of how good those steps were for your leg muscles and butt!

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