TKR Jennszoo Staged TKR, working on running again

Best of luck tomorrow Jen as you enter "The Real World of Work!" If anyone can do it, you can!

Carly is just gorgeous and her lovely purple cast doesn't even look like a cast! @kmak81230 is so right when it comes to casts and popularity, lol. Weird that, eh? Hurray for school starting tomorrow!
awww what a pretty girl your daughter is and that purple cast is quite the fashion statement. i'm sure she will be getting lots of attention. hope your first day goes well and your 2 knees cooperate.
I hope your first day back is going well. Be sure to pamper your knees a bit when you get home.
I got all 16 kids screened in under 3 hours so that means I don't have to go back. Tomorrow I'll try to crank out the reports, about another 2 hrs of desk work. But my right knee is definitely angry over the up/down, walking back and forth from classrooms to the screening room. Resting now.

But as exhausting as it was to get presentable, get my game face on and get it done, it felt so good to do something im good at. I had fun with the smiling kids and had to use my brain to figure out which kids have speech or language delays in a quick 5-10 min assessment (versus, say developmentally normal errors, or bc they speak Spanish in the home, etc).
Wonderful 1st day report. I'm impressed that you got all of the kids done today, that's a lot of kids to screen. I bet it felt great to use your brain and talents again. :wowspring:
So good to hear you had a successful day back at work. It feels great to just get back to normal, and do those things you used to do and still can do, just on better knees. And it's probably inevitable your knees would complain about the new-to-them activity, but you'll settle them down. And you'll do it again. And the knees will go with the program, though it might take a few more outings. It's just so fine to be in the driver's seat again!
So glad to hear that your brain cooperated as well! Great job on your 1st day back!
Yay for you. Didn't it felt great to be back working at what you are good At? I love my job too and as tough as it has been to be back at work at times, my life just doesn't felt normal without it.
just caught up with all your news re back to work and your daughter's elbow break.
Sending healing vibes and good wishes. :flwrysmile:
Last night I had that tell tale burning, fiery pain I've only had when my PT overdid it for me. Even my scar ached. But this am, I woke with only my normal stiffness, Achiness and pain. So while the knee wasnt happy, I dont appear to have any lingering damage. Now I just realized next week's screening is at the only facility where they set me up in an office upstairs. So, that men's going up/down a flight of stairs with each kid. :sos:

I may be able to get another therapist to help me, bc that may just kill the knees.
that's a good sign, the burning was gone this morning replaced by the normal recovery issues. depending on how many kids you have to assess next week, perhaps it would be a good idea to have someone on standby that can escort the children up and down the stairs in case you're feeling that your knees have had enough. you're doing terrific ~ they must be glad to have you back.:flwrysmile:
I'm glad your knee recovered quickly from the day at work, Jenn.
Is there any way you could get the interview room moved to the ground floor in that other place? Or could you ask for an assistant, who could go and fetch each child?
What a great recovery from your day at work! I hope you can get some help to keep you from going up and down the steps!
So I walked 2 miles at the river this morning. Knee felt the same as it has when I've walked 1 mile, but it's still a struggle - cardio, coordinating my stride, etc. I was feeling down on myself about how slow I am and how my pace has not improved at all since ive started walking again. Then I started thinking. I walked for 45 mins. The last time I walked for 45 mins was the last 5k I did in April right before my first surgery. It was in Savannah and I vividly remember how painful that drive home was. Every stop we made, getting out of the car felt like my knees were full of broken glass. Today...yes, they're sore and stiff, but nothing like that broken glass feeling. I even walked myself (no scooter!) around Walmart this afternoon.

This was really the first tangible evidence that I've truly made the right decision. I'm still weak, I still think about my knees first thing upon waking up and last thing upon going to bed, but before was awful. And the future is only going to keep getting better!
That is great, Jenn! The speed will come as your energy returns, but right now just getting out there and stretching those muscles is what you should focus on. I quit timing myself and just gauge my speed by my music/location. I'm better without obsessing over the time. Are you finding you can stand longer too?
Way to go Jenn! Sounds like you had a good first day back at work and on top of that you doubled your walking! You are on your way back to normal life ( whatever your new normal is or will be!
Your knees will let you know when you have pushed too far and you will have to baby them along but they are getting stronger each week! You will be back to five k in no time!

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