Hip Infection* Izabel, Walking on Sunshine

Loving the new Avatar Izzy!

So sorry those knees are playing up for you honey... what a pain they are.. So glad the hip is doing well & you are able to garden albeit in a chair...

I’m no good at napping during the day either... if only!!

Take care & hope the teeth problems get sorted.

Love Chrissie xx[emoji3590][emoji3590]

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What a sweet avatar @Izabel !
Nice long hair, yes? (Me, too!)
Your planting sounds very nice. Flowers speak to one’s spirit.

PS My knees don’t like a cycling motion, not even in the pool. Walking, walking in place, a skiing motion, are all fine, but biking always makes mine ache. Hope yours calm down.


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My cat SapphoLily* is black, so I am in luck. I will give her an extra hug (with her permission of course) for you, in case you do not have a black cat.

* named after the Ancient Greek poet Sappho who is believed to be small and dark, and made moonlight (SapphoLily’s favorite) a frequent subject of her poems, and the lily of St Joseph, the patron saint of families, of Canada, and of course, all the many Josephs.
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:wave: Marie.

Yes, I have long. thick hair and still it's natural colour, sort of strawberry blonde/light auburn Also long fingernails ... but sadly weak bones! Can't expect everything to be perfect. Original pic attached Avatar modified from.

VB Flying V.jpg

My knees are behaving today ... I am doing about 120 steps at a time with one crutch and can walk to the car with walker ... a bit of a breath-taking journey traversing cautiously on gravel having to pick the walker up to move forward as the wheels won't roll! So a wee bit of progress.

Friday the 13th ... I am not suspicious ... but I did trip and fall up the step in the living room, a curved one about 15 feet long on a Friday the 13th! :scare: When the ambulance men were getting me onto the gurney which they had lowered all the way down, one tripped on the very same spot as me and said he appreciated how II fell. I was trying to go up it with a walker preparing to go to the hospital for X-rays of my knee which I subluxed the week before and in doing so knocked my stem through my femur and fracturing my trochanter and acetabuulum in the process! :shocked: So, I don't really like to venture out on this day. Hubby has gone to meet a friend for a game of pool, beer and a sandwich ... I am ensconsed at home looking out the open window at my garden.

When we married 51 years ago we gave each other a black cat (brothers) and I had another black furbaby Magic Sam (named after a blues guitarist) who I sadly had to put to sleep the day I took Hubby to the station for his neck tumor op in Lisbon, 2 1/2 hours away by train 4 years ago. Magic Sam was 20. So that was a stressful time too. We now have a girl Tabby and a boy cross Siamese Snowshoe.

So I will love you and leave you wishing you and all my special friends a peaceful weekend.

z-boa-semana16.jpg Izzy xx
Hello @Izabel

Love your beautiful long hair. Another thing we share auburn here too. Thought I’d mention the bike gave my knee trouble. I stopped it about a week ago. I’m replacing the exercise with more walking. My pain has shifted a bit to my gluteus. I’m taking that as a good sign that those muscles are getting a work out from my slow, heal toe walking. Stairs are still hard here too. I toddler most of the way and do two normal way each day. I have found continued movement to be the only constant help. Just plugging away with my cane.

I have given up on gardening as we have had slog days of heat and no rain. Looking forward to changing out planters for Fall when we are graced with some fallish weather. I can’t nap often during the day. I do lay down daily and stretch out my legs. It helps me just to rest.

Sending lots of xxxx sweet Izzy’s :loveshwr:
Olá2.gif my dear Sarah.

I much prefer to share our long auburn hair rather than our misfortunes in grocery stores! :wink:

Are you cycling on a static bike? I am using a chair pedaler and have a more relaxed position and have upped the resistance slightly. I haven't ventured on the static bike yet. I am waiting till I see Surgeon next week on the 20th (your six-month anniversary) and if X-rays show bone has fixed to prosthesis securely I will then attempt bike, also be more adventurous with steps (ie stairs) not walking steps. I don't have any stairs to practice on nor do my friends except one who has 39 to her apartment and I won't go there ... :shocked:

I am only doing garden maintenance on potted items and then sitting down as I am afraid of falling over if I lean forward. My gardener is coming on the 21st to do heavy maintenance. We don't really have winter as such. In 18 years here I can count the times I saw a little frost in the garden on less than one hand, seriously! We may go down to 40F for a week or so in January or February and days are around 60F. We don't have any rain between June and October. It is dry heat so not oppressive and we are about 20 minutes from the coast, less as the crow flies. Also only 20 minutes from the mountains. It is heaven here. Most things are evergreen here so sadly no fall colours.

