TKR JASPA 2nd recovery

Thanks @hawk2go for the article and he had an additional article which is great. I find i like or should say I'm obsessed with walking at least 3000 steps or at least a mile each day and of course the pool. Thanks again
I prefer walking and swimming, too. Slow and steady. If 3000 steps is your goal, try fewer steps to see where the pain starts. It may be that 3000 every day is a bit much at this stage but you can surely work up to that distance. Your knee is the boss right now.
Well they are 10 months old and 6 months old and I did a 2 mile walk today. Now resting and icing with no pain just tired! Thank you everyone for your words of wisdom and encouragement on the journey. I track everything i eat and i need this weight to go!


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Well I am nursing a sore left quad muscle today! I have been walking 1.5 to 2 miles a day through the community. We live in black bear territory and yesterday for the 1st time in 18 years while going for a walk I encountered a bear.
I was walking my normal route when I saw one in a vacant forested lot, I backed up headed to house next to it and headed to deck stairs while screaming "GO BEAR GO" many times, he went behind house. Men who were at corner came over with their dogs to see if I was ok and one of them walked me partly home as I met up with another women who continued to walk with me when we got by my street corner we saw it run across road down my block behind houses. I continued walking very fast and got home ok. Didn't pay attention to how I was walking fast through this whole time so I'm sure my gait wasn't correct but I did 1.6 miles. After getting home, showering and having coffee a younger bear runs through my driveway. I stayed in the house after that as I didn't want to see #3. LOL

The picture by the house is from the neighbor who saw that bear with me this morning the other is in my neighbors yard. The 1st bear was about 400-450 lbs. Needless to say I was icing that quad and knees a lot yesterday and only did a short walk on my block today as I'm still sore. The TKRs feel fine!
Glad it's just a sore left quad to nurse. That will heal fine. whoa!:flabber:
@jaspa, what an experience that must have been! Glad you made it home safe and that the knees are okay.

Didn't pay attention to how I was walking fast through this whole time so I'm sure my gait wasn't correct but I did 1.6 miles
I "speed walked" through an airport earlier this summer when late for a flight connection. Isn't it amazing how fast these new knees let us move when we really need to!
Wow!!! :yikes: I would not want to see a bear while on my walk!

I’m sure you’re glad to know you can move fast when you have to!
How's that quad Jaspa?:what:
Just stopping in to say Happy Holidays to everyone. I appreciate everyone one on the forum who helped in my recoveries.
My recovery is going well. 1st one is fine 2nd one still problem with leg swelling due to the vein problems but no corrections on veins can be done until ortho give ok after 1 year anniversary which will be in February. I'm not in any rush for any new procedure anyway. I usually get 3500 steps or go outside for walk of 1 to 2 miles each day if weather is ok. No walking today as in the middle of a snow storm.
So good to hear from you! I’m glad things sre going well and you are being patient.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hi @jaspa! :wave: and thanks for checking in. It's so great to read that you are doing well. I'm sure your progress will continue into the new year.

Meanwhile, enjoy the snow! I think it's headed my way next... :snow dig:
Glad things are going well, @jaspa :banana-santa:

Happy Holidays to you and yours :plugging-in-xmas-tree-smiley-emoticon::christmas-carols-smiley-emoticon:

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