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Sep 4, 2020
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Hi everyone, I hope I am posting in the right place. I am pretty new here, I been reading mostly. But I do have a question, I am having TKR on October 15th. My question is, is it really worth it having TKR? Has people here happy with their TKR? I just read an article that most people are unhappy with the outcome. I am worried of getting surgery and regretting it.

Thank you for your answers.
Hello, @LilyM

I've moved your post back to the Knee Surgery Pre-Op area, since your surgery isn't for a few days.
People who have had their surgery do come back here, to offer experience and advice.

I have had three knee replacements. No, I'm not a 3-legged wonder - one of them was a revision.
I can say unreservedly that my three knee replacements have been worth doing.

I had to wait for 9 long and painful years before my first knee replacement. During that time, my pain increased while my mobility decreased, until I was almost housebound. That replacement gave me back the active life I wanted and, after a period of recovery, I was fully able to do everything i wanted to. I travelled the world with that knee.

My revision was worthwhile and I could participate in life fully again. The same with the replacement of my other knee. I'll be 79 next week, but I'm still able to do all my own housework and gardening and, until Covid intervened, I have been able to travel from NZ to the UK and back every year, to visit my daughter and her family.

I think my knees are in better condition than the rest of m y body. I only have the very occasional twinge of pain if I twist my knee a bit, but otherwise I completely forget they are artificial.

I think the incidence of people who are less than happy with the outcome of a knee replacement is around 10%, which means that 90% have a positive result. Some of those not happy just have minor issues and not many of them need further action.

Here on BoneSmart, we tend to get a higher than normal incidence of people with problems, because those who have an uncomplicated recovery never need to look for help or advice. They just recover and go back to living a normal life.

I think that, at this point, you have last-minute nerves, which are normal. Most of us get those
I suggest you stop worrying yourself with reading negative things about knee replacement and, instead, think of how much less pain you will have after you've recovered, and how much more you will be able to do.

Have you seen these stories?
Stories of amazing knee recoveries
The you so much Celle, I definitely feel much better. You're right I am a bit nervous, I went to look something up and that article popped up, I failed to mention that the article was from a law firm. I should have known better. You definitely encouraged me with your story.

I haven't checked out the " Knee recovery on here" , but I will now.
Totally worth it for me. My first knee helped a lot and when I had the other done in the same year life became fun again. I could do anything I wanted without pain and even do the things I do not like (cleaning and grocery shopping) without pain but faster so it was easier. It is wonderful to have the option of surgery to get our lives back.

I am thankful every day as I walk around outside and live my life pain free that I had this done. Now, if Covid would get under control so I could travel freely without worry and do even more that would be a wondrous thing.

" My question is, is it really worth it having TKR? " YES, YES, and YES! When you wake up in Recovery, the first thing you may notice is the pain is gone. Yes, afterwards there will be the soft tissue pain from the incision but oh my goodness, that horrible bone on bone pain will be gone and that feels so good!
Yes! I remember being amazed at how strong and stable my knee was the first time I got on my feet in the hospital. Will recovery be all sunshine and roses? No. But it is very do-able.
But it's like night and day when I think of where I was before the surgery.
Good luck on Thursday, Lily- I am sure you have done all of the pre-surgery stuff and are ready to go- You are too young to not do it and alter your quality of life In the future by not having the surgery. I had 1 in January and the other in May and I am so happy that I did them. Walked up a huge flight of stairs today without even thinking. It feels like having both of my legs back and what a great feeling that is.
Sending wishes for a successful surgery and a smooth recovery with great pain control. I hope you join us on the shiny (recovery) side. I always found lots of support and caring from all the others on the same recovery journey. Have a peaceful night. :flwrysmile:
@LilyM Best of luck on you upcoming surgery!! Just remember this is NOT a sprint. I have had 2 PKRs VERY happy with both!
Good luck tomorrow. After tomorrow you are well on your way to being pain free. Keep us posted with your progress.
Good Luck tomorrow, we look forward to helping you on your recovery. :flwrysmile:

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