Have a lovely weekend and please take things easy.

Beijos.jpeg Izzy xx

Fun new avatar, Izabel, I like it!
The weather there sounds heavenly but I'd miss Fall colors. I'm glad you don't feel tempted or challenged to walk the 39'steps! Stay safe...that's my girl. :yes!:
I hope you have a lovely weekend!
C90CD77F-FDC8-4077-9203-31F030A07CCB.jpeg Oh what a lovely photo @Izabel !
Thank you so much for sharing.
I am auburn-haired as well, although the long (old hair) is more so than the new hair at the head which is salt and pepper—darkened a bit by adding rosemary oil to my conditioner.
Our lives are a bit parallel also in that my beloved and I will celebrate 48 years of marriage in January. Goodness, we were just kittens! We married during his R&R , so afterward, he returned to Vietnam and I, to college.

Your climate sounds lovely. Temps are similar here, but July & August are rainy season, which keeps those temps at 90 . But the closest to a mountain is our slanted/steep (for here) driveway . Haha. I practice on that instead of stairs.

Good decision to save the 39 stairs for later.
Enjoyed your Friday the 13th tale, except for your fall, of course. And you have 2 Nurse Cats! No wonder you are our role model for a positive outlook.
Such beautiful flowers @Izabel

Completely agree that we can never mention our grocery store connection again. Gardening and hair are far more fun. Will keep my fingers crossed for your appointment on the 20th. :angel:

Hope you are doing ok. Will check in more later. Busy week with appointments, so I’m just stopping by to blow xxxxxx ❤️ your way. Sarah
Thinking of you @Izabel

Pretty sure you are 12 hours ahead of, so the 20th will be your six month check up. I hope everything is where it should be and that you are given some encouragement as to your progress. Hope the journey there doesn’t wear you out. Please be careful. Bring your wheel chair if it gives you peace of mind and makes it less stressful.

Hope you had a good day and visit with your friend.

Take care, ❤️
Thank you Sarah. I am only 5 hours ahead of you believe it or not. Portugal is on the same time band as the UK.

Just going to wash my mane ready for tomorrow. :heehee: I always let it dry naturally ... made them laugh in hospital because I wouldn't use a hair dryer ... they are a menace to hair and I am passionate about my hair, nails and skin.

Will report on duty tomorrow afternoon. :fingersx:

Good Day.jpeg Izzy xx
Hope all good news today @Izabel
Show me how you walk!

Time check: Appointment is tomorrow Friday the 20th at 10am. Right now it is 11.15am, Thursday the 19th.

Show you how I walk? :scratch: Lopsided with walker, pretty good with one arm crutch. :heehee:

Hope your foot/ankle are behaving and healing.
BettyBoop kisses.jpeg Izzy xx
Oh, gotcha for appointment.
I meant to say, show THEM how you walk.
I know you are doing better than the last time you were there!
Foot is really tender but getting better. Of course, my calf on that side is tight and sore due to compensating on the weight allowance.
Things really ARE really all interconnected (as you certainly know more so than I) and I'm not liking being back to a limp.
It is such a small thing in comparison to your struggles, it embarrasses me that it elicits your sympathy. But you are one of the most gracious supportive members here, so it doesnt surprise me. Thank you for being such a quality human being.
Hugs for You.jpeg my Southern Belle. xx

Off topic, my father was married to a wonderful Southern lady named Lula Belle. I adored her ... she was his No4 (he had five wives in total plus a 15 year relationship and the rest in between). My mother was No 2, she died when I was 7. Started a book about his exploits ... :whistle: My first job was in 1964 working for Southern Bell. I loved the South, lived in Alabama and South Carolina.

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