Rotator Cuff Repair Itchy, inner forearm after surgery


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Sep 21, 2023
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Hello, this is my first post. It has been one week since my rotator cuff/bicep surgery. Five days after surgery I noticed my forearm is itching like crazy. There isn’t a rash or anything and cortisone cream is not helping. My surgeon said sometimes people react to the fabric of the sling so I am now wearing a long sleeve shirt. It has not helped at all the past two days. I am wondering, if it could be itchy due to a nerve or nerve damage? Has anybody else had this problem?Thank you.
@Krisi Welcome to BoneSmart! Did you have rotator cuff repair? Which shoulder and what was the date? I'll put the information in your signature for you.

This itching could be a reaction to antiseptic used during the procedure. Or as your surgeon indicated, a reaction to the sling fabric.

I can't say we have seen any other members in the shoulder forum with this issue. We have many members in the hip and knee forum who have had reactions to adhesive on wound coverings or the glue used to close the wound.

Can you take antihistamines? You might want to ask your surgeon if you could take something like Benadryl to relieve these symptoms.
Hello, thank you so much for the reply. My surgery was on September 12, 2023. I had my right shoulder rotator cuff tear and bicep tendon tear. Thank you for the advice
@Krisi - how is your recovery going? Hopefully the pain is under control. Right now, the waiting can be the hardest part. I was in the big sling for 6 weeks and then started PT. I’m not the most patient patient so that was a loooooooong 6 weeks! It was better once I stopped fighting the sling and learned to relax into it.

That itchiness could be nothing - maybe even just a reaction to heat from being in the sling. Have you tried putting an ice pack in that area? Even though it’s not near the incision, the ice may help to soothe the arm.
@Krisi :wave: Just stopping by to see how you are doing? A recovery from a shoulder repair can be fairly time consuming. I hope you are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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