TKR JASPA 2nd recovery

Four weeks or 1 month have gone by already. Had my visit with the PA Ortho, he is very pleased with the bend didn't bother to measure and said I should follow up with my cardio doctors regarding the swelling in my leg. He can still see the swelling and sees some redness at the top of the incision and warmth around that area so has put me on Cephalexin 500mg for a week and I will return to see surgeon next week. He feels this is just a precaution. My xrays were done and they look good according to him. I will have my PT outpatient evaluation on Tuesday and see Cardio on Monday. Icing and elevation and doing home exercises. Homecare ends tomorrow.
Sleeping is a little easier since I haven't been icing at night.
has put me on Cephalexin 500mg for a week
That's a good precaution....

Glad you're sleeping better! I found I would wake up freezing cold because of the ice machine wrap on my knee and would have to get another blanket (as well as get up and go to the bathroom). I didn't like strapping that thing back on while I was trying to get warm again under the blankets. :ice:

Good report, @jaspa !!
Yay, Jaspa! You are really doing well. And I agree with both you and @Susie-Q ... I was so glad to not have the ice on at night. I like to sleep warm, & would find myself literally under a Pile of blankets! But it did help any swelling, and , pain. Seeing your progress is a nice start to my day. Keep progressing & don’t forget to rest plenty. Have a lovely day.
Cardiologist on Monday, vascular surgeon on Tuesday with Doppler to check for blood clot, Wednesday in snow storm to OS thankfully daughter drove.
Verdict is vascular congestion/ veinous insufficiency. Being fitted for thigh high compression on left leg to reduce/control swelling. According to OS knee is doing great and I will have my PT evaluation to start outpatient PT next Saturday. Have had to put pillows between mattress and box spring to raise foot of bed. Will see vascular surgeon mid April to determine if surgery is required. Home exercises, icing and elevation for now.
I’m so sorry you have these complications. :console2:
Hi, @jaspa. I’m glad to hear that you are able to do the therapy, and, thankfully, no infection. It sounds like you have a very thorough Dr, who referred you to see your other specialist. I’ll be keeping you in prayers that his recommendations will do the trick. It’s great that your daughter was able to drive you there, with the snowstorm. We’ve been getting some weekly snows here in Colorado, but I don’t think as bad as you folks. Even so, when it is snowing, I’d sure prefer someone other than me do the driving. Your idea of elevating the bed itself sounds brilliant! I found my foot so often sliding down, then having to reposition everything. I’m reminded of when our daughter was small & had recurring ear infections. Her pediatrician suggested that we raise the head of her bed, as when she laid down for sleep was when the pressure was worst. Well, the first night, we tried that, & when we came a bit later to check on her, there she was, with her head at the Foot of the bed! Thankfully, she outgrew those ear infections.
Good luck on your therapy... I was glad to get back to our local PT place here, & they were great. I’ll be looking for your future posts & hopefully all good news. Take care. Be sure to get your rest.
Good morning everyone. RTKR is 6 months old and LTKR is 2 months old. I have 5 more PT sessions and I saw the surgeon last week who is pleased with my recovery of both and says that there is no "magic number" for ROM on the LTKR. He will see me in 2 mos. as a follow up and says the vascular surgeon cannot do any surgery on the left leg at this time. The compression stocking on that leg is keeping the swelling away and the leg is almost back to normal in fact it is 4 cm smaller than when I started PT a month ago. I can do the full turn on the bike and did a mile the other day. I did get an under table pedal machine and do about 15 minutes on it each day. I actually went to a Project Linus meeting on Saturday to visit with my volunteers, my granddaughter drove me and stayed for 2 hrs. walking around visiting and sitting sometimes. No problem/pain with the knees. Surgeon has okayed me to swim but have to arrange to have a car is family is still using it or get a ride there. Sometimes I wake up with stiffness during the night with LTKR and hope I can get more ROM than the 93 that I have at this time. I'm glad I did the surgery and look forward to increasing my walking which is usually 1500 to 2000 steps each day.
That all sounds great, @jaspa ! I am very confident that your ROM will improve, I’m sure you‘ve seen my posts about how my ROM continued well into my second, and even my third year, after a very difficult first year.

I‘m glad you had a good visit with your Linus group, it‘s so great to get back to the things we enjoy doing. :happydance:

I know you are further along than I was, when I went in the pool at PT, but still be careful not to overdo there.

Enjoy! :flwrysmile:
I saw the surgeon last week who is pleased with my recovery of both and says that there is no "magic number" for ROM on the LTKR.
A very enlightened surgeon :yes:. Glad to hear your recovery is going well. Yeah, that stiffness will continue for little awhile and then gradually just go away.
So great to read your positive update today @jaspa Slow and steady wins the race and 1500 - 2000 steps daily is excellent progress. Your ROM will improve and soon enough you’ll have two pain free working knees. It feels marvelous to get to that regardless of how long it takes. Keep up the good work and positive forward progress.
I’m glad to see your post today, @jaspa , and that you are progressing. It sounds like you have a good team of Drs , & a supportive family. That’s so sweet that your granddaughter took you to your meeting & stayed to visit while you were there. You sound to me, to be doing well at only 2 months, and I bet that doing your therapy will make a big difference. I was very glad to return to our local therapy here, both therapists seemed to know just what I needed. I’m glad you don’t have to have more surgery, & can just concentrate on getting a little better each day. Take care, & big cheers from my windy corner here in Colorado!
Just another update, I got measured on Monday for the LTKR and now at 94 before my first surgery in Sept 2021 this leg was only 65! I am making progress. Looking forward to seeing the vascular surgeon next week to advise him no surgery on veins until Ortho Surgeon approves it sometime in the future if it is still needed as the leg continues to not swell but more just the knee. I am continuing to use my pedal machine under table each day and trying to get more confident to walk outside by myself. I hope to resume swimming on Sunday when my granddaughter comes over to take me. Still have not driven as really not necessary as family takes me everywhere. Although I miss my freedom to just go but they need car more than me.
just catching up after being offline again for a week or so. Hope progress has continued and you were able to resume swimming OK. Sending wishes for continued healing.
Well a lot has happened since I was here last! Vascular surgeon based on ortho surgeon opinion will leave leg alone and I will wear compression thigh high for now when needed. I have gone swimming 3 times, each time doing between 45 and 55 minutes and 1400 to 1600 yds based on my fitbit! I graduated from PT and measured on the RTKR 103 and LTKR 101 which they and I are happy with the LTKR prior to surgery was only 65! Now I have to just get more weight off and not sit too long as I can get real stiff. I am very stiff when I get out of bed and if I try to turn from back to side or other way in the night I am real stiff. I'm trying to walk more outside in my driveway and CARRY my cane just in case as it is dirt. I'm glad I did this and glad to have it behind me. I send well wishes to all and will be reading as you all have kept me going the last almost 7 months.
My recovery was greatly helped by all the people on this wonderful site, I couldn't have done it with you all!
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What a wonderful update, I’m very happy for you!
That's great news @jaspa! :yes!:

I still get stiff if I sit for long periods but not so much now when I stand for long periods. Initially it would take 20-30 steps to work out the stiffness, now it takes just 3-4. Sometimes, I get up from my desk and I'm not stiff at all. Soon come now. :yahoo:
Yay, Jaspa!! :happydance:Glad to hear things are going so well!

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