Revision TKR Jan’s new knees- 1 for the left-2 for the right<

It was a very tiring day, lots of company that stay too long. When one leaves and I think I might nap for a minute someone else walks in. I just got the last one to leave, took night meds, potty break and in bed. Nerve block is supposed to come out at 6 in the morning so I hope I can get some sleep tonight. The doctor said he had to do a lot more than he anticipated but was able to get it in straight. I'll try to post a picture. The left leg is straight now, the right is still cr


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Be sure to stay ahead of the pain especially with the nerve block coming out tomorrow morning.
Take care of you! Your visitors have absolutely NO idea what you are going through and how exhausting this operation is. Remember - Rest.Ice.Elevate
Stay in touch, we're all interested in your progress!
Visitors are nice, but after this surgery, their visits need to be very short. Sleep is so hard to come by that any nap you can get is a help. And good news about the bedside potty. I had one, too, and it worked out great! When I'm on an IV I go every hour or so. That potty sure helped me out a lot!
Congratulations! You did it, and you should be so proud of yourself. Seeing the difference in shape between your two legs is amazing. It's a miracle of our modern day medicine and we are the beneficiaries. You are on the road to recovery, and will be noticing little baby size improvements every day. Pay attention to those and celebrate every little one. Sending hugs,
Sara a.k.a. Happydale
Wow, the contrast between your two legs is stunning! Congratulations on coming through and gaining a beautiful, new, straight leg!

Re visitors: Just close your eyes. They should take the hint. If not, have someone in your family tactfully show them the door. It's wonderful to have a short visit, but you really need what ever "Beauty rest," you can grab right now and over the next few weeks.

Be 100% certain that you are well-medicated before the nerve block is removed. Ask 10 times if need be. This is crucial and don't ask how I know.:wink:
@Pheebs52 I woke up at 5:00 am and I thought someone had stabbed my knee with an ice pick!! Called nurse for pain medicine I took 2 oxycodone and it took about 30 minutes to ease off. She said the block had run out. Just passed my PT test doctor said after that I'm free.
Hey @jboles, good thing you were on top of it, playing catch up with pain meds is not a pretty thing!
Good luck with your transfer to home, make sure you also have an ice pack for underway and pillows.
OUCH, ice picks and knees are not a good combo @jboles! But, you were very lucky to have gotten the pain under control so quickly; phew!

Here's hoping for a decent ride home, though I know it's rather long and...well...I know what it's like; pffft! Hope the pain meds are in your system, the car is equipped with pillows and ice and road is a smooth one, unlike our pot-holed versions around here.

Have a great nap this afternoon in your own home!:flwrysmile:
Ride home was uneventful. Had pillows took second dose of meds so I was good to go. Ate lunch then took a nap. Have in home therapy tomorrow.
That's great news, jboles, keep those naps coming !

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Question... I have this feeling of what I'm guessing is a tendon on the outside of my knee that when I bend it to walk or heel slides it kind of makes a popping sound. Is this normal?
Popping or more of a clickety-clack, clunking?
It's a popping sound. When I got home I needed to potty. I have a comfort height toilet but it was still a little lower than the hospital one, my leg was out to the side a little, it wasn't too painful but the popping started after then. We have since put the frame of bedside commode over toilet. I just hope I didn't do something to my knee. Also, I stepped on scale this morning, I have gained 9 pounds. I'm sure it's fluid and no poop fairy visit yet. My knee is swollen huge!
Uh-oh on all that swelling, been there; ugh! Yes, I'm sure you're right about the source of the 9 pounds, so it will vanish fairly fast. Be sure to keep that leg iced and elevated as much as possible over the next few days to help that swelling go down. I wish I knew what the popping sound was, but alas, I do not. I'd give the OS a call to alleviate any concerns. I'm sure it's nothing serious, but it's comforting to have the official word!
Your knee will be making all kinds of different sounds until your muscles start to tighten up some. Mine still clunks, though no one but me can hear it, now! At first others could hear it.

Being home is so much better. You have complete control over yourself. Don't let PT hurt you tomorrow. Don't let 'em even touch your foot or leg. Sometimes they're sneaky and try to push your foot with their foot. You tell them no! The only movement you should do is what you are in total control of!
Home PT was good. I told her going in that the only thing I was going to let kill me was a "death by chocolate ". We laughed and got started. She showed me what to do but told me just go to discomfort. She measured my sitting ROM at 90 extension at 0. Was really pleased that I could lift leg into bed unassisted. So far I think it's going pretty good.
Wow, those are some great numbers and great function already! LOL at "Death by Chocolate!" :heehee:

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