TKR Introducing myself deciding if I should get TKR

I hoping I will only be out of work for 6 weeks.
The BoneSmart view is that 12 weeks is about right
I looking forward to the hard work to get my life back.
Recovery from TKR is a natural healing process and cannot be hurried. It is very easy to overwork in recovery, quite difficult to underwork.

When you are icing and elevating and watching telly you are not 'dossing around' you are 'engaging a carefully considered proactively designed heuristically programmed dynamically structured recovery programme' :) :-) (:
I saw my orthopedic today. They did some X-rays on my right knee. The doctor came in and did some test on my knees and asked some questions. He told me he would do the surgery and age does matter for knee replacement surgery. He gave me his whole speech what expect and how the surgery will go what he does, etc.
He answered all my questions. He was happy that I talked to my Back Doctor and got his blessing. He said he doesn’t robotic knee surgery. He had me walk with my cane I took two steps and said yes you need knee surgery. He thinks if I work really hard I will be walking without my walker after 4 week.
He said that if I have sit down job I will be out for 8 weeks if I have to stand all day I will be out of work 12 weeks. I currently sitting at my job for my current restrictions so I might be able to back after 8 weeks. They told me I have to go for a cleaning for my teeth and get the dentist to fill out a paper to clear me. So right after the appointment I called my dentist and was able to make appointment for July 12th since I told them I needed it to have knee surgery. I hoping the appointment goes good without any issues. They said after my appointment they will schedule my surgery.
I am little worried about tell my boss because he has been on vacation since I came back from my gallbladder surgery.
He also said that after a month will talk about my left knee.
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I hoping I will only be out of work for 6 weeks.
The BoneSmart view is that 12 weeks is about right
I looking forward to the hard work to get my life back.
Recovery from TKR is a natural healing process and cannot be hurried. It is very easy to overwork in recovery, quite difficult to underwork.

When you are icing and elevating and watching telly you are not 'dossing around' you are 'engaging a carefully considered proactively designed heuristically programmed dynamically structured recovery programme' :) :-) (:
Yes I realize that 6 weeks is wishful thinking and hoping for 8 but will be okay with 12 weeks. I know from other knee surgeries and my back surgeries only do what my body allows without it hurting to much.
I just like knowing that with a a lot of hard work I will be able to progress pass where I am right now I just have to take 2 steps backwards before I take my 3 steps forward again
Be careful with the idea that it takes a lot of "hard work" to successfully recover from a knee replacement. There certainly are things it will be important for you to do as you recover and heal, but it's really not "work" that gets you there. This is especially true if a person feels that "working hard at recovery" means a lot of painful pushing and exercises to bend your knee. While it's going to be important that you move your new knee frequently throughout each day after surgery, doing painful exercises can actually be counter productive.

This is a time you will need to listen to the signals your body will give you about the level of activity and exercise you engage in after surgery. Some people are okay with a more aggressive schedule, but most of the people we see do better with a more gentle approach that allows you to gradually increase both activity and exercise while minimizing pain and swelling.

It might help you to read some of the threads in the recovery forum and you can get a better idea of how your recovery may go. There is no way to predict how your body will recover. Age isn't a factor at all. There is some current study information that points to pre-surgery exercises that help with recovery. This is something you could discuss with your surgeon. Of course, the better condition you are in physically, weight-wise, and nutritionally the easier it will be for your body to cope with the healing and surgical trauma.

You've already dealt with a lot of surgery and recoveries, so I know you can definitely do this. Knee replacement surgery is one of the most successful operations done these days and it really can be life changing. I hope all goes smoothly for you in the coming weeks. We'll be here to help you along the way in your journey.
Jamie thanks for the tips. I think from my two back surgeries I have really high pain tolerance because my knee hurts but not as much as it did before I hurt my back.
I know from previous knee surgeries I will have to work hard.I know to listen to my body.
I really Glad my doctor is be optimistic and positive about my out come. He did go over the risk and said he couldn’t guarantee I won’t need the walker or cane but the fact he gave hope to do so says a lot in itself.
I just hope I can get it done soon as I can after my teeth get cleaned and hopefully get okayed by my dentist.
I know from previous knee surgeries I will have to work hard.
As Jamie has already said - it is not about hard work at all. It's about listening to that knee and not pushing through any pain. ROM increases with time and patience.
As one of our staff members likes to say, this recovery is a long journey but if you stick with the BoneSmart approach the journey will be less painful and you will still reach the same final destination. Ultimately you get to choose the path, the tough rocky road through painful PT, or the BoneSmart path through the meadow with the pretty wild flowers. :flwrysmile:

Regaining our ROM is more about Time than repetitions of a list of exercises.

Time to recover.
Time for pain and swelling to settle.
Time to heal.

Our range of motion is right there all
along just waiting for that to happen so it can show itself.

