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Sending my best thoughts for your successful surgery. Let this be the very last one. Check in when you can
I, also, want to add my best wishes for your surgery on Wednesday. I hope it's a wonderful new start for you!
Best wishes Sally! You'll be in my thoughts tomorrow -- lots of positive energy from all around the world!
Oh, phooey -- more stuff. I so empathize with your frustration, anger, & impatience at having to swim through these channels again... bummer! However, if history repeats itself, you'll land on those tootsies once again & be raring to go. Hopefully, this will be a smoother, less problematic ride for both you and your family. And your psyche.

Heartfelt wishes for a most successful, uneventful outcome. {{{BIG HUGS}}}
Thanks everyone for your wonderful well wishes. It's been an emotional day...first I saw the movie 'the theory of everything ' tear jerker. Then I get home and there's a fridge full of meals for the family from our primary school mums even though our girls are in high school

Then the tears started....I suppose they had to come.

Anyway....thanks for all your support......see you. On the other side......again. Lol
Hope you are doing well, Sally. I have been thinking about you today. You are in my prayers.
Wondering if anyone has any info on how Sally is going I have been thinking of her I hope she is speeding along xxxfiona xxx
@Vetgirl hope you are recovering okay. It is several days now and everyone is thinking about you. Your threads highlighted how brave you have been and hopefully this is the homeward stretch!


Sorry for the delay in updating....

Surgery went well. I had a spinal and light anaesthetic. Came back into my room at about 10.30 pm and didn't get to sleep until 3 am. You all know how it goes...constant obs, drugs and for me IV abx...before and after surgery. Didn't sleep well and was woken constantly. Gave up at about 6.30 when they came for bloods.

OS says it all went well. Ironically he had trouble dislocating it and was feeling it for movement before I went I to surgery after I had the spinal. It was funny because I turned to see my leg in the air but couldn't feel a thing. He placed a constrained cup and liner and extended the neck of the stem by 5 mm to create more tension in the muscles. I can't really notice any difference in leg length but am only walking on crutches ATM.

When he opened me up I had a lot of fluid which he can't be sure if it was from the dislocation or infection. He has sent the fluid and about 10 tissue samples off for culture but it's unlikely anything will grow as I'm on abx. I had barely any soft tissue at the rear of my implant due to the dislocations. I have been treated with double strength abx IV 4 times daily up until this afternoon when I've commenced oral abx again.

I will probably be kept on abx for another 6 months and if the infection shows signs of coming back after that then I will most likely be kept on them for another 2 years in the hopes that clears it or we'll go from there. In regards to this surgery, it's not as sore and I'm recovering really well. My blood pressure hasn't been playing up as much and I was able to get up the day after surgery. Today I'm on crutches and pretty much getting around myself. I go home tomorrow.

Everyone has been wonderful here at the hospital....they pretty much know me here now LOL. I don't have as many restrictions as the implant isn't relying on the soft tissue to heal to hold the joint in place. So that's cool. As soon as pain allows I can sit on a normal loo etc and can drive when off heavy meds and feel I can slam my foot on the brake.

The pain is different. Knee very swollen and muscles feel bruised but none of that bone pain which is lovely.

Thanks for all your support...again

Talk soon
I am pleased everything went well. It is very good news. Take care and I'll be thinking of you.
Sounds like you are doing really well! That's great! :yes!: Praying you continue to have a smooth recovery.
Wonderful to hear from you and that things went well. Let's hope that fluid was not more infection. You have had enough of that for a lifetime. Keep getting better each day. Hugs to you Sally!
Glad to hear everything went well, Sally. You're a recovery expert now! Look after yourself and hope you get home soon. All the very best, Gill

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and you, @Vetgirl, are truly awesome! Although I'm sure you could have done without all the "practice" it's taken.:heehee:

Take care of yourself and keep us posted. You know we care.
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Hi, @Vetgirl ... Sally, so good to hear from you and know that the surgery is behind you, went well, and you are not in great discomfort. Thank you for updating us. We are sending hugs and best wishes to you.
I so agree with jebrig3164 - you are indeed a trooper! So glad you are on the other side and can now focus on the healing. Sending you some positive ((((((((((((vibes))))))))))))))!
So glad all went well Sally.....hoping that this is the last & best recovery you will have to endure...thinking of you constantly....Chrissie x

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