TKR Jennszoo Staged TKR, working on running again

Good job. So happy for your progress. Most companies will make reasonable accessibility accomodations. You just need to ask.
Today's my scary day of screenings. The school where I have to go up and down a flight of stairs for each kid. Bc of the storm, it got pushed back a day so there's no one to help me. I'm resting up this am and have already hold my hubs im going to be useless tonight. The only good thing is that I'll be going up/down with toddlers, so we'll be taking the stairs one at a time together. :dancy:

Send me all the luck and happy knee vibes!
Happy knee vibes! :wowspring::happydance::dancy::spin: May your toddlers all be angels today too!
Ahhh, Jenn, I just pictured you going up/down with toddlers. They're too young to go back/forth alone I'm sure. I'm guessing you'll screen 10-15 kids today? Can you ice during screening?
Good luck Jenn!! Have fun with the toddlers and rock those stairs.:walking:
Hope today goes well Jenn! Your knees will probably remind you tonight that you pushed them hard today Good idea to tell hubs in advance not to expect too much Go home and get those knees elevated with ice, sit back and enjoy some tv or a good book!
Best of luck today @Jennszoo! :wowspring:Brilliant idea to warn hubby it will be a very low-key evening. Perhaps he can pick up some take-out for dinner on his way home tonight, eh? I just had to laugh thinking about all the toddlers walking up and down the stairs TKR style; great image, lol.
15 trips up and down the stairs. My knees hung in there, going at toddler speed, and there were handles on both sides for me to offload onto my upper body. But by 2ish, after I picked up my son, my knees were hurting! Tylenol is helping but driving home reminded me of about 4-6w post op. Even my older knee is not happy.

Bad news is that I have about the same as many to do tomorrow. :scare:

Good news is that this is the only one that requires me to do stairs and it will be done tomorrow. :fingersx:

Better news: Vacation next week! :swim:

Tonight, this is me: :ice:
I'm sorry you are hurting, but you made it! I can't imagine having to do what you did today, but you did great. Take good care of yourself tonight and rest up for tomorrow. And hurrah, vacation next week! :happydance:
Congrats on making it through the day Jenn - I hope you recover quickly so you can get through tomorrow. Vacation next week is just what the doctor ordered! Enjoy the ice - you earned it.
Aw Jen, though not totally unexpected, this just stinks; pffft! Egads, I can't believe you hafta repeat all this tomorrow; aaccckk! That vacation can't come soon enough! If it's any consolation, I'm right there with you doing :ice: just for different reasons. I suspect we're in very good company here; :gaah:
17 kids today, 19 trips up and down! Strangely the knee hurts less today. I haven't even taken an afternoon dose of Tylenol. Weird how sometimes the knee hates overdoing it, sometimes it seems to like it.
Hah, it's a *mystery* Jen, isn't it? That said, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, lol! Great news!:happydance:
Whatever the reason, glad today was easier than yesterday and you won't have to do those stairs again for a long while. :happydance::yay::dancy::spin:
And today's Way To Kill Jenn's Knees was brought to you by a 4th grade field trip. Small seats on a long bus ride, walking all over a museum, long bus ride back, lots of standing.

But surprisingly, the knees themselves are fine. Minimal aches. My body is exhausted. I'm clearly not at 100% energy wise yet, but I'm glad thats over.

Tomorrow we pack and Sunday - to the beach!
You are doing great!! So exciting you have a beach outing coming up!! Enjoy!
You definitely deserve some beach time after all that stair action!! Enjoy, and don't forget the zinc oxide for scar! :)
I rented a bike from the resort and rode around with my daughter for about 30 mins. I felt the knee, a wee bit of discomfort, but no pain. Let's see how I feel later, but I'm calling it an early success. It was an easy way to test my knee, vs having to install the hitch mount, load up the bike and drive to a trail at home bc my neighborhood is crazy hilly. But I'm very excited to start riding at home now that the weather is perfect and walking is still so slow and frustrating.

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