In the general run of things, it doesn't need to be fought for, worked hard for or worried about. It will happen. Normal activity is the key to success.
I just told my boss I need to have surgery again. It went better than I thought. I mentioned I wanted to go back to dog training again. I had to step down when I came back because of my back restrictions. They had since hired someone else and she isn’t really working out. So it might be open by the time I come back.
I hoping I don’t run into any issues at the dentist next week where it delays things even longer. :fingersx:
I know I have to listen to my body for when it comes to recovery. I plan on it taking it easy when I need to.
So because I am cashier and I don’t get many hours I pick up more hours at another store same company. The manager talked to me today about my knee replacement surgery and how it is good thing and why. She was so excited that I might not need the walker or cane that she offered me dog trainer position at her store.
Since I was already dog trainer before I will only need refresher for a week to get recertification. She is interviewing for the position now but she doesn’t think it will be filled when I get back. Looks like I will have some things to think about when I am out for surgery.
Praying everything goes really good tomorrow for my dentist appointment and I can schedule my surgery.
Had my cleaning and my dentist approved my surgery. I dropped off the letter and now I wait for my doctor to call with the date of my surgery. I am so excited for the next step.
I called my orthopedic office today his secretary said they are waiting to see if I need anything else check out preOp before they schedule my surgery. I think they are waiting for insurance approval. So I am hoping by Friday I will know. I hate waiting.
I got my date for my surgery August 29th. I had to get blood test and make sure I had someone to take care of me when I got home before I could schedule my surgery. I was able to line up both. I am so excited. It is going to out patient surgery.
Yesterday I dropped off the paperwork I needed filled out for both work and the state medical leave. I got phone call today that I can pick it up today. So I can finish doing my application for medical leave through the state.
And now I am ahead when my work finally sends me the paperwork for my LOA. I had the paperwork already from when I had surgery on my gallbladder in June so I had doctor fill it already so now when they ask for it I just have to send or I might call them ask if they want it now.
I just glad I got it all done.
Sounds like you are getting everything on the pre-surgery list checked off, @jth6578. August 29th will be here before you know it, and you will be on the road to recovery with a brand new knee.
Wednesday I had to get CT for my surgery they ended up having to do the scan again because they had to attach a pole to mg long to show the straight for surgery and they top of the pole was out of the scan.
Today the report showed up on my medical records online. It said my hip was healthy and good but my knee had severe Ortho arthritis. It made me feel better about the surgery.
Welcome, the only word of advice I can give is 'PREHAB'. You will be so thankful that you stretched and strengthened your body. Knowing what I did and didn't do from my 1st knee replacement, I made sure to get strong for the 2nd. If you can't walk or ride for exercise, get in the pool. At first, I couldn't swim 1 lap, 6 months later I'm swimming a mile, plus that's where I do my 'Cross Training'. I use resistance bands and float tubes. Resistance band for strengthening and float tubes for stretching. Another exercise I'll do while in the pool if it is deep enough, running with a floating belt. It is a great workout, even just doing 1 lap. Takes time to get your balance. Get a smart watch. It is great motivation to watch your progress.
Oh, one other thing, see if there's a surgery center that can do the surgery, do it. You are out the next day. Insist on having a physical therapist and home nurse that day you come home. You will be amazed what you can accomplish so quickly, even the day after the surgery. The surgery center is used only if you don't have any other issues that can complicate your surgery. Good luck!!!
So glad to read that your hip is healthy and that you can proceed with the knee surgery as scheduled, @jth6578!

I know you aren't eager for yet another surgery after all you've been through, but -- from what you have shared with us about the condition of your knee -- it will make a huge difference in your quality of life.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to support you now as well as after your surgery.
Skcoj1-thank you. My doctor uses app called Force to communicate with me and it give me exercises to do everyday. It even has count down until my surgery and things I need know like how to walk with walk or cane. I do my exercises everyday. I definitely will consider joining a place that has pool probably after my surgery and I can drive. He said it is going be out patient so hopefully I will be home the same day.

Benne68- I really don’t want to have another surgery but I feel like I need to if I want my life really back.
I saw my back doctor yesterday he is concern that I still might have balance issues but I think a lot of my balance issues are knee related. But only way to be sure is have the surgery.
24 more days upcoming appointments
August 17-pre anesthesia appointment
August 19- pre Op doctor appointment with primary
August 26- Covid test
August 29 -surgery

We have inventory at work August 17 my boss scheduled my 8-5 my pre anesthesia appointment is at 8. My boss lost the list with this appointment on it. I told him I can’t miss any appointments the doctor will reschedule my surgery. I told my boss I won’t be here at 8 this to important so my coworker offer to do split shift so I can come in after my appointment. I am very thankful for her.
I have to take placement test for college and was trying to figure out when I could do it luckily I figured I could do it before my surgery otherwise I would of have to take it couple days after my surgery didn’t think it was good idea when I explained that to my boss he is going give me the time to go take the test which is good.

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