Hip Infection Infection, dislocation, revisions, & life beyond

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@Vetgirl Hi Sally I am so sorry to read that your hip has dislocated again.I can't imagine how you feel and would like to join all your other friends on here in hoping and praying that the surgeons you get your hip sorted once and for all.You are indeed a very brave lady.More hugs coming your way.
My dear friend @Vetgirl you have had the worst time of it for sure! So sorry you are going through more of the same. Please know we are all here to support you Sally!
@Vetgirl Sally I was so sad to hear about your dislocation :(....I hope things start to look up for you...Isn't this a great place to come back and get the hugs and encouragement you need. Lots of prayers sending from Boston..(in middle of blizzard 23 inches and still fallin)......I will keep in touch..keeping good thoughts...hugs :)
terrible news sally @Vetgirl . I really think it's time for some good news from you. you seem to have become the poster girl for all the reasons not to have a hip replacement. high time for a brand new poster! you'll get there I'm sure, but it's taking entirely too long and with way too much suffering. I'm sure you'll regroup though, and get back on that road to recovery. thank God you have such a supportive family and such a great spirit. waiting to hear much better news. devorah
So sorry Sally that you are having yet more traumas to do deal with.....I keep praying & hoping that you can get an end to all this nonsense & just get on with your life.....it's just not fair.
Sending all my love & just the very best wishes along with all the other BoneSmarties who are just longing for a good outcome for you. Chrissie xxx

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Good Lord Dear Sally...your book keeps getting longer...I am sorry for your struggles...Peace and prayers
I can't seem to find any info on this type of joint..
@Vetgirl what kind of joint are you referring to? I couldn't find it in your posts.

Your recurring dislocations appear to be hinting at the need for another revision. It's obvious (to me!) that you need implants with a tighter fit and maybe even the addition of a dislocation ring.

locking ring thr.jpg
Thanks @Josephine that's what he's thinking. He just called it a non dislocating type prosthesis. Thanks for explaining
Ah, jolly good! And you know me - always able to come up with a good explanation! :) :wink:
What awful luck, Sally. I am so sorry. Thank you for posting and keeping us updated. We are all pulling for you every step of the way. Just wish more could be done than posting comments to you.

Infections and dislocations are awful! I am so sorry! I wish there was something I could say. My original replacement dislocated, popped loose, and it was several months before the revision was done. Mine was due to infection. My new knee is doing quite well; so well in fact I was doing lunges in Yoga tonight before I realized that I should still be strengthening the right knee! My compulsive stubborn "Wonder Woman" side took over though and fortunately the only thing that happened was that it made my right knee a little sore.

One day, you and @busylizzie, will be able to do some of the things you never thought you could do again! Keep believing even when the going gets tough! I am praying for you!
Thanks everyone....it's a blow for sure. I was so pumped to get a job after the scans I had planned for next week, after the initial dislocation and I was due to come off the abx in February too.

I feel like I'm in a nightmare that's can't quite escape ....it's definitely very hard to keep positive when things like this keep happening.

Spoke to Dr again today. Scans booked for tomorrow then I see him and the professor next week. Surgery whenever I want after that....even on a weekend he said. Whatever suits us. I think we will do it ASAP. Get it over and done with. Hubby has to travel in March so the sooner I get down the recovery track the better. At least he will leave the cup and stem (assuming scans are ok) and just replace the end of the implant and liner.

I am just really scared because the more surgery you have the higher the risk for things to go wrong....my odds aren't that great anymore....lol. Financially it has crippled our savings. I haven't worked since Sept 2013. Hubby was looking forward to a clear run at work and to me working. We were planning a trip to the USA with the kids. Who knows what we can do now....more months without my income. And it's getting harder and harder to convince myself that a future employer won't care. I think they will!!!!

I have to stay on the abx most probably until this new revision has settled just in case infection is still there, prob another 6 months or so. They will take tissue samples from Surrounding areas whilst they are in there.

Very sore and bruised. It's terrifying feeling your leg just give out. I'm not allowed to drive because it came out so easily. The pain was better this time but maybe I'm just tougher. Who knows????

Still rambling a bit...sorry

Thanks for all your care xxxx
Big hugs and best wishes from the UK - not being able to work so no income is not easy. At least I had my pension when I needed surgery but I had been supplementing that with some supply teaching. We just had to cut back on travel plans, such is life!
Hope all goes well with your newest implant! Mine is apparently a "Triumph Accolade", sounds like a powerful motorbike to me!
Regards Anne
Praying for you!!!!! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :flwrysmile:
You are so strong. You can do this! You are an inspiration!
Hi @bottomshollow @Poppet just wondering if I could change my thread title to .........something like...... Infection, dislocation, revisions and life beyond......

Any other ideas??????
I feel like I'm in a nightmare that's can't quite escape ....it's definitely very hard to keep positive when things like this keep happening.

I am just really scared because the more surgery you have the higher the risk for things to go wrong....my odds aren't that great anymore....lol.

@Vetgirl I could have written exactly the same words. I am fortunate that am a little older than you and have already been medically retired so the money worries do not come into play as much. I see my consultant on Friday and fear another revision is on the cards if it is possible. My leg is so unstable. Take care I will be thinking of you. Hopefully the light at the end of the tunnel will appear for both of us soon.
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@Vetgirl, I have changed your title as you requested. I am so, so sorry that you are having just one thing after another. Life seems so unfair sometimes, and this is surely one of them.

I'm sure you know that all your BoneSmart buddies are pulling and praying for you. Do take care of yourself and keep us posted. We care very, very much.

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So sorry to read that your hip has dislocated again Sally - sending much love and hugs xx
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