Hip Infection* Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

:wave: Hi @Izabel
Just me...but I actually loved getting xrays...I would get them every other day til I glowed if I could.
Just makes me feel good to know everything is structurally sound and any niggles are soft tissue related.
Your blooming flowers are so beautiful.
Our weather is forecast for 68F days with plenty of sunshine and 12F nights
Hopefully the 12 degree nights is a typo?
The flowers will need jackets.:) :-) (:
:shocked: Eek no, I meant 12C so about 52F ... I try to convert to be helpful ... :kickedout:t

I don't mind X-rays. When I originally broke my hip in 2014 the gurney was rolled under with me fully dressed in winter gear. When I had all the fractured bones and was in the SNS (free) hospital I was put on the metal table in impossible, painful positions. My lovely Dr Pinto at the private hospital prefers you standing so easy peasy.

Hugs and hope all is well in Georgia. xx
Oh. So glad to hear your flowers are safe.
Absolutely perfect weather...jealous.
Of course I forgot a tad about the uncomfortableness (is this a word?) In having xrays...glad you will be upright.
It was a Rainy Night in Georgia...but glad it's not Raining All Over The World!
Happy Thursday @Izabel

Your garden is magical. So many tropical delights. ❤️ Wondering how you are doing with the exercises you posted above? I have been doing it since you posted. Only move operated leg, out to side and back as I don’t have balance to side step yet, but I think it is helping. The bike is also slowly improving strength, I am riding daily now at gym. I am not walking unaided either, just at home, as I don’t have strength yet in glutes or side of leg back to walk without putting pressure on my knee. I do think that side movement is helping. I am picking up my elastics several times a day to coax my muscles along. Really appreciate your sharing the video. You will make progress before your appointment next month. I am going in around same day for 3 month mark. Sending hugs and wishes for a lovely day. xxxxxx
Good Morning Friend.jpeg Sweet Sarah

Yes, I love my garden, especially since I am in a locale where it can be enjoyed virtually year round ... one reason we moved here 18 years ago.

Regarding the new exercises, I can manage a few steps either side but stay close to the wrought iron footboard for balance if needed. I do them in the bedroom as there is a rug there plus the footboard "railing". All rooms in the house are ceramic tiled. The living room has a central rug but nothing to grab if necessary nearby. However, I am using a makeshift elastic band and am waiting for the proper handled gadget with tube coming from e-Bay. I believe it will be beneficial in the long run.

My system was all over the show yesterday for some unknown reason so I didn't do a lot of movements but did manage a walk in the garden and 10 minutes on the peddler. Today we are meeting friends out for lunch so will enjoy sitting outside as another fine sunny day is forecast.

I am setting myself yet another goal ... walking unaided by my birthday, end of April ... slowly goes for me.

Sending hugs for a peaceful weekend.

z-bom-fim-de-semana31.gif Izzy xx
Hi there @Izabel
I’ve managed to pop in to check up on my BS pals and am glad to see you are still making progress..
loving your birthday goal & hoping it becomes a reality..
It sounds divine weather there... we have had nothing but rain since October... it’s getting depressing now! Sadly a dear friend passed away so it’s been a difficult few months... but my knee & hip are fab....
lots of love Chrissie xx❤️
Seems so fitting that you were born in April Izzy! We will celebrate with you! I will keep you in my prayers and hope you reach your goals for your big celebration.

I can’t imagine trying your exercises without the handles. Please do be careful. Hope your bands get there soon. Icing this morning after a night out to dinner to celebrate my hubby’s b-day. Sitting is usually my trouble area, more than moving. So weird. It’s worth it for a change of scenery and wonderful food.

Wishing you a peace filled weekend @Izabel xxxxx ❤️
I'm peeking out of your computer :wave:see me?
Sending love, a hug and best wishes for a beautiful blue skies and sunshine kinda weekend! :loveshwr:

I always look to see if you are peeking out ... and delighted when I see you. :friends:

I hope you are keeping warm in your part of the world. Our friend from here took her daughter to Tennessee yesterday and I think they may need a sweater! We are forecast sunny warm days which is good for the soul and bones. I will send some your way ...

fairy kisses.jpeg Hugs, Izzy xx
Good morning! ( well, here, at leaSt in my neck of the woods) I just did some catching up on your thread and the flowers were such a nice boost for me.. thank you!

You sound like you are doing very well, give or take a couple tooth roots, I laughed when you said he would tweak and pat your nose.. haha I've worked with several dentists and have never seen that happen.

Wishing you the best results with your April goal of unaided walking. You are making steady progress.. that is very happy news.. :flwrysmile:
I laughed when you said he would tweak and pat your nose.. haha I've worked with several dentists and have never seen that happen.

I find professionals (doctors, lawyers, dentists) all weird here, They all seem to wear jeans and are very casual and 'hands on' .. but the Portuguese are a very touchy feely bunch, very endearing actually!

I love crickets, have them and chicadas here.

Have a lovely week sweet friend..

Hugs for You.jpeg y Izzy xx
Good morning @Izabel
Just saw your post and thought I'd stop by to wish you a Happy St David's Day from Wales :flwrysmile:! How I envy you your beautiful weather, although we do have some blue sky and rare sunshine here this morning. Have a lovely week, and best wishes as you progress towards your birthday goal. x
Happy St David's Day from Wales :flwrysmile:

And a Happy St David's Day to you too Helenium. I am Welsh ... born in Pontypridd, Glamorgan. :yes!:

We are actually drizzly here today as we were yesterday, but warm at 18c with sunny intervals. Hope you have been safe from the floods.

Thank you for stopping by and you have a lovely week too.
fairy kisses.jpeg Izzy xx
I remembered that you were born in Wales, but didn't know that you were born in Pontypridd. That's just 7 miles away from me! Sadly, Pontypridd has been very badly affected by the recent floods. I'm safe and dry thanks. The lower part of my garden became a lake but, fingers crossed, will recover. It's a very slippery no-go area for me with my new hip!
I was born up The Graig but haven't been back since about 1980 ... and I didn't like the changes then! I was christened in Treforest. My little coalmining town in The Valleys was gone. Just like here where all the lovely little fishing villages are now tourist traps. Such is progress ... but we know all about progress don't we? :heehee:

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