Hip Infection* Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

Hi Izabel. Hoping the next surgery goes well and they can “ straighten” things out!! Thinking of you.
:hi: @Whoknew and thank you for stopping by.

Sorry to hear you are having issues again ... you have had more than your fair share!

Thankfully no more surgeries for me ... just have to sort out my balance and Drop Hip but I persevere and I will get there.

Take care and I will pop in from time to time to see how you are.
Feel Better.gif Izzy xx
Hello Kitten.jpeg folk ... remember me?

It has been a while since I visited and it is five years this month that my monumental journey began.

Mt hip and knee are doing wonderfully but I continued with the balance issues so decided I needed to see a Neurologist as all else had failed. He seemed to understand my issues and was most concerned that all accidents has resulted from falls. He sent me for an MRI brain scan ... guess what? ... I have had multiple mini-strokes which did not surprise me! As of two weeks ago I am on 40mg of Atorvastatin and on the 26th go for an Eco Sonar Neck scan then back to him on 10th November.

So I continue my journey on a different road now but with positivity. I am still enjoying my beautiful garden.

I hope everyone is doing well.
Hugs from Me Cat.jpeg Izzy xx
remember me?
Of course! I was just saying the other day - wonder how Izzy is doing. So sorry to hear of your latest health issues. But at least you are getting treatment that you need. One of those little surprises life throws at us!

Please let us know how your scan goes!
remember me?
Who can forget you, Izzy? It's so nice to hear from you. While I am sorry to hear you experienced the mini strokes, at least you have an explanation for the falls. Thankfully you're under a neurologists care. Please let us know how your visit with him on November 10th goes. Prayers for peace and comfort.
Love and hugs, Izzy :loveshwr:
Oh no Izzy, so sorry to hear about your struggles. I want to say that you are the FIRST I have seen spell your name with a 'Z', which is exactly the way my granddaughter's name is spelled! I call her Izzy as well!

Glad you have found help and are heading in the right direction. Wishing you well on this journey.
So sorry for taking so long to reply and say a big Thank You for all your kind comments but I have been plagued with computer gremlins.

Three weeks into the medication and I am now not suffering nausea so I am on the road to recovery and still working on getting my balance back.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.
Fim Semana Kitty.jpg Izzy xx
@Izabel You have been in my thoughts. So glad you are finally feeling better. Take care!
:hi: @Izabel
Glad that the nausea has eased off and you are keeping on keeping on!
Hope your Day is Sweet!:SUNsmile:
Hi Izzy, glad to read that you are doing better and you are adjusting to the medication.
I hope it’s smooth sailing going forward!!
I, too, found myself recently wondering about you, Izabel. Perhaps because I was out in our "little" car and thought of you and Sara in yours?
How insightful of you (your legal mind at work) to seek out a neurologist. Do keep us posted as you continue on the new treatment.
With warm wishes and flowery thoughts for you, Fondly, Marieltha 807193C9-C8F3-416A-9CD3-546126B8E4D5.jpeg 764CF94F-805A-400D-AB04-61DB241289D3.jpeg
I've added some new Vandacious orchids this year
So good to hear from you Izzy! :flwrysmile: Happy that you have gotten some answers and are adjusting to your medication. Please continue to pop in and give us updates!

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