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Hi @Vetgirl Sally I am so glad your feeling so good this is the year for speedy recovery and no problems I am sending hugs and best wishes your way all the best i look forward to your speedy recovery xxxx Fiona
Great news sally. What a long hard road its been for you and your family. Glad people are helping. Maybe stick to happy movies for awhile. :) may this be the beginning of a new and healthy time.

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Well Helloooo Sally @Vetgirl Nice to see you're back in recovery, your last one I'm sure!! Glad it's all a bit easier this time... you deserve a softer ride :)

Keep us posted

Hugs, Donna xx
hi @Vetgirl i hope you are speeding along but not to fast slow and steady is the way to go but i was wondering how your going look forward to hear from you soon thinking of you fiona xxxx
Thanks to you all for your kind wishes

It's nearly 2 weeks since surgery and this has been so far the easiest. Not much pain...more discomfort. I'm not using crutches anymore and have started doing some basic household duties like a load of washing and just hanging it on an airer and folding away clothes etc.

Hubby always makes me a soup (how sad that we have a post surgery routine :heehee:) and I can get this and all other snacks with no problems. I've weaned off a lot my pain meds but am reconsidering that today as I was a bit uncomfortable the last 2 nights

I think I have to remind myself that this was still major surgery and it's not 2 weeks even yet. It's just that it's so much easier than the other lot last year. The only thing is I've lost quite a bit of self confidence and have not been out of the house for over a week and don't really want to go out either. I'm sure that will resolve soon

Hope your all well
Hi @Vetgirl im so glad to hear your up and about even if it is at home I think anyone who went through what you have been through would be a bit scared of rushing to go out early just take it easy slow and steady you'll get there don't rush it you have been through such a lot I dont know if it's a good idea to cut back on meds as you'll be doing more as you get stronger so balance them out ( can't advise much as I haven't had my hip done yet ) my sister has @craftdee you have been one of the stories I have followed I'm glad you have popped in to say hello hugs xxx fiona
Hi Sally @Vetgirl Glad your recovery is a bit easier (at least so far), you certainly deserve a break. When you have a series of health 'events' you do lose confidence, you feel your body has let you down and you're not sure you can "trust" it... but it will get better. Staying in, providing your not going doolally :heehee: is perfectly acceptable and probably makes the best sense. I'm sure you be'll back in full swing soon enough, at which point you'll be wondering why you didn't make more of the "quiet time"

Don't wean off your pain meds too soon, what's the point?:shrug: You know the drill :chillpill: Sounds like your hubby does too, and it is a bit sad but sweet too. In our house it manifests itself in the confusion about which surgery you had at a particular event... you know, you're having a conversation with hubby and he says something like "you had just had your THR when we went to Bruce and Sheila's :wink: wedding" and you say "no, that was after the bio spacer surgery" he says "are you sure, I thought it was either then or after the first revision" you say "oh, it could have been after the second dislocation"... I've filled in your details there, I have my own and as you get older and more decrepit you'll have a range of procedures to fill in the spaces too... it won't always be "The Hip" :rotfl:

Glad you're getting back to household duties, bet you are too :dubious: Actually, I'm making a joke but I WAS glad to get back to some form of normality, I'm sure there's an element of that there for YOU too.

Happy Healing
Donna :SUNsmile:
Hi Sally - Vetgirl - Just checking in to ask you how you're getting in with your recovery. Read your whole thread and found it rather sad. Hope it's going better now. I like your Country. Hubby & me would like to go there again when I'm recovered - maybe this coming winter. All the best from Germany.
@Vetgirl Just wanted to wish you all the best in your recovery...Go slow and don't over do it. Keep us posted :)

Thanks for checking in. I've physically been doing ok. Started driving about a week and a half ago and so that helps heaps.

Mentally....not so good. Been very down and even though I always try to be positive...this time it's been hard. I just wonder if it will ever really be over. I was doing so well before the initial dislocation and it's hard to believe I've ended up back here. I'm unsure what to do about my job and not sure if I can return to vet nursing or if I should look for something else.

I've also lost lots of my confidence. My eyesight isn't as good and my mind isn't as sharp. Not sure if it's the constant surgeries or abx. I still get tired and always have aches going up the stairs and carrying any weight makes it Worse and although I don't have the arthritic pain, I do wonder if I will ever not be aware of my hip or it's aches and pains or ever have back my energy.

Sorry it's not a more positive update. I do hope you are all doing well
@Vetgirl Sally, I'm glad I came here today :) Antibx make me totally exhausted, and that's just the ordinary kind. Also my vision started sliding downhill when I was your age! I think I "came out" with my readers at work at 45.
GA messes with my vision-- blurry, and my brain-- fuzzy, for months after. And then there is stress. You might answer the "on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your stress level" at about 800, yes? That can mess with you. I would guess and fervently hope that these effects will pass, and your life will be open to you again.
Not many have ro endure what you have endured, and you have been remarkably graceful in your endurance :) :)

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Sally @Vetgirl Came back to check and see how you are. Glad to hear you had the surgery to correct the issues with dislocating but sorry to hear that you are not feeling up to things otherwise. Praying that this will all come to an end shortly and that you are well on your way to feeling better. Hugs to you!!
Hi Sally @Vetgirl, I empathize with your difficulties. I did not have any complications after surgery, but did have to make some mental and physical adjustments.

Who am I kidding? I am probably just getting old, but I used to could do physical labor all-day. Now, after three or four hours I am physically beat. I would have thought that 16-months post surgery my endurance would be back close to what it was prior to surgery.
It isn't.

I have also given up hope of ever running again. I want the replacement hip to last a long time and don't want to have to do the LTHR thing again. That is the mental adjustment.

I wish you better luck and am sending happy thoughts your way. We are all in this together.

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Hi @Vetgirl Sally! So glad to hear an update!!!! ;) I often check on here just to see how you are doing. I remember you were one of the very first people to welcome me to bonesmart and I felt so connected to you due to our similar ages/situations.

I think this is a tough road for all of us. I think it is especially tough being a mother of young children and dealing with this. Also, being a younger woman... it can make for a more complex relationship with our husband. I can't even begin to say how much it affects friendships (I have some really kind friends in my life... but, I can honestly say no one gets what I've been through.) It's a hard situation and you've been through so much. But, It sounds like you are handling things remarkably well. Be kind to yourself and try to find the blessings in each day. You are a blessing to all of us here and I love it when you let us know how you are doing!

You are in my thoughts and prayers. :flwrysmile:
@Vetgirl @younghippie is right in what she said above:
(I have some really kind friends in my life... but, I can honestly say no one gets what I've been through.)
That is so true...I found in my case that my family was beyond wonderful, but BS is where i came everyday to be with people that "get it" and understand what you are dealing with. We are all here for you !!!!! As you were here for soo many of us when we needed it . Please take care and keep us posted :friends:
Hello at @Vetgirl,

Boy do I get the mentally! You want to put on a "happy" face for the world but your inside self is left with doubt.

Hang in there, because it does get better. It has taken me almost 3 years with the replacement, the washout and debridement due to MRSA, and then a Revision to get to the point where I am "almost" fully trusting my knee again.

My mind has played tricks on me along the way, and now I am ready for the next stage of my life; after foot surgery of course! :heehee:
Hi @Vetgirl
How are you? I learnt such a lot from you in my pre op days. Hoping you are managing okay. You have/had such a lot on your plate. Sending you positive vibes across the world x
Hi Sally @Vetgirl you have been on my mind. How are things going? How are you feeling? Hopefully starting to resume some level of normal life, or at least the "new normal"

ALWAYS wishing the best for you. :-D
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