Revision TKR Jan’s new knees- 1 for the left-2 for the right<

Thanks everyone. I think I'm going to take @Pheebs52 suggestion on the adult beverage and just try to put out of my mind what PT had to say! I had really wanted to wait until January to have the right leg done, but I will see what the OS has to say. Like @SusieShoes says, he's given me good advice so far, and PT hasn't!
Yesterday was my seven week kneeversary. I have saw improvements, but in my case improvements lead to overdoing. We had a Labor Day family cookout. I prepared all the food, DH cooked the burgers and dogs on the grill. My DIL helped setup the food and my daughter helped me with clean up. I even made sweet potato pies from scratch. I was so tired when I went to bed last night, I don't even remember DH getting in bed. I've spent several hours today with an ice pack on my leg. Even though it was probably too much, it sure felt good!
Sometimes it's just worth it to pay the piper isn't it? Sounds like you had a wonderful family get together over the long weekend. You wouldn't have done any damage, just paid your membership dues to the ODIC! Hopefully some ice and elevation will take care of that!
Oh I definitely keep my membership in the ODIC paid in full :loll:but like you said, it's worth it sometimes.
Yay, you had FUN! It was definitely worth it!:happydance: Now, just try to stay out of the club at least until next weekend, ok?
I've noticed a different feeling last couple of days. It's a tightness or swollen feeling at the top of the incision on the thigh. Usually swelling feels sort of spongey, but this feels really tight and is really affecting flexion. I basically iced and elevated all afternoon and evening yesterday and when I woke up this morning I thought it was gone, but as soon as I got up it came back. Any suggestions?
Have you tried massaging it a bit, with hands or a rolling pin? Sometimes that helps.
I'm the epitome of the impatient patient. I'm sooooo over this!

Thanks, I'm done with my pity party. Much more, and I'll have to change my address to Pity City, USA
Hahaha, I think "Pity City," might be booked to overflowing, lol.'re entitled. However, I'm quite certain you won't enjoy the climate there. It's really boring.....not your style at all.

Heat your quad with a heating pad for about 10 minutes and then bust out the rolling pin. It's very effective for loosening the tight quad and IT Band stuff. Don't ice afterwards unless it hurts because it negates the effect, and don't let the heat near your actual knee. You can also heat your quad and ice your knee at the same time which feels great. Afterwards, take a drive in your convertible, lol.
Oh, bummer on the rain! I really like the image of buzzing around in a convertible, lol! What other kind of fun mischief can you get into today?
I've taken everyone's suggestions about resting this week, no PT, except what I do at home, which is not a lot. I've iced, massaged my knee and only went into the office one time for a half day. It worked! I feel so much better, mentally and physically. I had my 6, more like 7 week follow up appointment with OS today. He was super pleased with my progress. Measured at 0 extension and 120 flex. I had him double check because I couldn't believe it. :yes!: I scheduled my right knee tentatively for the end of October, but I told him that I would more than likely postpone it until January. He said he understood but wanted me to get on the calendar just in case. It measures 19 degrees vaglus, so it really has to be done :scare:when I told him what PT said about using the cane, he said don't believe everything PT says. He said walk in the house as much as I can without it, and try to build up strength and he thinks I'll be able to walk without it.
Glad to hear your OS doesn't agree with the PT. You know your body better than he/she does! As far as continued PT - you know what to do so you can do as much or little of it as you want.

I also am done with PT. I can go back to my private guy and my own insurance covers most of it but my OS said just keep doing what you're doing and you will get more improvement in the coming months. Little does he know how little I do, lol, outside of ADLs I basically just ride my exercise bike and do my extension stretches. My ROM didn't increase by pushing the exercises cause Nellie just got angry so I figure I will go with my basic routine here, carry on with life and see where that takes me over the next few months.
I have the same experience with PT, I'm so swollen after I go. That's one reason I didn't go this week, I knew I would be swollen and my numbers would not be good.

@Thesoutherncook thanks for the info on your website. I too am watching hurricane Irma, we are in the central part of NC, so I don't know what we have coming our way.

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